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Roundtables Can't Stop Megalomania

Tag 1,866, 13:14 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von Derphoof

Let me start this off by saying that I am new to this eAmerican community. As an American in RL, I emigrated to this eNation after serving two terms as the CP of Canada, your friendly neighbor to the north. Although I read the American media prior to taking office, as CP I had to make myself constantly aware of all ongoing actions and activities of our superpower neighbor to the south. So I’ve been highly informed of the PTO of the United States and the general politics of the country for quite some time.

Recently, Candor, one of the unity candidates, decided to propose a new way to combat the AFA and all those who collaborate in trying to take down the USA. That proposal was to bring together a roundtable advisory team consisting of a representative from every significant party, INCLUDING the AFA. As such, this has caused a panic amongst most people. This is understandable as the ATO efforts could be rendered null and void by this plan. Now this likely wouldn’t have been nearly as frightening to many people if he did not go to the AFA, fraternize with them, and seek their endorsement. Yet, he has, and in doing so seems to have destroyed most of his chances to be the unity candidate.

Now, the roundtable isn’t the worst possible idea in the world. Without the AFA, its an interesting shift from the current dynamic. However, while the idea holds some merit, it cannot succeed against this PTO at this time. Instead of placating them and slowing the PTO, as some would say, it would likely legitimize the AFA and give them more power, which would be unheard of. There is no reason that we should seek to legitimize a PTO party that wishes to destroy our eCountry and flip it on its head. This would give power to Ajay and only help him to further his interests.

Ajay will continue his pursuit of power, regardless of how you deal with him. His only plan is to exact revenge on those “elites” in the establishment against whom he holds long-standing vendettas, as he has complained about since the dawn of eTime. He wants to hijack the American political system and force the "elites" out of power. He is willing to devote every waking eMoment to this cause. In doing so, he has placed himself on the ballot for the Presidency, a position he feels entitled to obtain. In winning he would complete the takeover of America and satisfy his enormous ego by forcing his presidency upon the nation. PTO’s have been the only way for him to truly obtain power, since he cannot do it by his own merit. As such, he has tried PTO’s in multiple countries, with various accounts and has run for PotUS several times with those accounts as well. This would mark the 12th time that he has run, and lost, for President in this game. We all hope that eventually he will become tired and stop, but we have had no such luck.

This is why harsh and aggressive measures must be taken to stop the madness. Roundtables could possibly be able to placate a normal PTO by giving them a little bit of power. However, roundtables cannot shrink the egos and diminish the wishes of those who seek to destroy us. It gives power to Ajay’s puppets and to Ajay himself. Not all members of the AFA are likely terrorists or people hell-bent on destroying this country. However, As long as he, or a puppet of his, happens to be in power, such a strategy cannot work. Ajay has a devoted following, a cult of personality, that is dedicated to this PTO. Ajay doesn’t want a slice of power, as presented in a roundtable, he wants total domination. He will do whatever is necessary to gain this power, including bringing in hostile foreign entities to help him. This roundtable is a form of appeasement, and as we all know from history, appeasement will not stop a man with an ego and an agenda. Simply put, roundtables can’t stop megalomania.

The unity election winner must use every possible tool at their discretion to block the PTO and hinder its growth and power. EVERY aggressive option that they can think of must be on the table. The USA needs to go on offense to offset, as well as hinder the PTO’ers and anyone else who aids them. Failing to do so will show that America is complacent and willing to play defense until the AFA’s goals are accomplished. In going on the offensive, the USA shows that it is not willing to stand idly by as it is taken over by foreign entities using patriotic imagery. If the government wants to stop the PTO, they will have to do everything within their power. The government will either have to go all in or admit defeat in this endeavor, simply trying will not be sufficient. Many ideas will likely surface within the next administration, but a roundtable including the AFA should not be such an option. Appeasement can’t stop a man with an agenda and an ego.

Roundtables Can’t Stop Megalomania.

Good Night, and Good Luck.



Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Tag 1,866, 13:16

First like a boss

Venerable Tag 1,866, 13:43


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,866, 13:46


If I have an ego it is nothing compared to Pfeiffer.

I am more than happy to put myself aside and help out friends in need. Ask any member of our party 🙂

Also, go back to maple syrup land eh?

