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Double standards in EDEN HQ

Tag 1,848, 05:13 Veröffentlicht in Romania Rumänien von Darkslowstar

EDEN, what a beautiful name for an alliance isn't it? And for a long time is was a real brotherhood, when we were fighting shoulder to shoulder against a superior enemy and we were victorious even when we were losing a campaign because our friendship and sacrifices worth more than a few lousy pixels.

Also we had a brilliant leadership with far superior tactics than the other side. Intelligence and cooperation over raw power? I am sure that all Edenites remember those times, not very far away in time.

What happened since then? Its clear that a string of bad decisions and the lack of will to adapt to the current times lead to the present situation.

Everything changed but the people from EDEN HQ! Those people are there for good, they dont answer to anybody, they held no responsibility for every bad move/decision and have mostly in mind only their own little interests. No tactics or strategies are coming from the HQ, coordination is scarce, communication and transparency is almost zero, access to HQ is reserved mostly for in-game friends. Most of us even don't know who they are and what do they do there. Also nobody knows for what the countries contributions are spent for. No weekly, monthly or yearly reports, so we can see what they are doing there (besides the usual already famous gayporn).

And if that wouldn't be enough, there is also the problem of the double standards in treating members. Why should countries like Ukraine and Turkey be allowed to do what they all the time without any sanctions fromt the HQ?

Let us see some examples and its up to everybody to draw his/her own conclusions.

Turkey attacks a member (Israel) and a trial-member of EDEN, Iran. What does the HQ do? Do they publicly condemn and expel Turkey? We all know that they didn't do anything. They will say that they brokered a deal between Turkey and Israel, long after the attack. Iran left in anger and for good reasons. Was such an attack allowed by the EDEN Treaty? So I would ask our Turkish friends not to speak about our deal with Hungary, because they have done far worse things and are still members of EDEN as nothing had happened. You are the last persons to condemn us, no offence.

Ukraine has also managed to start a conflict between them and Romania, by transforming a training war with Moldova, a trial member of EDEN in a full scale war with them, a war that pushed them into CoT’s arms. A detailed article about this http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/regarding-eukraine-2170295/1/20 Maybe many of you dont know, but we share the same history, language and blood with Moldova, a territory that RL Romania lost some years ago to the Russians, but with most of the population of Romanian language. They are our brothers in RL and in-game many of them are are/were members of Romanian MU’s.

Obersoldat, that time Croation MOFA mad an independent investigation about the MD-UKR conflict and established clearly that it was the fault of Ukraine for what happened. You van read the report here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xwRgzJIxvW7bQOg5vNnnk16Zz9BT8f4j1zev8aTjWNg/edit?pli=1
After that came a lot of ugly attacks in the media from 4-5 Ukrainian officials who called us gypsies and other friendly names, suitable for an ally. Their reason was that they saw Romanian uniforms (remember that they were mostly Moldavian citizens fighting for their country, but also some Romanian soldiers due to the RL bounds with Moldova)
What did EDEN do? Nothing, obviously. Did Ukraine apologize since then? Of course they didn't! What was the outcome? Romania refused to sign MPP with Ukraine but we were the ones blamed by EDEN HQ!

Oh, wait, but thats not all! All know that Ukraine is occupied by Hungary and dont have a congress for some time. So what do they thought? Hey, lets struck a deal with the Huns! It seems that they even have promised to MPP with HUngary and attack Romania if they were allowed to free some of their regions. You can see something pointing to this here http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/ukrajn-r-l-2142732/1/20

EDEN HQ knows more about this and that Ukraine was ready to commit treason and they did what? I am sure that this has absolutely to do that one of the strong people fro HQ, Nenya (eternal in the HQ as Oles and many others) being e-married with an Ukrainian representative at EDEN, former SC Oles.

Its also funny to see a lot of Ukrainians complaining and insulting us in comments and in shouts. It would be good if they would be so many also in EDEN’s battles were the current black sheep Romania is fighting only for its allies for almost 2 months even if EDEN didnt helped us in staying in Asia. We had, have and will always fight for our brothers as everybody knows.

