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Q7 For Anyone Who Worked For Me For A Day

Tag 1,819, 18:52 Veröffentlicht in Malaysia Saudi-Arabien von Noveras

Assalamualaikum & Good day,

I am looking for someone who willing to work in my company at MYR 1 for just one day so that I can complete my mission. A compensation in the form of one Q7 weapon will also be given beside the MYR 1 of course 🙂

I will post the job offer on the job market and if interested just apply for it and send me a PM about it ok. That is all.

Yours Truly,

Noveras, "I am going bankrupt...."



Noveras Tag 1,819, 18:52

Pertamaxxxxx denied

Greatmoff Tag 1,819, 20:04

Deflation... deflation everywhere!

It's hard to keep wages at the low levels they already are with prices dropping left right and centre.

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Tag 1,819, 21:57

me bankrupt too..so sad.. 🙁

Blitz Aegis
Blitz Aegis Tag 1,820, 01:09

1q7 per day ?

Noveras Tag 1,820, 02:01


MiVEX Tag 1,820, 04:00


Firebourne Tag 1,820, 22:09

Sigh... Employees these days are demanding too much. They hardly come to work, but they always demand high salaries. I feel sorry for businesses. If only employees could behave like slaves and stop asking for salaries, businesses will definitely be able to generate profits.

Aizat Afifi
Aizat Afifi Tag 1,821, 02:40

u guys back??

prostokreten Tag 1,821, 09:47


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