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Re-inventing the wheel

Tag 1,825, 03:44 Veröffentlicht in Pakistan China von dingorider

Alright it's been a while since my last article but I wanted to start something new.I will first put a topic to which people can send me their opinions which I will post in another article.Only the first 10 people who send me their opinions via Pm will be published in the coming article so lets begin.Please don't send extremely long opinions that will make it boring for all of us .

Are you happy with the current president and a few words to describe him.



Policy Tag 1,825, 06:25

I'm not happy with the current President as he doesn't have a clue about the constitution, and his administration is an un-organized mess, with only 10% of his "time" allocated to managing it.

Mathew Steele
Mathew Steele Tag 1,825, 21:31


Ali Gtm
Ali Gtm Tag 1,826, 01:21

Yes I am happy with current president, He is nice person and looking forward for the betterment of ePakistan, He is making a Team and SOP's for the minister so that all the ecitizen have clear view of whats going on. I have seen major activity of government in his presidentship which was missing in past.

dingorider Tag 1,826, 03:32

I will add these but please Pm me

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Tag 1,826, 09:56

very happy because i m getting supplies.............hehe

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