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PReM President (Pictorial Speech)

Tag 1,827, 23:44 Veröffentlicht in Malaysia Malaysia von Blitz Aegis

Salam Satu eMy
Today our reporter just make an interview with
Parti Rakyat eMalaysia president here are some of the key point of the conversation.
Hope you like it and just enjoy your day.

Hello Everyone,
First of all i would like to thanks everyone
especially Blitz Aegis as the spokesmen in the party.
the most hard worker men
Thank you for all of your hard work to make the party become
the best party in eMY

For your information PReM promise to change the party from just a party that nominate our self to a party that we will welcoming and willing to make room for all members and continue to represent dominant eMalaysian stand point.
We also will work until late night to serves a good service and bring our country become more safe to stay and take our marketplace to the next level.
I cannot promise you with full of gold and luxurious life. But we can promise to take eMy to the next step and to increase our standard.

For your knowledge our party have a website (link at bottom)
Feel free to visit.
We also have our own forum there... feel free to register.
Although forums are less popular to the current generation, as there other means of communication like this mass messaging, facebook and IRC chat.
However, a forum has a very significant advantage... that everything is preserved well and not just be forgotten after a short time.

That all for today,
here are the last picture for you to show how great our party are


Country President
PReM President
PReM Spokesmen


Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Tag 1,827, 23:57

lol. Cleverbot is always right...
In Cleverbot we trust. o/

MiVEX Tag 1,827, 00:00

V...S Long ago

mhifzan Tag 1,827, 00:10

3rd and v

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Tag 1,827, 00:49


RyuYuki Tag 1,827, 08:22

party website asyik under construction je..

Firebourne Tag 1,828, 04:48

@RyuYuki: Tenggah cari editor baru untuk update website. Sebenarnya website boleh pakai, tapi, perlukan orang untuk update. : P

Greatmoff Tag 1,828, 22:06

Communist/facist/anarchist/liberal/conservative propaganda etc.


Voted 😉

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