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Praetorian Guards Now Accepting Applicants (MU)

Tag 1,841, 16:35 Veröffentlicht in USA Kanada von DMV3

Would you like to receive 10 Q7 tanks for every 25 kills you make on the battle field?

Do you fight and train everyday?

Then Praetorian Guards wants you!

She wants you too!

Unless you're more into this.

Praetorian Guards is a privately funded eUS Military Unit focused on protecting eUS interests, helping smaller nations regain and maintain control of their regions, and helping our members obtain all available Military Module Medals. All members must install Pulse, in order to ensure you are fighting daily orders. In return for installing Pulse and fighting where ordered to fight you will receive 10 Q7 weapons for every 25 kills.

We are currently recruiting all divisions, and have room for 30 communing members, with expansion to 50 planned in the near future. If you would like to join all you need to do is fill out the application. Even if you do not receive a communing membership you can still join the MU and receive 5 Q7 weapons per day as long as you have Pulse and fight daily orders.



DW.Frost Tag 1,841, 16:42

Good luck with it DMV!
Fight hard : )

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Tag 1,841, 17:17

Does pulse interfere with eRep advanced?

DMV3 Tag 1,841, 17:23

I have both downloaded.

Syz2 Tag 1,841, 20:02

Wish your MU luck!

witherd1 Tag 1,841, 21:51

I am coming to the US and joining just because of that pic. Can I borrow that pic for 10mins or so?

General Cornrow Wallace
General Cornrow Wallace Tag 1,841, 22:09

Ave, True to Caesar!

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,842, 03:03

Jeezes eAustralia is losing Cabinet designates faster than 16 year olds lose their virginity.

Must be blood in the water in the land downunder o/

adriancito Tag 1,842, 03:22

d3nis DO

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Tag 1,842, 03:33


KOSOVA Batoa Tag 1,842, 07:31


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 1,842, 08:49

Voted for privately funded....

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,842, 09:31


SSQuercus Tag 1,842, 12:17

v 649 + s 777 🙂))

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Tag 1,842, 20:00

voted for the chick in the pic

BeachBunny Tag 1,843, 23:56


Thedillpickl Tag 1,843, 01:45

You could really supply me with 20 Q7's per day?
For how long?

Fitisin Tag 1,843, 05:53

Voted, good luck!

DMV3 Tag 1,843, 06:36

@Dill For as long as I keep playing, I have the resources. 🙂

Technician Tag 1,843, 06:52

Is the girl, Starry ?

Have to vote for this.

Simulare Tag 1,843, 07:23

Sounds tempting... (Don't worry Dill, I'll stay faithful - I kinda feel invested in P's Ps)

Thedillpickl Tag 1,843, 10:05

I did an experiment this morning. (Actually I was just killing Taiwanese.) But I did record the battle statistics from my romp. I forgot to note what my energy level was but it was somewhere around 1000+. I only used Q7's, no rockets, bombs or zooka boosters. (Regular Zookas take my damage down too much, I use them for merc medals.)


My math above was off. Evidently I would get 40 Q7's/day. Are you buying gold to pay for weapons?

Thedillpickl Tag 1,843, 10:13

Don't get me wrong at all. If this is sustainable I'm all for it. I wouldn't even blame my people for taking advantage of this. God knows the govt. won't be able to put out like that if/when the PTO if final. They won't have any revenue to give to the military for supplies.

You need not worry about me though. I'm too invested in my MU and Mike and me are the chief suppliers, owning the communes. Good luck though.

DMV3 Tag 1,843, 12:39

I am indeed funding this externally, and it is sustainable for me.

Seamus Harper
Seamus Harper Tag 1,843, 13:16

why need this "pulse" thing? I thought MUs in-game list how many kills each member has for the day?

DMV3 Tag 1,843, 13:40

How many kills, yes.

Where you fight, no.

You need Pulse so I can make sure you're using the weapons provided where you are supposed to be fighting.

Thedillpickl Tag 1,843, 19:14

@Seamus Harper, It saves you having to take a screen shot and uploading so you can post a link as proof. Save someone having to download the link to look at it. Finally it eliminates the chance of cheating by PS'ing a fake screen shot.

Basically Dennis is paying people to fight where he wants them to. It's a simple business arrangement, like most any other employment. You do a job for me the way I ask, in the manner I ask and I will pay you a pre-agreed compensation for your hire.

West SideR
West SideR Tag 1,848, 12:22

signed up

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