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News from the Cyprus war front...

Tag 1,933, 14:25 Veröffentlicht in Cyprus Zypern von Kaniballos

As you surely know if you haven't passed the last days doing kinky stuff with kibris donkeys we are at war. I now bring you the latest kaps from our glorious war effort!

Motivational government poster for our troops. Pin-up is kthniatros...

Priest send from our orthodox brothers to bless kibris weaponry in the fights...

Comrade Fingay testing out the new beta PVP mode...

Proud UCP freedom fighters ready to defend the Island.

Marabou along with Maya the Bee sniping invaders. Mavie went to prepare some fresh coffee...

Rare pic, allegedly of George Lakeland during the time of the e-grik invasion...

Even kurdlili rafor takes part in the war (after finishing homework ofc...)

Barricade defended by inci in the ongoing resistance war in Famagusta, N. eCyprus.

On the other side...

Grik nationalist, still sad and not able to understand that being arrogant has a price...

The one and eternal Supline Commander of Eden, posing for a statue while wishing to find a way for eCyprus to magically dissapear...

Aristomaxos +1

cCc united we sikert cCc



Kaniballos Tag 1,933, 14:26

George Lakeland for CP!

Nick Andrik
Nick Andrik Tag 1,933, 15:40

Τον επόμενο μήνα να τον κατεβάσουμε και να τον εκλέξουμε! 🙂

Kostas Fostiras
Kostas Fostiras Tag 1,933, 14:33

Smee again and again and again for CP

Kaniballos Tag 1,933, 14:34

Ρε Κώστα εδώ δεν έχουμε σκάνδαλα να στείλει τίκετ το παιδί. Καλύτερα ξαναβγάλτε τον στην eGreece 🙂

Kostas Fostiras
Kostas Fostiras Tag 1,933, 14:38

the river does not go back...

Kaniballos Tag 1,933, 14:47

Όπως λέει και ο τούρκικος λαός, İt ürür, kervan yürür ή τα σκυλιά γαβγίζουν αλλά το καραβάνι προχωράει...

Megaloxorianos Tag 1,933, 14:40

Shqiperia wants Smee for president

Kostas Fostiras
Kostas Fostiras Tag 1,933, 14:43

on the waiting list...

Megaloxorianos Tag 1,933, 14:47

να σου πω... Πιο πολλές πιθανότητες έχει ο Λιμνογιώργης να βγει τον επόμενο μήνα, παρά ο σμεε

MakisSafosTsetsenoglou Tag 1,933, 14:35

zaaaaaaaaa votado

Blacksat Tag 1,933, 14:37


Megaloxorianos Tag 1,933, 14:40

cCc united we sikert cCc

Makis Kouklentes
Makis Kouklentes Tag 1,933, 14:44

Now that's an awesome article!

myrmid0nas Tag 1,933, 14:44

haloumi yok

xam xam
xam xam Tag 1,933, 14:54

george is the best

Skylovaravas Tag 1,933, 15:01

Νταξ κλάμα ο ραφόρ

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Tag 1,933, 15:02

♥ eCyprus ♥

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Tag 1,933, 15:05

cCc united we sikert cCc

Maya_The_Bee Tag 1,933, 15:51

we really needed this war, it made the game interesting again xD
bravo makis for starting all this : D


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Tag 1,933, 16:26

yup ... fresh coffee .... and what?? the dishes aswell?? !!!
xdddddddd nah, i'm swimming in our peaceful sea of our peacefull island ^^

Voted xddd!

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Tag 1,933, 20:33

lakeland at his bests

Finway Tag 1,934, 00:49

xdxd meine kankiphiloççç < 3

Thanks for coffee Mavie 😘

cCc united we sikert MERKELOMAXOS+1 cCc

stenleyipkis Tag 1,934, 01:23


yunanistan is cyprus.

Long live commandante Fingay.

Anan with me. 🙁(

Finway Tag 1,934, 04:38

at ease junior 😘
xdxd < 3
bacin merkel with us : (

Andrei Lebowski
Andrei Lebowski Tag 1,934, 04:13

hope george won't mad at your due to this perfect pic.
axaxa xd

kthniatros Tag 1,934, 04:44

cCc me have muscles cCc

marcelbok Tag 1,934, 05:57


iaberis Tag 1,934, 06:33

couldn't say it better

satlak Tag 1,934, 06:39


Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist
Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist Tag 1,934, 08:36

cCc pakistani prodigi cCc

+1 Aristomelis

mac42 Tag 1,934, 09:08

Theiko voted!

Blacksat Tag 1,934, 11:11

hahahhahahah apisteutos

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