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New Map Release [SaveAss]

Tag 1,901, 23:36 Veröffentlicht in Serbia Serbien von SaveAss

Dear Plato,

Thank you for this wonderful map.

As you mentioned, primary the BETA means that all critics are welcomed without FF points to be awarded 🙂 since I need them for other things 😛

- Technically – even if “minimized” the map loads with the page. That must be changed. Some people play this game to pads, laptops and cell phones, so making the map load even if minimized is slowing (and crushing) the game. For comparison look at google, still just one button and still just one search bar, it is not that they have no ideas, but that it will cost them a lot even with minor changes. Try to add switch On/Off capability instead of just minimizing. That way the server resources, and our device resources won't have to suffer.

- Unfortunately the mini-map is not scrolling, so either you should leave the map show the whole world, or make it scroll as the big map does.

Now for the suggestions,
- I always wanted to see how the peaces of land are connected. Even though on land it is easy to spot, sea connections are a bit tricky to spot. I strongly suggest making lines (naval paths) that would symbolize the connections. That alone will make the map look more like war-map.

- If I am sensing right, this whole thing wants to go one way with making the whole first page (or at least half) a graphical experience (similar to Tribal Wars) but that would mean a lot of graphics visualization on different kinds of elements. (I emphasize graphics) So you would need total number of people, and people of the region, no CS people in the region, born and dead/banned people in the last day or month.

- From warfare perspective where do the people fight from that region.
When you go graphics there are also new capabilities that you can add, like when fighting a battle from distant county your influence to be percent of the travel cost to that country (20,40,60,80) where the graphics can easily show that to you.

- Market revenue stats, export, import per region, lowest price on market for a product I want with quantity and ect.
Processing power, you would need at least 4xtimes the throughput that you have now, 6xtimes the processing power and roughly 2xtimes the storage to make this work, so plan carefully or it will crush.

- There has to be a simple way to access this from the game from smaller devices, so a simple version (no graphics) should be available. You can do even a premium added option thing, as other games do so that people can easily navigate the game and use the stats in game. (ex. Economy premium, war premium, packet premium) where the President will have a packet premium, war chief – war premium, economy – economy premium as a bonus.

As I said before, you need experts with ideas. Tell me when you are ready.




SaveAss Tag 1,901, 23:46

Just to add, you can easily do the map to scroll 360 degrees like a globe. That is cool thing.

SaveAss Tag 1,901, 23:57

Country info tab, that can be edited by the president and changes voted from the Congress. With BB codes / or HTML capabilities all info on the country can be fitted in one spot.

Plainswalker Tag 1,901, 00:01

What I would like to have is simulations. Altering the map in a fictional way in order to be able to make long term strategies visually accessible to all. It would also make it a lot easier for journalists to prove a point. Doing it all in paint is no fun.

Jurukov Tag 1,901, 01:26


Jovana Lekic
Jovana Lekic Tag 1,901, 01:30

nista te nerazumemm xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
noting yu i anderstand xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Nergul Tag 1,901, 02:35

Јесте ли већ чули да... + ХОГАР СТРАШНИ

marjansp Tag 1,901, 02:40

Za ova tiket pisi im

SaveAss Tag 1,901, 02:42

Им пишав, им пишав и им ја ставив статијата во тикетот.
Им пишав и дека денес ќе шаутирам за ако има некој друг со идеја да ја пише во коментар.

TashaMKD Tag 1,901, 02:43


SaveAss Tag 1,901, 12:16

Hello SaveAss,

Thank you very much for taking time to send us your suggestions and to write that article. We have bookmarked it and we will check out the ideeas and comments from there to see what we can implement them in our next updates.

Have a nice day ahead,
Your eRepublik team

Kirito 77
Kirito 77 Tag 1,902, 08:17

One of better articles in last time. : )

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