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Tag 1,900, 12:32 Veröffentlicht in Australia Australien von Sir Voldemort

Before I start, thanks to all the people welcoming me to this comunity.
and an even bigger thank you to my 8 subscribrs! I feel a responsibillity to them to publish something either useful, meaningful, helpful or funny. Especially as this is going to be a fort-daily publishing including my last 2 days findings.

ok now.

The issues that I thought I first saw with out nation aren't anywhere near as bad as what they look from our media, in speaking with the majority of the peeps I have on irc, we are acttually realy quite keen to support each other, we can just be a tad insecure in wanting to make sure the powers that be get it rite!

While thats good and all, if we arent standin up and having a crack ourselvs, we need to accept that mistakes may be made, im lovin this game so far, but if i want to go far and take on cabinet jobs and even like the top job, i want to do it with peeps noing that im gonna give it my best, but may make screw ups along the way. thats wot humans do, real life or otherwis.

second, i'm actuly liking the campaign for the top job!
it seams that our 2 candidates are puting ford what they want to achive, and not takeing pot shots at each other!
Congrats to you both, I like hering about what is going to happen rather than what someone isnt going to make happen!

im new so all of the above is my oppinnion, not fact, but i'm loving this game so far, so bring it on!

on a personal note, i reached level 21 today, became an adult yesterday, got an extra star for my captaincy, and upgraded my training grounds before the timer ends.

peace out,



Sir_c0nstant Tag 1,900, 12:56

Making inroads 🙂

BOUD1CCA Tag 1,900, 13:14

keep it up : )

Tim_Holtz Tag 1,900, 13:14

glad to see you enjoying yourself Sir Voldemort : )

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Tag 1,900, 15:39

glad to see you enjoying yourself Sir Voldemort : ) x2

Arcaian Tag 1,900, 17:06

Glad to see you enjoying yourself Sir Voldemort 🙂 x3

In case you don't know the website;


Hopefully it helps 🙂

Molly Jo
Molly Jo Tag 1,900, 21:21


infin Tag 1,900, 21:48


Binda33 Tag 1,901, 00:37

Voted and subbed!

Arfman Tag 1,901, 04:56

That's the spirit.

Adam Beck
Adam Beck Tag 1,901, 10:36

Mother of God. Can someone find this kid a dictionary and/or a thesaurus. Not trying to be rude, but how do you expect people to take you seriously when you can't even spell simple words or capitalize correctly. I wish you the best of luck in the eNew World, but you should take your grammar, usage, and mechanics more seriously.

An Idiot Abroad
An Idiot Abroad Tag 1,901, 13:31

Worst article ever! Please take the time to spell words proper like!

Nicky3Fingers Tag 1,901, 13:44

i like the core of this article i think everybody will agree on that...but i suggest first writing it in Microsoft word, or a browser where it will tell you when u spell something wrong. otherwise it looks sloppy im not saying EVERYTHING has to be perfect but their are some spelling errors...as for grammar meh im not good with commas and such but do your best and nobody will bother you about it i would hope

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Tag 1,901, 15:09

*Comments on how supportive eAustralians actually are*
*Gets heavily criticised for spelling mistakes*

BOUD1CCA Tag 1,901, 17:30

You must never cross the grammar nazis

Nicky3Fingers Tag 1,901, 17:54

hey im fine with not putting a . in the right spot etc. but these days with auto correct it just looks better ...it didnt bother me but alot of people find it extremely bothersome...like adam i suppose

Xerenity Tag 1,902, 03:13

Good on you one-who-shall-not-be-named!!

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