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What’s up eRep! It’s me, Crimsonninja, formerly known as Keshaun1222. I’ve been gone for awhile, but I came back into activity a few weeks ago. Lemme just give some information about myself...

Military Experience
In August of 2011, I started playing eRepublik as Keshaun1222 and joined the United States Training Corp as a recruit. I was firsted placed in the 112th Platoon (aka Top Guns) and assigned to Second Lieutenant Neuroticfish and his Executive Officer, Master Sergeant Artie Bucco. After graduated from the TC’s First Division, I was placed in the Third Division’s 322nd Platoon (aka the Spartans) under Second Lieutenant J. C. Magan and her Executive Officer, Master Sergeant vrpanch.
After vrpanch received a promotion to Second Lieutenant, and became the Commanding Officer of his own Platoon, I was promoted to Master Sergeant and became the 322nd Platoon’s new Executive Officer.
In mid October, I resigned from the Training Corp and joined the newly formed eUS Militia. I was given the rank of Colonel and commissioned as the First Division’s Commanding Officer. Soon after (more like 3-4 months), the Militia dissolved and the active members joined the eUS Army. A few weeks after joining the Army, I was promoted to Sergeant and became a Drill Sergeant in RecBn (Recruit Education Battalion), working under Major Dczip.
A couple of months later, I went inactive and was dismissed from the Army. A few weeks back, I came back to full activity and joined the United States National Guard and was assigned to the M1 Platoon, under Lieutenant Scrapwolf.

Thank you for reading my article! Please vote and subscribe to my newspaper!

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jadiv Tag 1,826, 16:45

Welcome Back!

Crimsonninja Tag 1,826, 16:48


Ruthain Tag 1,826, 16:56


Scrapwolf Tag 1,826, 17:11

I hope you will enjoy the eUS National Guard

kitmen Tag 1,827, 23:58

You weren't gone too long, I remember your name.

Verdugo22 Tag 1,827, 00:11


John Largo
John Largo Tag 1,827, 03:16


darksrevan Tag 1,828, 04:25


jmurrib21 Tag 1,829, 15:33

o7 Voted + Subscribed

BTTrambly Tag 1,832, 00:11

I remember J C Magan being my CO as a Major I think, and Hawkie as her senior sergeant person. Good times...good times

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