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Romanian MU wants to be in top 50

Tag 2,076, 13:51 Veröffentlicht in Serbia Georgien von The Georgian Knight
NEMESIS MU seeks members for the MU contest. Uxini offers 100cc for every million damage during the MU contest with one...

RULE: to be in NEMESIS MU when you do the damage.

For Serbians patriots, Romanian's friends: we will have combat orders with 100cc/mil for NEMESIS members in Serbian crucial wars during the contest for all divisions.

Very important for mercenaries: you can sell your damage to whoever you want, in this way you can earn up to 250cc per million (more than 1 gold/million).

Come to NEMESIS and earn money!



merga Tag 2,076, 14:20

resell ?

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Tag 2,076, 14:25

I've edited, the bottom line is that you can sell your damage to whoever you want, in this way you can earn money from two sides.

S Y N A P S I S Tag 2,076, 14:24

Join Nemesis, the only MU with daily Combat Order with 100cc/mil for all div: www.erepublik.com/en/main/group-show/118


Colonel Buendia
Colonel Buendia Tag 2,076, 15:24

Thanks from Serbia o7

MrBogdan Tag 2,076, 15:29


bezicni Tag 2,076, 15:27

nikad bre odbij

Vojvoda Trivun
Vojvoda Trivun Tag 2,076, 16:05

Good luck! o7

S Mile
S Mile Tag 2,076, 16:31

Great Job!!

t0trag Tag 2,076, 16:38

Kommentar gelöscht

Black Amorphis
Black Amorphis Tag 2,076, 21:15

vorbea singaporezu

Don Machak.
Don Machak. Tag 2,076, 17:28


Goran Bukic
Goran Bukic Tag 2,076, 00:54

Thanks from Serbia o7

Krapinac Bobi
Krapinac Bobi Tag 2,077, 01:09

Thank you !

Maburgh Tag 2,077, 02:04

Bravo!! o/

Succes Nemesis!

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Tag 2,077, 03:03

NEMESIS needs gods, our sacrifice for them includes 100cc/mil.

ardealu Tag 2,077, 03:10


NikolaJena93 Tag 2,077, 03:48

vote and sub from one Serbian, thank you for suport 🙂

Kirito 77
Kirito 77 Tag 2,077, 04:10

Thanks from Serbia! o7

Crank DJ
Crank DJ Tag 2,077, 09:35

Thank you NEMESIS

vipescu Tag 2,077, 11:28

Nemesis is a fun place, lot of cool guys in there. It also seem to be a profitable place these days, do not hesitate to go there for a while. Money&Fun guaranteed, what else can you ask for? (the deals includes energy bars for top50 at the end of the contest, in case you decide to stick around)

Good luck guys! Have a blast!

Eremamizrm Tag 2,077, 15:51

Sa aveti noroc, fratilor... Pozdrav iz Srbije!! 🙂

Vlada 505
Vlada 505 Tag 2,077, 22:53

good luck and thx

Royal Lion
Royal Lion Tag 2,078, 05:05

Bolje i Rumuni nego neki Shiptari

costin1989 Tag 2,078, 09:26

o7 Nemesis

Andrea1908 Tag 2,078, 15:01

V 635 + S 389 😃

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