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Letter from eSerbian ambassador to eGreece

Tag 1,879, 07:30 Veröffentlicht in Serbia USA von Strahinjic Banovan
The Greek translation is under the original text. Special thanks goes to polemidakis who did the translatation.

Hello to Greek people all around the (e)world! 🙂

I am happy to introduce myself to you as the new eSerbian ambassador in eGreece.

I was the CP of eSerbia twice and I have been the member of our governments many times before, so I have big political and diplomatic expirience which I intend to use for my new function. I will try to keep close contact to political leaders in eGreece, especially with the ones who don't find the possibility of eGreece and eSerbia cooperating in the future impossible.

Some of the players in Greece might remember me from the time when some of my friends and me were fighting together with Greek soldiers, so you can be sure that I have very friendly feelings towards (e)Greece.

But, as all of you already know, two of our countries have not been in good relations at all during all these years in eRepublik. The current eSerbian politics towards eGreece had not been changed till then, and as you can see, we are still fighting each other on the battlefield.
Still, as the times are changing, some of the old alliances are being broken, and the new ones have been created. Maybe it could be a good sign for the possibility of the new era in relations between two of our countries.

I wouldn't like to write more as this should be only introductory article.
But I encourage you to write in the comments your opinion about the relations between (e)Greece and (e)Serbia, no matter if it is positive or negative. Just please, don't be insulting, as the goal is to open up some real friendly discussion between the players, and not to cause any further downgrades of the relations.


Είμαι στην ευχάριστη θέση να σας συστηθώ ως ο νέος πρεσβευτής eSerbian στην eGreece.

Ήμουν ο CP της e-Σερβίας δύο φορές και ήμουν μέλος των κυβερνήσεών μας πολλές φορές στο παρελθόν, οπότε έχω μεγάλη πολιτική και διπλωματική εμπειρία, την οποία σκοπεύω να χρησιμοποιήσω στην νέα μου υπηρεσία. Θα προσπαθήσω να κρατήσω στενή επαφή με τους πολιτικούς ηγέτες της eGreece, ειδικά με αυτούς που δεν βρίσκουν τη δυνατότητα συνεργασίας μεταξύ της e-Ελλάδας και της e-Σερβίας στο μέλλον αδύνατη.

Μερικοί από τους παίκτες στην Ελλάδα ίσως να με θυμούνται όταν κάποτε εγώ με κάποιους φίλους μου πολεμούσαμε μαζί με τους Έλληνες στρατιώτες, και μπορείτε να είστε σίγουροι ότι έχω πολύ φιλικά αισθήματα προς την e-Ελλάδα.

Αλλά, όπως όλοι γνωρίζετε ήδη, οι χώρες μας δεν έχουν καλές σχέσεις όλα αυτά τα χρόνια στο eRepublik. Η τρέχουσα eSerbian πολιτική προς την eGreece δεν είχε αλλάξει από τότε, και όπως βλέπετε, μαχόμαστε ακόμα ο ένας εναντίων του άλλου στο πεδίο της μάχης.

Παρόλα αυτά, δεδομένου ότι οι καιροί αλλάζουν, κάποιες από τις παλιές συμμαχίες διαλύονται, και κάποιες νέες δημιουργούνται. Ίσως θα μπορούσε να είναι ένα καλό σημάδι η πιθανότητα των σχέσεων μεταξύ των δύο χωρών μας στην νέα εποχή.

Δεν θα ήθελα να γράψω περισσότερα καθώς αυτό είναι μόνο ένα εισαγωγικό άρθρο.
Αλλά θα ήθελα να σας ενθαρρύνω να γράψετε στα σχόλια τη γνώμη σας σχετικά με τις σχέσεις μεταξύ της e-Ελλάδας και της e-Σερβίας, είτε είναι θετική είτε αρνητική.

Απλά παρακαλώ, χωρίς προσβολές, καθώς ο στόχος είναι να ανοίξει κάποια πραγματική φιλική συζήτηση μεταξύ των παικτών, και όχι για να προκαλέσει περαιτέρω υποβαθμίσεις των σχέσεων.




keskese Tag 1,879, 07:40

Сујета као фактор политичког "уједињења" у еСрбији

Don Lex
Don Lex Tag 1,879, 07:40


Takimanija Tag 1,879, 07:41

U nedostatku članaka koji neki koriste da se mažu kakom. Tu uvek obezbediš jedan solidan pool istih.

delete this
delete this Tag 1,879, 07:45

Since you claim to be my friend, I would like to know your answer to a very simple question.

What country is north of Greece?

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Tag 1,879, 07:45

Ti ne odustajes zar ne...sve je to fino i lepo ali

Dokle god Grci budu pisali bratske clanke samo i samo kada im preti brisanje oni ce za mene biti i ostati glibavi Grci i nista vise
Hrvati su im "braca" ne mi jer ni 1 gestom nisu pokazali suprotno.
Grke treba drzati barem 3 meseca pod bratskom okupacijom od strane Srb-Mkd-BG

silSOK Tag 1,879, 07:46

Orthodox Brothers!

eQuBit Tag 1,879, 07:47

Most of the Greek ppl love RL Serbia but In this game we are traditional enemies and It's going to be a bit hard to change that.

Anyways εβιβα Serbia o/

Takimanija Tag 1,879, 07:47

@smee again I have firm belief you can read it by yourself.

