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I am back after a couple of months break and I am now planning to make a greater impact in eIrish society then I had over the last while I was ever involved, my new aim is to either form a new party or to reform an existing party.
I am now looking for people who want to make their mark on the Irish society and am now calling on my fellow citizens to join me and we can work as a team to change our country for the better.
Anybody interested please message me , all ideas will be welcome as long as members will be loyal.

That's all for now friends , and I hope you will all perhaps respect me more then you may or may not have in the past.

This is all for now ,




Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,846, 15:49

Well i hate you more.....but only coz i am evil and hate everything.....

vote and....it seems i sub you before.....don't know why...

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Tag 1,846, 17:25

Reform into what? Do you have a unique vision for a new party?

K.Fitzpatrick Tag 1,847, 09:44

Ian I do indeed , I only intend to tell my ideas to those who are willing to listen

John Gormley
John Gormley Tag 1,848, 14:49

Welcome back!

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