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How to chew gum?

Tag 1,821, 04:06 Veröffentlicht in Cyprus Belgien von Vincent Pain

Chewing your gum is a pretty simple task, that requires little thought or concentration. However, here are some steps to help you chew your gum better and maximize the pleasure from chewing. It is imperative to see the warnings below after you read the steps and tips.

1- Find out what chewing gum is made of. In its simplest form, chewing gum is some form of rubber mixed with sugar and flavorings. Prior to World War II, it was a natural form of rubber called chicle. Since then, it has been synthesized and is a man-made chemical composition.

2- Choose the type of gum you wish to chew and the flavor. Driven by consumer demand for many different varieties, there are several brands each with their own type of gum (i.e. sugar-free, natural, chewing, bubble, whitening) and each type has many different flavors, like spearmint, peppermint, or just normal bubble gum flavored gum.

3- Know the facts about each type and flavor. For example, regular bubble gum has a lot of sugar and extra "chew" in it. If you have any dental or mouth issues that prevent you from chewing hard and for long periods of time, it would probably be best to avoid normal bubble gum.

4- Place the gum in your mouth. The most common method is to place the piece on your tongue and draw it into your mouth. Then move the piece with your tongue to either side of your mouth for chewing.

5- Chew the gum using your chewing teeth. Chewing teeth are the multi-surfaced molars in the back of your mouth. You commonly use these teeth for chewing food after you have bitten into it, using your front teeth.

6- Occasionally, draw the gum to the front of your mouth and exercise your biting teeth. This will give your molars a short break—which is usually needed only for a couple seconds—and give your biting teeth some satisfaction.

7- For bubble gum chewers, blow a bubble a couple times every minute or so if you wish. This also gives your molars a break and is fun to "play" with. Try to make it as big as you can!

8- Continue chewing the gum for as long as you desire. Most gum loses its flavor within 10-15 minutes, but the residual taste can stay in your mouth for hours.

9- Once finished, place the gum in a wastebasket after wrapping it in some paper or tissue.



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Are these girls teachers?Back to childhood. 🙂

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i haven't chewed a gum for a long time

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u should have talked about chew gum stuck in hairs by accident ..... mylife.com ^^ huhuh

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