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New Dawn for New Era

Tag 1,900, 14:46 Veröffentlicht in United Kingdom Großbritannien von Alphabethis

New Era has entered into an emergy state in these days previous to CP

We have lost Dr. Hugh Jardon, as an interim PP and even member,
perhaps temporarily, We don't know why he left. Anyway, every single
member of New Era respects him and adores him. No bad word can be
uttered against him. And he's a decent man thru and thru.

Don Dapper and Sir King Hannibal of Asia has retired to purely MU

I, Alphabethis, have stepped in to mend the situation in the fastest, most
democratical way I can imagine. And from now on, we'll be making polls
in articles. We'll converge very, very fast into the most and simple
advanced method of democracy and participation you can imagine.

And democracy starts now. To vote you have send a private message to
me with a code of 5 numbers, chosen by you and choices (a YES OR NO) to this question.

Do you approve this method of democracy and Alphabethis as the center
of the voting process ?

When all votes are cast I'll publish the list of codes and YES and NO,
and the sum, so everyone will check his vote and the result will be
public, yet SECRET.

In the next articles (to be relased within minutes/hours), we are voting:
a) a constitution
who will be supporting
c) who will act as interim PP



Alphabethis Tag 1,900, 14:47


I am AngelaWillians my code is 88993 and YES

WayneKerr Tag 1,901, 07:35

A new dawn already? Didnt you have one of them not so long ago...

N W G Tag 1,901, 07:36

Dam i thought this was going to be a Vampire film

Alphabethis Tag 1,901, 08:14

NWG, it is, but I have plenty of stakes.

FragUK Tag 1,901, 09:00

im not suprised Hugh left tbh.

Alphabethis Tag 1,901, 10:28

Tbf i have no idea why he left.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Tag 1,901, 11:05

We have no idea why, he had everyone's full support. We can only assume that someone like yourself tried trolling him FragUK...

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