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Me vs Myself

Tag 1,827, 19:15 Veröffentlicht in Japan Japan von ardishabutaro

This show me how my feeling fight in the sleepy battlefield.


Note 1
Squibeel wrote 3 hours ago
eJapan citizens are advised to ignore the Tohoku RW and, if forced by MU DO, only do the essential 25 kills.

Ignore the Tohoku!

Note 2
If you want to run for congress from SSG Party, feel free to discuss what you want to do with eJapan if you are elected with me (by PM, or the forum), of course it will effect to your position at party candidate to congressional election.


ardishabutaro Tag 1,827, 19:16

No Jud, No First accepted

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Tag 1,827, 19:30

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Auraborus Tag 1,827, 20:11

I'm running for congress.
I'd like to keep eJapan independent, but we have to be careful to not expand beyond our capacity to self govern our borders. If we take too many regions, rogue congressmen can get in and corrupt any form of stability that we may try to create this THIRD time around.
Moderation is key. I am looking for ideas that benefit eJapan as a whole, not a select few.
I helped with eJapan's redevelopment and reestablishment the second time eJapan emerged as an eNation.

AceBlood Tag 1,828, 00:59

i will vote, but i will not run for Congress 🙂 i will only run congress in Hokkaido.

Shiro Yasha WD
Shiro Yasha WD Tag 1,828, 07:40


2.D.G Tag 1,828, 13:13

Aceblood, you cannot run in regions anymore.

Darshu Tag 1,828, 14:37

eROC will be wiped by Brazil and USA! That means we might get back Tohoku anyway.

ardishabutaro Tag 1,829, 00:42

@Darshu: I will not 100% sure about this.
Last time i remember the president too confident to say that CoT will help us to wiped eROC, but otherwise, we wiped by eROC

Auraborus Tag 1,829, 05:43

@ Darshu
Ah... now they may feel the sting.

Karma... it all comes back around.

Five To Nine
Five To Nine Tag 1,829, 06:32

I will run. I haven't been in congress before, but SSG needs some representation.
I'm willing to try. 😁

vargas2sfc Tag 1,829, 10:36

Arma de defensa - Distrito 5 "barra energética" (1 ronda de inmunidad, sin tener que comentar en la siguiente ronda cuando la use)

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