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FragUK- A Hero Is Born

Tag 1,846, 12:55 Veröffentlicht in Poland Kanada von Prince Harry.

Today out of the mist of battle a New eUK Hero has been born , a soldier who every young eUK fighter should follow, Born in game april 16th 2012 strength 13438 rank world class force ** 88 BH awards ! and today FragUK got his first campaign medal
Congrats from the whole of the eUK

Dropping over 28 Million in damage in the UK V Belgium war.

We salute you o7

FragUK now is junior in the MOD and is a great example to all new players, he trains hard and his efforts have bore fruit today.

Again well done !

The eUK gets stronger by the day and with fighters like FragUK we can achieve making the eUK a fighting force in the game !

Hail eUK

Writer- Don Dapper


FragUK Tag 1,846, 13:12

Thanks Don, I do my best o7

Carlini8 Tag 1,846, 13:20

Well done Frag 😃

CrispyDragon Tag 1,846, 14:40

Awesome achievement! o7

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