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,866, 14:08

Actually, ElPato is a thief, so I'm not sure if his advice should be taken with much weight

olivermellors Tag 1,866, 14:15

Roundtables Can’t Stop Megalomania. Correct and obvious. So go the next step.

The roundtable hasn't been proposed to stop megalomania. It is an idea for good governance.
Here are some other things that don't stop megalomania, are not appeasement and are good: building hospitals, arts grants, universal medical care, gun control. Or, in the eWorld: military funding, support for new players, arts funding and government roundtables.

Megalomania is dealt with using other means.
BTW: did you take the gold?

Bucephalus92 Tag 1,866, 14:22

lol RGR when are you just gonna go ahead and admit you have a giant man crush on Pfieffer? I mean honestly you can't make a post without mentioning him 😉

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,866, 14:35


200 gold missing from eCanadian accounts, and he was the only one who had access

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,866, 14:41

Pfeiffer basically runs the eUSA> He chose Fingerguns as the next CP... like every month....

and give the 200 gold back ELP

olivermellors Tag 1,866, 14:45

Reagan: I'm truly interested in the Arundel runs america business. I'm not a supporter of yours, quite the opposite as you know. But i'm quite ready to listen to your explanation of how this player actually does exercise that kind of influence. PM with details if you wish.

Derphoof Tag 1,866, 15:13

Well Oliver/Auk, to address the lost gold: No. I did not take the gold from the Government Accounts.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,866, 15:19

You took the gold from the org, don't dodge with semantics, EPD

Plugson Tag 1,866, 15:21

I'm relieved to hear that, EPD.
What about the CAD in the Government Accounts that was earned from the sale of 199 Gold on the MM? You never took that either, right?

oh jeez, why would you want to immerse yourself in eUSA politics <even bigger headache>

Derphoof Tag 1,866, 15:31

I never took anything from the accounts, plain and simple.

I never put the gold on the MM.
I never profited from the sale of said gold on the MM.

I never stole a single thing from the Gov't of Canada.

Plugson Tag 1,866, 15:34

Again, relieved to hear all of that. Apologies for harping over the semantics, but was simplying dying to ask.

Enjoy the megalolomaniacs down south!

Candor Tag 1,866, 15:36

This word "appeasement" has amused me. The AFA wouldn't view a seat as appeasement, they have every intention of continuing, as all parties do, to be the most influential party in the nation. A seat at the ERT wouldn't change that.

But they would find necessity to present opinions wrt foreign policy and the nations direction, and in addition, stir discussion of such issues within their own party, where we would find a diversity of opinion, as with any party.

The ERT isn't about the AFA, it's about handing the leadership of our team back to the gamers who play for our team.

But including the AFA wouldn't "appease" them. It would, however, bring their entire membership to the table to discuss and debate their parties policies and intentions. And once you have a solid discussion, people find common ground and compromise. Unity.

Derphoof Tag 1,866, 16:51

I know that it isn't specifically about the AFA. That's why, in my opinion, if you take the AFA out of the equation, its perfectly fine. A roundtable of input from every party would be a good initiative. However, it is doubtful that the AFA will bring anything constructive to the table and they will not stir discussion within the party.

The problem is that most high level officials in the AFA are not looking to play for the team. PTO'ing a nation is not about doing what is best for that nation. Its about bending the will of the infiltrated country to suit your will or the will of your home nation. Including them in the roundtable will cause them to push for their cause in gov't, as any other normal party would. However, because they are a PTO party, it will likely cause strife and discord, not unity.

They don't need to discuss their policies and intentions. If they keep expanding at the rate that they are, then they will simply wait to impose their policies on the American people.

Why create debate? Why discuss your policies? If they are not stopped, then eventually they will force it upon us and their policies will not be questioned or debated in any way.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,866, 17:09

ElPatoDiablo as CP of eCanada you appropriated 199 gold that was not yours. You were the only one who should have had access, there is no other explanation.

Derphoof Tag 1,866, 17:12

Mihai Hilly had access to the org the whole time. Get your facts straight.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,866, 17:16

Mihai Hilly had access the whole time, but to blame it on him is absurd. Mihai Hilly's citizen died some time ago, and since it takes about 30 days for one's citizen to die, it is impossible for him to have accessed the org on the 5th, when the theft took place.

