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Let's beat those multies

Tag 1,819, 06:12 Veröffentlicht in Saudi Arabia Israel von legii

There are four kinds of multiple accounts, or multies:
1) earning multies - these are used for generating gold and currency income and transferring it to the originall account. Admins generally fight against them relatively easy and efficiently.
2) fighting multies - these are mostly two-clicking (training) multies. They are used for participating in battles, when user considers it to be important. This is probably relatively rare kind of multies, so it doesn't represent major problem in eRepublik.
3) political multies - probably the most frequently created ones. Therefore they represent major threat to fair play on this server. They will be discussed in more detail further in the article.
4) various other types of multies - used to insult or provoke someone, or simply for fun or different other purposes.


They are being created by various parties' members in order to
1) increase the number of party members, so party would enter the top5 parties in the country
2) vote in presidential, congressional or party president elections
3) enter rival parties and take over control of them - party takeover (PTO)
4) be kept "in reserve", so they could be activated when needed, in order to achieve some of the forthmentioned goals.


We? There is nothing we can do. But admins could. Deleting or permanent banning of the account is not an option. I 've been sending the tickets with profile links of players which all were 13th level (level required for voting or joining parties), with no profile picture, zero friends, not being member of any military unit. And all of them were members of political parties. Two of those profiles even had some random names, such as "tysygdgfhghdfh". That didn't work. Zero bans. We could discuss the reasons, but the fact is that not single one of them didn't got a ban.


Admins could make some changes in the political module. What changes it would be, I leave it to them. They know the best which solutions are feasable and which changes they are willing to make.

I will only present some of my ideas, and I invite you to contribute in the comments. We will all discuss your and my ideas, so we could reach some final proposal which I will present to admins through a ticket, included with a link to this article. It would be great if you could present your ideas in English, so as many of us as possible could participate in the discussion. Also, in order this action to succeed, we have to convince the admins that huge number of players, throughout the whole world is supporting those ideas...
1) possibility of entering political parties or voting should not be granted to a player until he or she reaches the 25th experience level. That would make impossible for anyone to create multie and missuse it in political purpose in an hour or so. That way many of the players would be discouraged to create political multies, because it would demand days of active playing in order to reach required level. On the other hand, anyone creating authentic account wouldn't mind waiting couple of days in order to enter politics. Most of the players don't get to understand how e-politics work for days anyway.
2) after entering political party, player shouldn't get the right to vote in the elections for party president right away. Only after 15 days of continous membership has passed, he or she should be granted that right. This would make party takeovers (PTOs) much harder to accomplish.
3) citizens which didn`t train and work for at least 15 days during the past 30 days should not be allowed to vote, nor enter political parties.
4) hide numbers of votes during elections - guaranteed
less multies will be assigned
for elections.


1) as I've allready explained, please take part in discussing my and your ideas through comments.
2) VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Along with number (and quality) of your comments, the number of votes will give this article and my ticket signifficance necessary in order to admins accept our ideas.
3) SHOUT, SHOUT, SHOUT! It is of most importance that you contact your foreign friends, so this would spread all over e-world!This campaign will certainly last for much more then 48 hours.

Thanks to zadnji vezni who is writer of this article




Cherruves Tag 1,819, 13:10

Supporting the Thought, Very nice. Lets say, eRepublik should make political live more demanding and not easy to get.

hazem95 Tag 1,819, 21:08

We can do very much, and we do do very much. Just leave it to your government.

otyat Tag 1,820, 05:43


Noveras Tag 1,820, 05:50

during my time in ATO for eMY against eSerbs we sometimes found a single eSerbs have more than 100 multies. Sadly the admin will only take action after it is too little too late

otyat Tag 1,820, 11:01

A multi joke: "I needed a password "eight characters" long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

Aknouh Tag 1,820, 20:09

v ^

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