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LDP Endorses Claudio for CP

Tag 1,902, 15:53 Veröffentlicht in South Africa Südafrika von Lord Elrond Hubbard

The Liberal Democrat Party(LDP) has thought long and hard and we have come to the decision that we will support Claudio Kilgannon for CP of South Africa. And will cast our massive boon of 4 votes towards his presidency.

Our country is in a time of need, this PTO is not just an annoyance but also stressful and cumbersome. We have received a beacon of light to lead us through those difficult times and lead us to a new South Africa. This PTO is also being us as a community together, to see the potential in all of us and give us a productive cabinet and government to keep things under control. That beacon is Claudio.

If you feel the way like the LDP does, then you should vote for Claudio on Election day. He is the only one who can lead us through these tough times.

Vote Smart, Vote Claudio!

Also join our party.



Léon Reno
Léon Reno Tag 1,902, 15:56


Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Tag 1,902, 18:26


atrawall Tag 1,902, 20:29

I am honored! Thank you so much!

LiquidIce Tag 1,902, 22:58


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Tag 1,902, 22:59


Badger06 Tag 1,903, 11:36

good choice oh and LDP I am in talks with Dirty Scarlet Silverbeard about joining the parties under the LDP banner

BataIjun Tag 1,904, 02:17


Wacky368 Tag 1,904, 05:46


Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Tag 1,904, 10:12

Well this is akward. Im in the LDP but i voted for Reno 😕.

Paulus Haufiku
Paulus Haufiku Tag 1,904, 10:34

Im with Henock. Voted Reno

Rexdeus Tag 1,904, 11:01

I am voting Claudio for CP !!

any of the candidates would do their best for eSA, and best of luck to them all, but i confess i am biased i agree with Mikhail,

"Vote Smart, Vote Claudio! "

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