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Interview with USNG CO: jadiv

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The National Guard is a private militia that defends the eUSA at home and abroad and is one of the six military branches in the eUnited States Military.

jadiv is the Commander general of the National Guard and since July 2012 Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Joint Chiefs of Staff is an eMilitary organization through membership. According to eRepublik military rank, jadiv is a God of War* and his national rank is 221.

The interview starts:

1) How did you become the National Guard commander?

I worked my way up through the ranks. When Axe_Ccident asked me to be her XO I agreed. I didn't really want to see her go, but when she did, I somewhat reluctantly took over.

2) If there have been a difficult time in eRepublik, can you describe it and why do you consider it difficult?

This is one of those times; the politics situation in the eUSA seems to be headed for a collapse. It was also a very difficult time when the same core group of politicians wanted to take over our militia.

The decision to go private so to speak was a very difficult one; many friends were separated by it.

Well I don't want to throw any gasoline on the fire so to speak; I think as I said the worst part is associates and friends that I had become used to seeing, and talking to, ended up on opposite sides.

3) What do you like about being in the National Guard?

We are the home of a diverse group. Anyone willing to follow orders and as to where to fight, is welcome.

Since to some extent we cater to those that seek a less regimented style, we are more informal, the group on IRC becomes like family and those that are active at unusual times, or cannot dedicate as much time to the game are welcome here.

4) How do you project yourself for the future in eRepublik?

I have never really wanted to do anything other than be a soldier; it is a fantasy game and the other areas of the game don't interest me too much.

Sometimes following the battles closely does give you the opportunity to influence the outcome by directing just enough force at just the right time, at the moment, I am enjoying what I am doing.

I am not going anywhere. I joke that when I grow up I am going to be a marine, to which krimpie says: "Marines got standards". Well the whole thing is a joke. Soon I may not be CO of the guard, but I will still be in the guard.

Through time we do lose players, some move onto other branches, other countries, etc.

We do need to get new folks in and we try to be a welcoming group.

5) How does the National Guard support new players?

Most that come here and get involved on IRC become long term family; well first, we offer supplies that are sometimes not provided to newer players just getting started, we give the same supplies regardless of experience or strength.

We help newer players become self-sufficient by providing funds for the development of their production and at the same time we have some mentors that help setting up that kind of personal infrastructure needed in the game with their advice.

Some National Guard members play the political game; they are always looking to help a player that has some interest there. To some extent regardless of which part of the game you are interested in, we probably have an advanced player in the guard willing to help.

Interview ends.



jadiv Tag 1,841, 22:05

Simply a horrible article, why does the press publish stuff like this 😃

good job jm

Zxdek Tag 1,842, 23:11

In some ways the privatization of MUs was a good idea in others not so great

read my article
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John Largo
John Largo Tag 1,842, 03:25

jadiv is the USNG strongman!

John Killah
John Killah Tag 1,842, 08:03

*me loves Jadiv in a broway that's totally not homo*

Jack Mensley
Jack Mensley Tag 1,842, 09:28

Long live the ol' cuss General Jadiv

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,842, 13:12

Jadiv is sexy

Krimpie Tag 1,842, 22:43


Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Tag 1,843, 09:37

Wait...jadiv's the CO? When the heck did that happen?


Ruthain Tag 1,843, 12:25

o7 Jadiv

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