Marcus Nerva Traianus
Marcus Nerva Traianus Tag 1,879, 07:49


Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Tag 1,879, 07:50

Robert E.Lee 1861

Па мора од некуд да се крене са мртве тачке. Не можеш очекивати од Грка да тек тако напусте дугогодишње савезнике, поготово због државе која им, такође, никада ни на један начин није показала да жели да се односи побољшају. Односи се граде временом, ништа не може преко ноћи.

smee again

FYROM... And Macedonia is Greece.
But I answer you with my personal opinion. It doesn't mean that government of eSerbia agrees with it.

Michalis Markantonakis
Michalis Markantonakis Tag 1,879, 07:50

Hellas - Serbia - Russia = Orthodox Brothers

Spirosway Tag 1,879, 07:52


JV6596 Tag 1,879, 07:52


одличан чланак колега 🙂

delete this
delete this Tag 1,879, 07:53

"But I answer you with my personal opinion. It doesn't mean that government of eSerbia agrees with it."

So just to clarify everything you write in this article also "doesn't mean that the government of eSerbia agrees with it."

ypourgos Tag 1,879, 07:54

In both our countries there are opposite opinions towhards this friendship but i strongly believe that the disbelievers of this alliance between our nations will come to right mind and will stop be obstacles to our nations efforts.
We were enemies and with turkey and inci but here we stand as allies i hope this is the start of a new friendship and not the end of an effort.

Mr.borros Tag 1,879, 07:54

Kommentar gelöscht

War3hous313 Tag 1,879, 07:55


CHRISTIANE.F Tag 1,879, 07:56


Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Tag 1,879, 07:56

smee again

Since you have been good troll all these years, just keep up the good job ;😉)

theoria8606 Tag 1,879, 07:57

@smee again: It`s Republic of Macedonia, deal with it.


Nik7deputa Tag 1,879, 07:57

voted! welcome to Greece!

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Tag 1,879, 07:58

Ja se zalazem za 3 meseca okupacije i nista manje,kao sto su oni sa Turcima uradili tako cemo mi sad sa njima,
I evo strahinjicu kao ambasador moras da pazis sta pricas u tvom recniku vise ne moze da postoji furom ako vec predstavljas vlast.
Napravices masovnu histeriju kroz par minuta

MarlboroGR Tag 1,879, 07:58

Kosovo is Kosovo.Deal with it!


xDesertHamsterX Tag 1,879, 07:59

taman je pocinjalo da bude dosadno. hvala ti za clanak : )

Takimanija Tag 1,879, 08:00

Strahinjiceva želja da bude u centru pažnje je neverovatna. A tvrdi da želi dobro eSrbiji i njenim gradjanima, samim tim i mir u savezu. Ko li je kliknuo vote za ovog čoveka neverovatno.

hypocrite terrible

010101010 Tag 1,879, 08:01

da ga nema trebalo bi ga izmisliti!!!!!!

Takimanija Tag 1,879, 08:02

da ga nema trebalo bi ga izmisliti!!!!!!
hahahahahaha +1


Whitie1971 Tag 1,879, 08:02

hello ms Ambassador ,

can Serbia be allies with Croats ?

to help your answer , I cant allie with any country that have MPP with FYROM

Stoupakis Nikos
Stoupakis Nikos Tag 1,879, 08:03

Voted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqf545oEOQ0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnFRMKfS3co&feature=player_embedded Грчка Србија коалиција (Православна браћа)

Drawback Tag 1,879, 08:03


Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Tag 1,879, 08:05

Please guys, don't fall on flaming comments from both sides. Keep the discussion civilized and cultured.

ComiCzv Tag 1,879, 08:06

Надам се да ћемо једног дана бити у истом савезу са нашом браћом Грцима ( наравно без хрвата и БЈРМоваца )

Whitie1971 Tag 1,879, 08:08

it is

we agree at 4 words
the 5th one is a Greek Geografic Territory since ever

so you can call them FYROM for short , or Vardaska as it was the last centeries
before Tito unite all the Yugo-Slavs

theoria8606 Tag 1,879, 08:09

@MarlboroGR: That doesn't bother me at all 🙂

Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Tag 1,879, 08:09


Serbia cannot be the ally of Croatia. And may I remind you that Greece was one of the biggest Turkish enemies, but you still signed MPP with them and joined them to EDEN. So, anything is possible :😁

MarlboroGR Tag 1,879, 08:10

What da fck White?
Dont pain them so much....They will wake up from dream!!

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Tag 1,879, 08:11

Here is the answe for u
We the SRB-MKD-BG want to hold Greece for 3 months then we can give you 1 region but only if you dont sign Cro Mpp?

To help your answer you must give Trace to BG for good.

kikooo Tag 1,879, 08:11

< 3

Drakontios Tag 1,879, 08:11


dimikala Tag 1,879, 08:11

Since you claim to be my friend, I would like to know your answer to a very simple question.

What country is north of Greece?

FriedmanPAS Tag 1,879, 08:12

ο7 real brothers!!!

herrspiegelmann Tag 1,879, 08:14


010101010 Tag 1,879, 08:14

the north Greece is aegan macedonia

MarlboroGR Tag 1,879, 08:17

@Robert E.Lee 1861
Go to the corner and see if I am coming...

Stoupakis Nikos
Stoupakis Nikos Tag 1,879, 08:17

@strahinjik true anything is possible

3ka1inos Tag 1,879, 08:19

Whitie 1971 make it harder!!!They like it!!!

MjoyReborn Tag 1,879, 08:19

Braco nasa pravoslavna izvinite sto sa zaboravio da vas cestita Bozic 25og decembra !!!

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