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Our new war heroes from the AFA

Tag 2,038, 04:45 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von ArtSBobo

Last year I saw a lot of articles in our forum made by members of AFA. In most of them, the author would tell us that the AFA is the home of the only true patriots in the eUSA. When the other parties call them traitors and terrorists the AFA told us that they fight only for freedom and only when they reach the mountaintop of power would eAmerica be saved. Sadly, many new players buy this horse$hit and join the AFA and are lost forever.

It is only now, when the eUS is under siege on all fronts by half a dozen enemies, do we see the true face of the AFA. A quick glance at any of the dozens of battles the eUSA has been involved in on her own soil over the past few days reveals a glaring absence of these AFA paper patriots.

Free Area - Vice President of AFA - 58,609,116 for Serbia. Achieved while trying to defend North Carolina against USA on day 2,019. Last used Small Bomb for Thailand in the battle against USA on day 2,036. In his article from day 2022 he promises every American to return to prosperity and freedom of this country while serving his Serb masters all the while. What patriot would use his last bombs for any country other than the one he professes to love and serve?

Chopp – Party President of AFA – last used Small Bomb for Egypt in the battle against our ally Bulgaria on day 2,031. Funny, but on day 2013 he has an article where, as a member of American military party, he called everyone to fight against Serbia. But when his bombs are needed against Serbia he uses them against our ally Bulgaria.

Zeng999 – Spokesman of AFA - Last used Big Bomb for Argentina in the battle against Paraguay on day 2,034.

What about our brave and patriotic Congress members?

Chiki_ns - Congress member from AFA. 25,119,508 for Serbia – Last used: Small Bomb for Serbia in the battle against USA on day 2,036

Veritas Triumphus - Congress member feom AFA - Last used: Small Bomb for Serbia in the battle against USA on day 2,020

Unkulunkulu - Congress member from AFA - Last used: Small Bomb for Serbia in the battle against USA on day 2,020

Nezamislivi - Congress member from AFA - Last used Big Bomb for Mexico in the battle against USA on day 2,034

Fallax8 – Congress member from AFA - 133,404,463 for Greece., 48,749,310 for Saudi Arabia - Achieved while trying to conquer Jizan from our ally Bulgaria on day 2,000

Doru Capone - Congress member from AFA - 45,847,240 for Saudi Arabia - Achieved while trying to conquer Jizan from our ally Bulgaria on day 2,000

O z i r i s - Congress member from AFA - 40,302,593 for Serbia.

There is more…but I've had enough of this, because I am sick from your paper patriotism.

Vote and shout this article, please. Real patriots need to read it.



Haselrig Tag 2,038, 04:49

Patriot Wipes, perfect for wiping those hard to reach cracks and crevices 🙂

Drew Blood Tag 2,038, 06:35

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Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 2,038, 06:39

Smooth and satiny for those brown nosing citizens needing to wipe their noses many times a day...?

Viarizi Tag 2,039, 00:17

Thats why you should all leave AFA and join UFA!


Long Live UFA

theAbsynthius Tag 2,039, 12:29

srpse kucke...................

theAbsynthius Tag 2,038, 04:54

hell yeah, the Real Patriots- awaiting the freedom of eUSA!!!
perhaps, there should be a game mechanism to punish these quislings.

theAbsynthius Tag 2,038, 13:28

take the entire eWorld, could be a little easier!!

sonix Tag 2,038, 04:56

dude that are all RL serbs.

ArtSBobo Tag 2,038, 04:59

We know 🙂

Haselrig Tag 2,038, 05:01

It's the ones that don't know they are Serbs that concern me.

Pitcity Tag 2,039, 02:22

no 😑

Jasher Tag 2,038, 05:21

traitors should be shot
deport them

this was what we as a country needs to read

vote sub and shout

chazp Tag 2,038, 05:44

Well done O7

sasa55555 Tag 2,038, 05:44

add me to the list almost 6 monts now in usa and stil not a single damage for eusa...XD

chazp Tag 2,038, 05:46

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chazp Tag 2,038, 05:47

Get a life.

Haselrig Tag 2,038, 05:51

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sasa55555 Tag 2,038, 05:56

http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/sasa55555-candidate-for-congress--2278856/1/20 I am also a candidate for congress vote for me...

Al Punk
Al Punk Tag 2,038, 05:56

a real patriot!

ArtSBobo Tag 2,038, 05:58

you eAmerican green card will be taken 🙂

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 2,038, 06:41

What a Richard Cranium..!

theAbsynthius Tag 2,038, 13:27

a thief does what a thief is!! 😉

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Tag 2,039, 13:18

get a life puppy

Colonel W Kurac
Colonel W Kurac Tag 2,038, 05:46

I 'm the only true and honest patriots in usa.

Haselrig Tag 2,038, 05:54

Hey Nixon.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Tag 2,038, 05:47

Serbia is biggest ally of USA

Haselrig Tag 2,038, 05:52

One of those 'we'll invade you to keep you on your toes' type allies huh?

Waysted Tag 2,038, 06:07

you are as insane as your boss. pathetic

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Tag 2,038, 06:11

I'm boss here xD

weasel2 Tag 2,038, 06:37

RGR is just a ho for the PTOers. They offer him power and he goes down, just another sub.

Clydeo Tag 2,038, 08:06

then why are they invade us with all their puppets too

Lion from Srbija
Lion from Srbija Tag 2,038, 21:12

Yeah, we will bring democracy to the very step door of eUSA and learn our fellow Americans all about it...

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Tag 2,039, 13:17

do you know what is democracy ?

Lion from Srbija
Lion from Srbija Tag 2,039, 14:28

Democracy is what you preach in RL but here you can not because it has a biger force and that we are in this case

NortKng Tag 2,039, 17:02

Bigger Force Dusko? or maybe farce is the word you were looking for?

weasel2 Tag 2,038, 05:52

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Tag 2,038, 18:18

Serbia is Kosovo

Dogpyle Tag 2,038, 06:32



hazelh Tag 2,038, 06:35

V o7

Drew Blood Tag 2,038, 06:52

Kommentar gelöscht

zako soldier
zako soldier Tag 2,038, 07:04

v o7

Viarizi Tag 2,038, 07:09

Viarizi's Record:

True Patriot
Damage 118,888,122 for USA

Top damage in a campaign
Damage 27,519,101 for USA
Achieved while successfully defending Aquitaine against France on day 2,032

Mass destruction weapons history
Last used:
Small Bomb for USA in the battle against France on day 2,032

weasel2 Tag 2,038, 07:23

Viarizi forgot to add:
Political ally of Hanibal LA, Serbian PTOer
Political ally of RGR, who will never be CP
Political ally of Dr. Walter Bishop, only heaven knows what that means

Are you a power monger like RGR, just a troll or have you a motivation like Free Area? That is a serious question. Will you answer it?

Viarizi Tag 2,038, 16:06

I'de guess that by now everyone would know I play this game to have fun.

So I think you can call me a Power Monger!

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Tag 2,038, 07:27

Was that after using 4 against the USA?

Viarizi Tag 2,038, 16:08

Yep, just before I realized the DoD orders were to give back Aquitane!


Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Tag 2,038, 09:36

Funny. Because we were giving Aquitaine back to France for strategic reasons... Which country had it before we took away from them... Oh... Yeah... Servia... So you just proved you are not what you say you are.

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