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Tag 1,821, 13:58 Veröffentlicht in United Kingdom Großbritannien von Ironfists

I have made this paper so that i can flame any of the Party's miss doings and also i thought maybe we need a reader suggested paper as well so please leave any ideas in the comments.

Thank you for Reading



WayneKerr Tag 1,821, 14:00

\o/ mine

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Tag 1,821, 17:19

I like the paper's avatar/icon thing! I've been making that face a lot lately (minus the yellow roundness) 😛

Perhaps you would like to write about what you've experienced in eRepublik so far, nice people you've noticed, etc? Good luck anyhow

Spite313 Tag 1,822, 04:08

I was your first subscriber (:

Ironfists Tag 1,822, 07:25

Thanks guys

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Tag 1,822, 09:47

Best article I've seen all day

subbed etc.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Tag 1,822, 10:04

Flame newspapers work, that is how I started in the game. Just be prepared for notoriety!

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