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Tag 1,942, 12:44 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Irland von Gerald Smyth

Here are the results to the poll:

Do you consider yourself more of a
Solid Socialist - 7
Moderate Lean Socialist - 4
Moderate - 3
Moderate Lean Capitalist - 2
Solid Capitalist - 3

Do you consider yourself more of a
Solid Nationalist - 7
Moderate Lean Nationalist - 1
Moderate - 4
Moderate Lean Globalist - 1
Solid Globalist - 8

Which institution has more of your loyalty than anything else?
Country - 9
Ideology - 3
Military Unit - 0
Political Party - 1
Self - 6

A total of 21 people participated in the poll. I will let you make conclusions based on the information provided.



The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Tag 1,942, 12:46


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,942, 13:44

What kind of questions are these?

Where are questions about Faith? Religion? Heaven? God and his Angels? SATAN! even....

Damhnaic Tag 1,942, 13:49

I was about to vote when I read "What kind of questions are these?" But then I saw Kurgan's idiocy exposed in his proposed question below and I had to vomit in despair for human intelligence.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,942, 14:12

You are already lost and damned.
And now out of jelly and despair you try to ruin other souls who still have a chance for salvation.

So you find belif in Heavens is stupid?
Coz you know for a fact there is nothing beyond this world?

Or you just refuse to belive because its easier for you to live with yourself.

You talk about intelligence and yet you fail to see 3 dimensional thinking can not explain or reason with a concept of Faith and God that goes far beyond this corporeal realm.

Its seems its popular today among wekminded douchebags to use anti-faith opinions and claims to show themselfs as modern and smart in public.

Keep trying...

Damhnaic Tag 1,942, 14:29

In fact I am agnostic, I do not pretend to know. For there are no proof on either side.

But when you say "it's easier" I tend to disagree.

It if very harder to face the absurd reality of the universe, the lack of meaning of it all, than to have a comforting thought that you'll live ever after hapily in a cloud-world. I think the "easier for you to live with yourself" thing is pretty much on your side of the fence, not on ours.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,942, 15:09

It is easier for your mortal life there are no moral limits...you choose your own limits to suits your corporeal goals and if needed you push the line even further.

And you can talk about beings agnostic but your first comment showed deep hatred toward God and faith in general.

And that is not agnostic way...

So either you do not know what agnostic means or you are simply too confused with fear of damnation..coz of your sins.

But you are also right...it's easy when you have a faith....it gives you strenght and courage to stand before darkness and do not blink....

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,942, 15:23

And cloud-world?
Do you draw your opinios about Heavens from cartoons?
Try to educate yourself about topic you think to attack first..

Damhnaic Tag 1,942, 20:07

You are either joking or a very saddening person Kurgan. I am very sorry you can't understand me or don't try to do so.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,943, 03:03

I understand you more then you understand yourself:

That God does not exist, you cannot deny, That your whole being cries out for God you cannot forget.

That describes you up very well...

Damhnaic Tag 1,943, 08:32

Kommentar gelöscht

Damhnaic Tag 1,943, 08:37

Kurgan, what you are doing is projection. You think everyone feel the same as you and project your own existentalist reasoning on everyone. I am sorry to announce you it doesn't work that way.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,943, 09:32

I only project The Word of Heavens to those willing to reject SATAN!

Damhnaic Tag 1,943, 08:44

Maybe you should also wake up from the 1320 era and realise that plenty of people have thought differently. We are in 2013 for fuck sakes, oh, but I forgot you live in a country where religion still has a very strong grasp. I was once told "Croatia is like Ireland in the 60s". To that I might add "Ireland is like Canada in the 60s".

Maybe one day you'll realise there isn't only one way to think, that everyone can find their own existentialist views and be happy with it, that ultimely it doesn't matter at all as long we find happiness (which is very distinct from pleasure). Maybe one day you'll realise that for a society to advence as a whole you need to have diverging views, to have conflicts that make the opinions think and advance. Maybe you'll realise that social progress doesn't cope with religius hegemony (or any kind of hegemony to be honest)

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,943, 09:31

You talk about social advance and yet it's you who show hatred toward anyone who express Faith in Heavens.
You attack opinions that do not agree with your stands like some heretic inquisition.

You also keep mixing religion with Faith in Heavens.

Religion is nothing but a tool of Faith....something to focus your mind.
Everything more then that would be abuse of that tool and against Faith.

Free will was the first and the biggest gift God gave Humans.

Like i said before you have no idea what you talk about.
Bible like all other holly scripts has many lairs depending who is reading.

Faith gives you true freedom..not illusion of freedom you think you enjoy.

When you dream you belive that is just a chemical thing in your brain?
You belive you are not more then your corporeal form?

When you die it's game over and no more?

You are free to belive that....coz in those last moments you will see your foolishness.

Look the world you are living in....how many humans like you feel empty inside.
Croatia, france, USA..or any other country...same emptiness everywhere.

Damhnaic Tag 1,943, 11:16

You are ridiculous, at least I tried.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,943, 13:26

"for a society to advence as a whole you need to have diverging views"
And yet you keep trying to stop one of those views.

What is really ridiculous is your hypocracy.
The truth is not complicated and hidden in a pile of philosofical gibberish but always simple and in open.

Problem is crepeople like you can't stand looking at it.

Truth about you?
Simple....you openly declared here as gay......chatolic church just like all major raligions do not aprove gay life style and call it unnatural.
Therefore you find religions must be eliminated and then there will be no moral authority against any unnatural behaviour civilian authorities already trying to force people to accept it.

It has nothing to do with progress of society but your own selfish reasons.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Tag 1,943, 18:23

OK I abhor homophobic attitudes and statements wherever they come from...

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,944, 07:34

There is nothing phobic here.
No one says gays should be burned to stake.

What two or more humans are willingto do in privacy of their home is their business...and it should stay there....

But when gay cliques are trying to force everybody to accept unnatural behaviour as normal its when we with Faith draw a line.

And WHS.......where do you see phobic comment here?
I simply stated real reasons why Damhanic hates people of Faith and religions.
That his talk about advance of society and reason is just a pile of hypocratic crap.
He speak in favour of destruction of Faith...Faith that gives comphort and strenght to so many people in this planet.

And he desire to take this supernatural gift away from billions of people only to achieve his selfish goals.

You talk about homophobia WHS?
I say you abuse that word when you have no arguments.

How do you call when someone is against Faith in Heavens?

BOUD1CCA Tag 1,942, 21:54

I suspect that Victor Kurgan could see straight into your soul Damhnaic.
And that he understands you very well, he just doesn't like what he sees

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Tag 1,943, 09:36


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