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History Lessons: What Makes eThailand eThailand

Tag 497, 19:06 Veröffentlicht in Thailand USA von Callagan

Hey eThailand. My name is Callagan. With the influx of new players coming in, I figure I better put out some sort of history lesson so you won't be completely confused by some of the terms we use.

Back in the days of beta, back before the major parties formed up, when dinosaurs roamed the new world, eThailand was pretty damn unorganized. Almost no one remains from this period of time, and so history is sketchy. Before the formation of the Thai Nation Together, there was Admiral Ackbar of Uno Di Noi (the predecessor of Nobelis, which was the predecessor of the MLFC). Ackbar stole much of Thailand's treasury blantly, by donating all of it to himself. But history really began with the creation of the Thai Nation Together party.

Thai Nation Together (more commonly known as TNT) was a group of Brazilian players who had decided to come to Thailand for the lulz. They took over the government pretty quickly, being able to outvote the split natives. However, a party soon came up and challenged the zombie might: the Thai Reform Party (also known as TRP).

TRP was originally started by another Brazilian, Luis Carlos Prestes. However, the party was quickly taken over by a group of players coming from a certain unnamed outside forum (which certainly has nothing to do with dwarfs or fortresses). In TRP's quick rise to power, they made enemies with TNT, who were the only party able to match their numbers.

However, it was in October where the process began that would launch TRP (now PUP) into its position of power it holds today.

On that fateful congressional election, a bug caused TNT to win more than 2/3 of the congress seats, even with less than half the votes for their candidates. During this time, many scandals happened, including the hospital purchase and Rockman's infamous declaration of his rule over Thailand. In November, the united forces of every other party in Thailand managed to vote Jack Roberts into office over the corrupt leader.

Rockman later said it was all a joke and got banned.

Anyway, after Jack's term in office, we had Korbin King take an interest in our country. He was selected by what is known to some as the Coalition (TRP, the Sabai Unity Party, and other smaller parties) to be the president of Thailand. However, he ran against the most difficult opponent to beat: Antonio Salgado, the head of TNT after Rockman's overthrow. In a very close election, it was a tie: 66 to 66 each. Only his experience made Korbin King president.

After a rather uneventful term (even by eThai standards), Korbin decided not to run for president again. Stepping up to fill his place was the head of the Sabai Unity Party (SUP), Guy Kilmore. He ran against Antonio, and seemed doomed to loss until the sudden exodus of TNT's leader and player base to Brazil. Guy became president over the time when TRP and SUP combined to make the PUP. He disappeared without a trace towards the end of his term.

During Guy's term, a young new player rose in the decimated ranks of TNT. His name was Defenestration. He laid down an ambitious new plan for TNT. Unfortunately, most players were committed to the plans of the current administration. He still gained many supporters, though, and decided to run for country president.

In PUP, the story was much different. Their main leaders and extremely loyal members had become to lose interest in the game. Ealb, their unofficial leader, had decided to run for president, but later had to pull out due to RL issues. In his place, Jack Roberts once again took the torch. His run against Defenestration was close, but not enough for him to lose.

Jack, however, proved something that most eRepublik members across the world can attest to (at least in the eUSA): that the second term is almost always worst than the first. In his second term, one of Thailand's biggest political upsets occurred: Indonesia's use of "war games" to gain access to India. Jack had kept it a secret in order to protect the nation, but waves of members began to call for his head. It calmed down a lot, but some tension remained. Jack now travels the world (I think).

After Jack's eventful term, another empty spot was left. Jack was determined not to run again, Gentyle (now the official head of PUP) expressed his will not to run, and almost all of the old TRP and SUP members had left the game. To fill in the void, two members appeared: Bl1ndn3ss (the current president) and yours truly. Bl1ndn3ss had the experience of being in eRepublik for far longer than I have, and I had a drive to put out articles about my plans. Eventually, our primary was split down the middle: 3-3. Gentyle made the decision to choose bl1ndn3ss for the position. He won, needless to say.

Then Gentyle stepped down and Albert became head of PUP.

...Wew, that was a lot of typing. If anyone else has anything to add, please do so. I'm not the best when it comes to remembering stuff like this.

Chief of Staff of Thailand (lol)



Albert Neurath
Albert Neurath Tag 497, 19:12

Good article! Here's a little addendum:

Before the formation of the TNT, which is the Thai Nation Together, not Nations, there was Admiral Ackbar of Uno Di Noi (the predecessor of Nobelis, which was the predecessor of the MLFC). Ackbar stole much of Thailand's treasury blantly, by donating all of it to himself.

Callagan Tag 497, 19:16

Ah. Well, article edited to add that as well as fix such a stupid mistake. XD

GLaDOS Tag 497, 19:26

thanks for the history lesson 😮

beorn080 Tag 497, 20:19

Just stopped in to see what happened. Fairly interesting stuff, though I don't think Jack had much of a choice in the Indonisian "war games". Still, eThailand seems to have gotten back on track. Good work everybody.

Gentyle Tag 497, 22:19

Wow, A blast from the past. Like old times reading that and then seeing beorn and the red dwarf avatar.

Excellent article Callagan!

beorn080 Tag 497, 22:47

Honestly, its been a couple of months since I've been around, due to the developers deciding they don't care about the game and just want all the money they can get out of it at this point without further work. I just came back to see if TNT had managed to get eThailand destroyed. Seems they failed to do so either militarily or economically. Jack managed to head off a potentially serious problem, and the economy is seems to be doing great.

For those of you who are new to eThailand, for an idea of how far the economy has come since the days of TNT, food used to cost 5-6THB at its peak for Q1 food. Now its settled back down to 2THB. We have hospitals and defense systems in place, and employment seems high. Honestly, there doesn't seem to be too much to do, except for taking over the world. We have the skill to do it, we just need several thousand mercenaries. First target, eUSA. After that, we move on to eBrazil, though on further thought it might be well to NEVER conquer them to keep from bringing the old guard of TNT into our midst's again. So after eUSA falls, ePakistan will drop, and then eItaly, and then eJapan. Once they fall, the rest of the world will pay for the privilege of becoming our vassals.

Tomma van den Bosch
Tomma van den Bosch Tag 497, 23:31

Very interesting. Have you thought of putting this into a Wiki? Thanks.

Defenestration Tag 498, 06:00

@ beorn080: The TNt is quite different today, believe me.

Thingol Tag 498, 07:26

Voted. Great article with facts that a citizen should know, and as such very helpful for younger eThais. It really deserves being included into the Wiki.

Antonio Salgado
Antonio Salgado Tag 498, 13:24

where is Guy?

and beorn, plz dont lie( old times).... during tnt we had cheap Q3 food in eThai, after some months at the same price a wage war started here and everything started to be more expensive.

Gentyle Tag 498, 14:58

Guy just vanished one day. I am not sure whatever happened to him. I hope it was just lack of interest in playing and not something bad.

Mew Tong
Mew Tong Tag 499, 03:35

I miss the old times. Although things are getting interesting again, with a coalition (TNT and Kuolun's) to counter PUP's dominance making things exciting. Plus joining PEACE.

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