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My Last Words as CP

Tag 1,843, 03:11 Veröffentlicht in South Africa Südafrika von Had3z

Well what can I say? I have received allot of compliments this term as CP and all I can say thank you eSA for making this a great term for me!

A BIG thanks needs to go out to my Cabinet and advisors you all did a excellent job! Also A extra BIG thanks to Grimstone without his guidance I would have probably pressed the impeach button myself 😛

My Future plans!

Well I am running as PP for RISE for one purpose and one purpose only

The party needs to be dissolved. This is a Huge threat to eSA and we need to close it down! So support me in the next PP election in RISE and lets defeat a threat!

Future plans is to run for CP again due to last elections (Yesterday) I couldn't take part due to certain PP's decisions.

Well Thanks again to everyone!

Country President of eSouth Africa for another hour 😛



Ejdatful Tag 1,843, 03:25

Good term , good work. Voted.

Kami Carmine
Kami Carmine Tag 1,843, 03:38

Good term, glad I met ya 😃

Al Kazar
Al Kazar Tag 1,843, 03:58

Thanks to you and your cabinet for running our country so capably last term. A good job well done. Look forward to seeing you run again in the future.

Wacky368 Tag 1,843, 04:42

\o/ Hope you enjoyed it ;o)

Grimstone Tag 1,843, 05:46

Thanks Had3z. You did well. I did not do more than just point out the obvious. As always, i'm willing to help whoever asks for it.

Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Tag 1,843, 06:35

Well Done Had3z. You did a good job!
It was a pleasure serving in your cabinet.

WastelandENT Tag 1,843, 07:49

It was a good term Had3z!

kuckuck Tag 1,843, 14:34


GreyHunter Tag 1,844, 04:23

Who are you again?

/me being silly

Congrats champ

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