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Jovial Boy

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A woman takes a lover in the afternoon while her husband is working. One day her little boy comes home early and she puts him in closet. Then the husband comes home early too, she puts the lover in the same closet.

Boy: Sure is dark in here?

Lover: Sure is.

Boy: I have a baseball.

Lover: How nice.

Boy: Want to buy it?

Lover: how much?

Boy: 100 dollars.

Lover: That's outrages.

Boy: My dad is outside.

Lover: OK I will buy it.

A few weeks later same thing happens again and they both ends up in same closet again.

Boy: Sure is dark in here?

Lover: Sure is.

Boy: I have a baseball glove.

Lover: (Remembering the last time) says "how much?"

Boy: 100 dollars.

The lover buys glove.
Shortly after the father says to the boy, "Lets go out and catch some ball". The little boy says he can't because he sold his ball and glove.

Father: For how much?

Boy: for 200 dollars.

Father that was much more than they were worth that is terribly to over charge your friends like that I think you need to go to church and confess.

So the father takes the boy to church and little boy gets into confessional and waits for the priest. He hears the door close on the other side and says "Sure is dark in here?" and the priest says "Please!Don't start that stuff again!"

Or in end university mn word of week tha bunyadically 😃 yeh word ek student ne during viva aijaad kia hai.

Examiner: What are memory cells?

Student: Bunyadically these are part of our immune system n etc 😛 Examiner shocked 😉

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Muz1 Tag 1,827, 09:08

LOL! Great 😃 Bunyadically xD

Arfan-Khan Tag 1,827, 18:15


vrsoldiers Tag 1,828, 08:57

lolzzz voted!!!

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