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New Direction for Feds

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The Fed PP primary race has come to an end. I wanted to give some of my personal thoughts here before I start as Fed Media in any official capacity.

Paul Proteus dropped early leaving the field split in practically a 3-way tie. Duncan Crowe, Enterawesome and Gnilraps kept it close early on among the most active party members. Once the party MM went out about the race and the Feds hit the shout feeds, Duncan Crowe and Gnilraps pulled way ahead, but stayed neck in neck.

While EnterAwesome is by far the newest, youngest candidate, she's no slouch. She's been extremely active within the party and has also served on the national level for a few different Administrations, focusing on education and other interior programs. She is a popular member of the party and is quickly becoming a popular player in the game. Our PP race was packed with experience and great ideas, but she still lacks name recognition. I have no doubt that EnterAwesome will have her chance to lead the Feds and will do an excellent job when that time comes.

The Federalist Party is facing some transition, which made this election extremely important. We are the largest legitimate party in the eUS, changes to game mechanics have given us a larger portion of Congress, and our overall activity has resulted in more Feds taking on more national positions in cabinets. While our stock is rising and our members are becoming more prominent, how the party actually functions hasn't changed. We are still service-minded and put all of our energy into community service projects- working with noobs and generating activity and opportunities within the party itself for a more active eUS.

Is that a bad thing? Should we be doing something differently? How different do we need to be?
Those were the questions of this race.

Duncan Crowe
is a service-minded player and has done a great job of leading the Feds over the last couple of months. He's done a bang up job with recruiting and educating new players. He's done well with media and raising our profile nationally and introducing the Fed Radio show. He's worked new players into the fold. He's run social programs on the national level, not just for Federalists. He's been successful at every turn for the party by pushing our social service and our party activity on the forum and IRC. During the campaign, he brought up the importance of discussing more national issues on the party level and smoothing the transition for our members from party work to national work. But it didn't really seem to be his priority. It is known that he prefers the public-service focus of the party.

Gnilraps is best known as the God of EZC. He's done a lot for that MU and they have been extremely successful as a result. While EZC and the Feds are tied together, the party doesn't run the MU and the MU doesn't run the party. Each benefits from the success of the other, but there is a separation between them. In more recent history, Gnilraps has been laying low while he recovered from the massive criticism that came his way when he unilaterally nominated Pfeiffer for President in October on behalf of We The People, a party he was tasked with claiming as part of the ATO effort. While he hasn't been active in the Federalists for months now, his outsider perspective is interesting. He said repeatedly while campaigning that The Feds are simply a social club and pushed hard for our party to become significantly more political.

It's clear to everyone in the party that we need to do something about our rising status and prominence. We should maximize on our success. We should assert ourselves in some way and really be that big important party. But how do we go about this without losing our identity? In the past we have been content to simply cheer on the individuals who make a name for themselves on the national level. My personal experience is really no different and that was just a month ago. While I believed I was representing the party as Country President, that didn't mean anything especially political. What it meant to me was 'don't be a butt, work with everyone and don't forget about noobs.'

Historically (or at least from the times I can remember), the party didn't really take official stances on political issues which has given us a bit of agility, but this has probably prevented us from dominating the political realm. We are principled, but we roll with the times. We also put a lot of trust into representative democracy. That is the voice of the people. If Congress decided something or the President decided something, then cool. They were elected to represent people and that's what they're doing. If there's something wrong with them, the fault is with the voter (or PP). More often than not, national politicians will have our backing. There are behaviors and things we will speak out against, but rarely policy.

It is probably time for that to change, but it comes at a price. The first cost is that it is impossible to be altruistic as a party. All of our recruiting and all of our public service will now have a direct political motive. The second cost is alienation of some members. Not everyone will be in the majority when it comes to political issues. How many times will they be in the minority before they no longer feel at home in the party?

But there are also potential benefits. The USWP was the dominant political party in the eUS for years. They put out more Presidents, Congressmen and Cabinet members than all of the other parties combined. If you wanted to get those medals and move into prominence, joining the USWP was your best bet. They formed national policy for a very long time and there was very little difference between USWP leadership and national leadership. That party WAS America, more or less. That could be the Feds. The Federalist Party could be the party that cranks out Presidents, Congressmen and Cabinet members. We could be the party that gets all of the medals and shapes public policy and national direction. And there's no rule that says it has to mirror the USWP.

Are we really ready for that? Do we even want it?

Gnilraps won the Party President primary with 49% of the vote (44-39-6) campaigning on this strongly political direction. That's not quite half, so it probably shouldn't be taken as a mandate that the Feds are really ready to jump head first into the political sphere as an organization. But with our recent PoTUS win and our numerous VPs and department heads in the last few Administrations, there is no denying that Fed members are becoming prominent political figures and influencing national policy. And as the most active and only growing party, this trend is likely to continue.

This next term will be vitally important to the future of the Federalist Party and sorting out our identity going forward. What will be on the other end? That is for you Feds to decide.

Thanks for reading,

Get involved. Get active. Shape the future.



fingerguns Tag 1,913, 10:16

May we ever remain P/H

Pfeiffer. Tag 1,913, 10:18

you might very well think that

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Tag 1,913, 10:21

tasty food for thought, fg

(yes, it's past my lunchtime)

Greene12 Tag 1,913, 10:25

P/H, voted hard

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Tag 1,913, 10:29

May we ever remain P/H x2

One Sky
One Sky Tag 1,913, 10:39

May we ever remain p/h x3
Lets go Feds

ErrOrka Tag 1,913, 10:40


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Tag 1,913, 11:01

Very interesting thoughts as always 😃

I don't feel that we are a social club as some do, I think that we have had great success on the national level over the past few months, both in positions and respect gained and in helping out the sixth parties getting their voices heard. I hope that this continues. Much of this is to be attributed to the leadership we have had over the past several months. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time, for sure 🙂

DW.Frost Tag 1,913, 11:53

Gnil is an old and experienced player and I think the timing for this transition is excellent.

In the meantime Dunks and the rest of my awesome fellow FEDS will keep doing an amazing work.

I am optimistic about us.

Excellent article (as always) FG.


ligtreb Tag 1,913, 11:57

Very interesting thoughts.

The Feds, more than any other current party, have the potential be the next dominant party politically if you want to be, like the USWP was back in the day. I would know, I was part of the USWP domination (and still am).

Of course, I thought this before I quit in 2011. And in 2010 when you became the #1 party.

I actually don't think the Feds have to change much to become that dominant political party. You already have two of the main ingredients: An active community and the largest (non-AFA) member base. That's the hard part. The Feds (and any party with that combination) can do what it wants if it tries.

I'll be watching this transition from afar with curiosity, that's for sure.

el Seguis de MOMO
el Seguis de MOMO Tag 1,913, 13:37

Selling MU in USA, 5k cc. MP

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Tag 1,913, 14:01

Really love this commentary and analysis, fingerguns. Brilliantly written.

It will certainly be interesting to see where the Feds are 6th months from now. I welcome the new routes that Gnilraps will attempt, and I'm going to try my best as VPP to keep us socially open-minded while we work towards political gain/standing.

May we ever remain P/H x2

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Tag 1,913, 15:42

Fantastic article FG. It is always a pleasure to read what you have thought out.

Candor Tag 1,914, 15:57

"It is always a pleasure to read what you have thought out." x2

FG is one of the nations very best political commentators and I really, really enjoy her perspectives. For those of us who like to watch the social experiment that is eRep, FG is a player interesting to watch.

Gnilraps Tag 1,915, 04:45

This should be nominated for ENN article of the week.

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