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Dateline: Party President’s office of the UIP

1873 Dutton Cook, Fosters; “He spoke with such coolness that what he said sounded almost like insolence

Insolence; B: Offensive; contemptuousness of action or speech due to presumption; impertinently insulting behavior, sauciness.

Individual; indivisible, inseparable

Individuals wanted for United Independent Party, be yourself and not knotted to another

Independent; Not dependent, Not depending upon the authority of another, Not in a position of subordination or subjection, Not subject to external control or rule, self governing autonomous, free.

Another blur commentary; I had planned to pursue a position in the UIP to sauce up the game a bit for me and our games’ political direction. Though in RL I have been dealing with a move up river (the James) and the adaptation that is necessary when relocating, so I have been less active than I normally would be, but daily my routine settles itself. And by clicking, for no better reason than I could, I find myself Party President. My goal; return the UIP to the top five with individuals who are tired of the congressional and presidential carousel and want to join together and forge and independent path for our community. A good question the individuals need to ask themselves, if Balkinland is so boring, that the inhabitants need to flock or subvert our congress to get here, do we really just want to play along with them? Consider the UIP, united and yet, independent players, individuals building a community together. Membership is Free


Thedillpickl Tag 1,826, 20:58

Did you move by river barge? 😃:D

Candor Tag 1,826, 22:01

Bah! If only Kazeal et al were alive to see you PP of the UIP! LOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

I have to love eRep.

Voted hard for the reserection of the UIP.

Thedillpickl Tag 1,827, 23:18

Yeah, bet Kaz is spinning in his eGrave.

George deserves a chance. I have no idea what to do with a 6th party so he is welcome to it.

Candor Tag 1,827, 01:05

Nope I agree. George is one of my oldest friends, I like pretty much everything he says and does, he adds a lot to my game. he can be arguably one ofthe nations best trolls when he's in a mood to be, and PP of the UIP is kind of a grand troll on those old UIP'ers who disliked him so (whom I also very much liked and miss).

pop George
pop George Tag 1,827, 07:14

Trolling doesn't always endear ones self to others...

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Tag 1,827, 16:12

Art of making enemies had a better tag line IMHO.
Still cool beans though.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Tag 1,830, 05:51

v/s, yew eye pee

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