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PP election - Let's get all the PPs!

Tag 1,913, 13:15 Veröffentlicht in Denmark Spanien von Sasori5
~ one article, one song ~

Tomorrow we have again PP election and our objective is to recover and get all the PPs!! Then we are voting our official candidates, don't forget to follow these instructions!:

Remember to vote as late as you can, depending on how it's going the election we'll need your vote on one or other candidate. Send me a PM and I'll tell you who is the best choice!

If you want to vote to another party you have to resign from your party and then join the other in which you want to vote. You will be able to come back to your previous party later.

I usually get much more votes than neccesary, if you are in killers with spoons then change your party and vote another official candidate. (Big tits is the best option right now)

Official candidates:

Killers with spoons - Sasori5 (please DON'T VOTE, I've enough votes and we must get more votes in other parties, send PM 😉)
Aurora - ChrisseR
Big Tits Revolutionary Party - Holm <--- VOTE!!
Aperture Science - Lutharus <--- VOTE!!
VENSTRE - kkjerr


We must be organized and we must became more active if we want to defend our country, as you may know more PTOers and their multies are coming and last time they were very close of taking the control of Denmark. We are making a headcount of the people with danish cs, please take a couple of minutes to fill it! 🙂 It should help us in this purpose. CLICK HERE!

That's the first step, after that... How you can help Denmark?

- Register & take part in the forum: http://www.erepublik.dk
- Come (the times you can) to the danish IRC channel (#eDenmark on quakenet http://webchat.quakenet.org/)
- Be active the election days (5, 15, 25 of every month), first, vote the right player. Then you can help in more ways (good day for coming to IRC)
- Tell your friends and family to come to the game, the more we are, the more we can do!
- ...

Thank you,
CP of Denmark.


Sasori5 Tag 1,913, 13:18

yes, the election hasn't even started and I've already enough votes.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Tag 1,913, 13:20

Good luck Denmark!


Pacheeee Tag 1,913, 13:34


BadMax Tag 1,913, 13:52

good luck

Hunnensohn Tag 1,913, 13:59

good luck o7

rodrigodjcf Tag 1,913, 14:40

Vote Rodrigodjcf for PP to the world change. always for better.

Mados City
Mados City Tag 1,914, 03:33

good luck

Den Danske Harald Blaatand
Den Danske Harald Blaatand Tag 1,914, 04:09

Kan vi få en ægte dansker denne gang ? synes det er lidt mærkeligt at det er altid en '' E-dansker '' der hele tiden bliver valgt. Ikke fordi jeg diskriminere dem, men stadig væk.

ChrisseR Tag 1,914, 04:25

Det er rent faktisk kun danskere, der er de officielle kandidater i de diverse partier. (Ja jeg ser Sasori som ærkedansk)

Holm Tag 1,914, 07:00

Jeg er skam også ærkedansk. Der er godt nok lidt bornholmer i mig, men ellers ja 😉

pho3nix Tag 1,914, 22:19

Here's a suggestion: get in at erepublik.dk and next time we'll hook you up with as PP?

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