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Elite C - Running for Party President

Tag 1,911, 08:43 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Australien von Elite C

3 days to go.......

I will be seeking my second term as President of the Irish Freedom Party.
The party has suffered bad losses lately, with our members dropping to 33 and a former PP moving to THE PATRIOTS.

What the party needs now is stability and unity. We need to work as a team to pull together, and I believe that I can do just that.

There is no point in me telling you what I did last time out as that is irrelivent now.

Heres what I plan to do if elected:

The party has never had a planned meeting before, we worked with different time zones through PM's and if elected I will organise a party Ard Fheis.
Last month there was controversy over the order of Congress Candidates. This month I plan to do it differently. All members will vote the order in which they want the candidates to be. We will average out the results and order them that way.
Last month we ran our own CP candidate, but he raised 19 votes. This month I plan to support a candidate who we, as a party, believe will serve Ireland to the degree it deserves.

Due to the lack of communication lately, the members will be divided into groups and each will elect a representitive to serve on the committee. The committee will determine all decisions for the party. The Party President and Vice President are automatically on the Committee.

I will begin to run competitions in this term.
I will donate 5 gold to the Treasury to start us off and the Lottery will be our main source of income.
A max. of 50 tickets will be sold each week at 20IEP each.
random.org will generate a number between 1 and 40.
In the event we sold 32 tickets, but 36 gets drawn, the prize fund rolls over to the following week.
3 gold (where applicable) will be the prize
If over he 4 weeks we sell al availble 200 tickets we will have brought in a net 5000IEP at a cost of 12 gold or 3288IEP.
Profit - 1712IEP/month
Taking into account the first 10 gold is donated we will get off light this month with a cost of just 540IEP making a profit og 4460IEP!!
It would also be on the cards to get willing members to sponsor the 3 gold prize.

I have had some ideas for a new logo and other members can submit ideas, but it will the committee's desicion to change the logo.

I'm happy with Irish Freedom Party, but we should not rule out consideration of a name change.

As time changes, so too does the wants of Irish people. Therefore, I plan to review the current policies and update, change or delete some of them,

"Politics should always be about serving those who rely on you and that requires adaptation to be the best in service, but you should never bend your beliefs just to fit in" - Elite C

All the Best,



JeSayPanachay Tag 1,911, 08:51


MR. HANK SCORPIO Tag 1,911, 09:09

Good luck youre my favorite IFP member 😉

Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 09:15

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Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 09:16

I belive it's 400cc for 50 votes.
When your own party members do not support you why not fake it they do.

No wonder kunts support Elite C....

Every party should have a PP that is in romantic relationship with kunts...right Elite C?

Elite C
Elite C Tag 1,911, 09:28


Elite C
Elite C Tag 1,911, 09:30

Just because you don't like me doesn't mean everyone else does to

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 09:39

Did i say something that is not truth?
You did pay for votes...and you have good relationship with kunts, especially with conway....

MR. HANK SCORPIO Tag 1,911, 09:38

Its best to ignore Kurgan Elite C, he buzzes of eventually when hes not paid attention.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 09:41

Agree....one can't fight the truth....and i doo buzzes of if i am not entertained.
But you Hank just proved my theory of Elite C - Kunts romance...

Elite C
Elite C Tag 1,911, 09:44

I thought those who believed in 'spirits' couldn't have theories?!

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 09:48

Figure of speach C....figure of speach

Elite C
Elite C Tag 1,911, 09:41

I kno but I love winding him up!!!

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 09:42

Glad to hear that..so we can both have fun

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Tag 1,911, 09:53

Good luck!

Cydp Tag 1,911, 10:22

Best of luck!

Cpt Jackson
Cpt Jackson Tag 1,911, 11:10

Good luck. You have proven that you will put out your best effort.

CyberVirus07 Tag 1,911, 11:30

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Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,911, 14:20


MUFC992 Tag 1,912, 02:14

Comittee seems to be fashion lately :PP

moomoohead Tag 1,912, 18:08

Good luck

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