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MoC. The Next Event

Tag 1,825, 10:02 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Irland von Anthony Colby

Hello all.

I would once again like to congratulate all who won an award in this months Community Awards. It is quite an accomplishment. You have earned the respect of your peers. No small feat that is. I would also like to thank all who voted. Without you there would be no awards.

So what do we do next? Well that is up to you.

The next contest is to come up with the next contest.

Send me, Anthony Colby your idea for the next event/contest you want to see the Ministry of Community hold.

The idea must be a new idea. (Something we have not done before.)
It needs to be a fully fleshed idea. ( Don't just propose "hold and olympics" and expect me to figure it out.)
The prize will be 700 IEP.
Entries are due by Thursday.
Anyone can enter.

So let's get some new ideas up and running.


Minister of Community
Anthony Colby



John Gormley
John Gormley Tag 1,825, 10:11

Fair enough! I'll try to think of something!

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,825, 10:18

beanbag Tag 1,825, 12:54

Kommentar gelöscht

orangejuicemmm Tag 1,825, 13:20

Getting citizens to do your job. #NiceOne

gafasi nagruK
gafasi nagruK Tag 1,825, 17:40

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,825, 18:21


Stilpo Tag 1,825, 19:39

Didn't we hire someone for that? 😛


RaviMirza Tag 1,826, 09:25

voted o7..

MoFA eIndonesia organized a game for International eRep players:

=== Spread the Words !!! ===

Sean Power
Sean Power Tag 1,826, 13:47

Must let the brain cells recover from the weekend and will hopefully come up with something.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Tag 1,826, 14:22


IamGawain Tag 1,826, 17:35

Know anyone new, or are you new? Then IFP University is where you belong 🙂
Apply now!

Artaxerxes Pavonis
Artaxerxes Pavonis Tag 1,826, 17:59

Must let the brain cells recover from the weekend and will hopefully come up with something. x2

Seamus Kellie
Seamus Kellie Tag 1,826, 19:21

"The next contest is to come up with the next contest." lol

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