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Interview with Jack Mensley

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Jack Mensley, he is the BXO (Branch Executive Office) for the National Guard with the rank of Lieutenant General. He is in charge to run the commune for the US National Guard.
Besides the National Guard, he has been an active player on IRC, and with several assignments in the Political Arena by serving the American Military Party – AMP.

Interview begins:

Let's start the interview with a brief info about how did you join the USNG and what made you join the USNG?

<Jack_Mensley> I joined the USNG on June 2010 after graduation from the USTC. It was a slow beginning for me and then I found great synergy among the USNG troops, Division commanders, QMG and command. That synergy had made me stay until the present date.

Who would you like to mention as your mentors during your first steps on eRepublik?

<Jack_Mensley> a few people I can think of is Joseph Dinero, Blazix, Blue Holt, Rivere123, ligtreb, Grant Johnson, Jack Brady and more…

What was your first USNG leadership assignment?

<Jack_Mensley> My first leadership was given to me by Guy de Montag, the former Colonel of Division 1. In August 2010 he promoted me to Platoon Commanding Officer of Lima 1 Platoon, now known as Mobile 4.

What did you do to get that assignment?

<Jack_Mensley> Well I was a private in Lima 3 under Lieutenant SweetBags. At that time; I had plenty of activity and some of my time went to working up my fellow troops by: answering their questions, gave them some supplies I had to offer, and helped them understand the game mechanics and such.

Can you compare the USNG in time (Past & Present)?
<Jack_Mensley> in the past we had more troops arriving weekly, it always made the platoons full. Although today there isn't that much as it used to be. What the most USNG troops can do is just to represent USNG as greatly as possible. Even though, I still am satisfied with the fantastic troops we have along every day.

What are the opportunities for new Guardsmen to step up in the USNG leadership?

<Jack_Mensley> Well at the current moment, all leadership opportunities affiliated to Platoon and Division Leadership are full. Lately there has been discussion of expanding; one day there will be more open spots for troops to experience the next rank and how to lead a platoon. Other work is writing and hosting USNG events.

What would it be your recommendation for new Guardsmen to get involved in the USNG activities?

<Jack_Mensley> well for starters, I always recommend using IRC to meet fellow Guardsmen; being on IRC helps to learn the basics of USNG quicker; Follow Platoon Commander Officer Roll Calls and an active presence at Massive Attack always helps in bringing other branch members together.

Thanks Jack Mensley, great answers and for your time.

Interview end

Join the National Guard:
Minimal requirements are 50 strength, In-game rank of Corporal - or 25 influence with Bare fist hit.
The National Guard is a private militia that defends the eUSA at home and abroad and is one of the six military branches in the eUS Military.

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Jack Mensley
Jack Mensley Tag 1,854, 11:04

USNG is always ready
you guessed it
always there 😉

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great interview!

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Good article, AIRBORNE!

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Jacky! \o/

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