Derphoof Tag 1,866, 17:23

Quite right, it is impossible for him to have sent the money to his account. However, he could have easily sent the money to a new account, sent it to a multi, or given the login info to someone else.

The likely scenarios are endless.

Venoms III
Venoms III Tag 1,866, 17:37

Yes, but who is to say Mihai doesn't have a multi?

Personally I feel like ElPato did steal the gold. I find it odd that we were wiped and had 200 gold in reserves that was put there just for mercs yet it was never used for mercs.

Until after it disappeared 😛
It also doesn't help you left eCanada.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,866, 18:53

EPD immediately joined the Feds/their corrupt MU.... pretty much tells you he is lying.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,866, 20:46

I admit there are still things that need to be sorted out, and this is not related to ElPato's actual writing

olivermellors Tag 1,866, 21:55

"I know that it isn't specifically about the AFA"

Yet your article specifically says, repeatedly, that it is. Please, stop saying one thing and then the exact opposite a few moments later. Doing so just paints you as a player who doesn't think past the next moment, who will say anything that pops into his head, who reflexively parrots anything he once read somewhere, .......walks like a duck.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Tag 1,867, 23:01


Malpazar Tag 1,867, 23:01

Voted for the Article Sub'd for Derpy

Derphoof Tag 1,867, 23:18

@Oliver: In the article, I laid out why this plan does not work as an effective tool against the PTO and could possibly help to support it. However, I did say that "Without the AFA, its an interesting shift from the current dynamic." and that the idea "holds merit".

This article was meant to show how the ERT would throw away much of what the ATO forces have tried to accomplish, and thus the article focuses on the AFA. As Candor said, his plan is about "handing the leadership of our team back to the gamers who play for our team." I didn't analyze it from the standpoint of effective governance and the roundtable's attempt at unity, separate from the PTO climate. I analyzed it from the standpoint of combatting the PTO, thus the article focuses on how the ERT would affect the progress of the ATO and the progression of the AFA.

Kody5. Tag 1,867, 00:55

Seems Like Americas new Canadian is Already Getting popular \o/

Candor Tag 1,867, 02:50

Liked the article btw, enjoying the wide variety of discussions on the topic of both governance and the AFA. All good stuff.

Maegalodonus Tag 1,867, 12:00

Well, RGR is RL American. That's more that what many that play and vote for the "good guys" can say.

Besides, is there such thing as "PTO'ing one's own country?"

But whatever. You just don't like his stand on issues, and since he's not one of those that has grabbed power thanks to foreign voters and multis since ages ago, you pick on him. Otherwise you wouldn't be bullshiting but licking it up. Uh?

Yeah. There you go.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,867, 20:20

^ o/

Syz2 Tag 1,867, 21:17

Great article!

@oliver regarding your 2nd comment, if he does message you I would love to be in on that too, though I doubt he will. I'm legitimately interested just like you.

@Maegalodonus why are you bringing real life nationality into this? Does eUS have the same allies as real life US? The same policies? The same people? They really aren't the same thing. Interesting how you defend RGR by mentioning RL nationality when it is RGR who says real life nationality is irrelevant, and lets any foreigner into the US that wants to be (as long as they sell themselves to AFA).

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 1,868, 04:44

It is very strange that Candor simply wants to give the AFA 1 seat out of 6 total seats and he is a 'traitor', yet rainy sunday and Lordrahl2 have actually joined the AFA and not one citizen has called them names...and America wonders why every country in the world thinks American Politics is worse than Canadian Politics has ever been....

fingerguns Tag 1,868, 06:47

"Besides, is there such thing as "PTO'ing one's own country?""

When you not only elicit the support of enemy nations but rely on it as 99.9% of your voter base, I would consider that a PTO.

It doesn't matter where RGR is from in RL. He's not looking for the support of Americans. He doesn't think it's necessary.

@RGR, eCanada does not want EPD back, he is a sneaky thieve who likes his lulz at the expense of others

Hadrian X
Hadrian X Tag 1,879, 16:05

I insist my reading material to be greater than 99% Derpy Approved, so V+S.

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