We will always fight for our friends and you know this because you all have come to us for help and we didn't dissapoint you.

If EDEN is to survive it needs to perform a real reform , or the already dying Brotherhood will die for good. Please choose well you actions my friends.

once proud EDEN soldier



Rondy Rondy
Rondy Rondy Tag 1,848, 05:18

"If EDEN is to survive it needs to perform a real reform , or the already dying Brotherhood will die for good. Please choose well you actions my friends."


Mlendea Horatiu
Mlendea Horatiu Tag 1,848, 05:24

"If EDEN is to survive it needs to perform a real reform , or the already dying Brotherhood will die for good. Please choose well you actions my friends."


Vic of Thor
Vic of Thor Tag 1,848, 05:27

De multe ori ne-am contrazis in trecut insa in ceea ce priveste articolul asta sunt total de acord. Asta este pozitia pe care vroiam si speram sa o aiba Romania in problema asta si ma bucur ca in sfarsit am un guvern care pot spune ca imi reprezinta interesele.

zmeuNY Tag 1,848, 05:27

Everybody knows that the eRomanian Eden HQ reps need to be changed because they were using double standards and their influence only for their own MU's, while exploiting the young population.

After that happens everything will be better for both the Romanian citizens and for Eden as well.

estroe Tag 1,848, 05:29

daca unii au gresit nu inseamna ca si noi avem o scuza.si e o diferenta:turcia a dat-o parte-n parte cu un aliat atunci cand erau nu stiu ce misiuni.noi bagam un inamic in ciorba noastra

codrincody Tag 1,848, 05:31

"If EDEN is to survive it needs to perform a real reform , or the already dying Brotherhood will die for good. Please choose well you actions my friends."


buru Tag 1,848, 05:31

good...time to move on o7

D a v e
D a v e Tag 1,848, 05:33

Ti-am votat articolul, jur!

anna tolasi
anna tolasi Tag 1,848, 05:34

need a change in hq staff it is becoming mafia , always the same people keeping jobs in a inner circle , terra died coz of that

thaddaus Tag 1,848, 05:35

nothing to see here, move on

alpho Tag 1,848, 05:36

So the HQ pulling for Ukraine but Ukraine wants out of EDEN cause they feel HQ never helped them? Interesting. Some got his facts wrong. Again. This is getting boring.

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Tag 1,848, 05:36

You cannot compare the Turkey-Israel-Iran war with RO-Ukr one.....actually the whole article is full of non-sense ....already told why in previous comments and articles.

alpho Tag 1,848, 05:37

anna tolasi you still have that rash? : )

Darkslowstar Tag 1,848, 05:37

go with the wind thaddaus. Anna, they just change from a position to another, but same people pull all the strings

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Tag 1,848, 05:38

@anna tolasi: yeah I belive you getting bored to be always rejected from the MC trainee position because you have NO EXPERIENCE on the military

Andrew.87 Tag 1,848, 05:40

Nici la niste pixeli nu putem renunta?
Nu-i inteleg pe cei care tin cu dintii de Eden...chiar daca e fail, ei tot o tin cu hail....care e misterul?
Poate ca metoda aleasa nu e cea mai corecta,dar in dragoste si in razboi totul e permis...nu?

Hail Romania!!!

Cronoss Tag 1,848, 05:41


oboj Tag 1,848, 05:42

Being part of the team which lowered eRomania to the worst reputation ever in the game and trying to cover it with the 'sins' made by others is really pathetic.

alpho Tag 1,848, 05:43

She doesn't get that Gray Tabby : ). She thinks she can handle military on an alliance scale without any military backround and doesn't want to start as aMoD or MoD at first, I guess those functions are below her statute : ). Reaching for the starts, they call it. Or being too full of yourself without knowing shit.

Matracuca Tag 1,848, 05:44

nu v-a reusit in brazilia si acum incercati in eden? jenibil !!

PaulTC Tag 1,848, 05:48

EDEN cannot perform a real reform, we have to face the truth: The alliance is dead. Stop lying to yourselves people. As long as some people there pull the strings they won't let go of the power. It's time to move on.

zmeuNY Tag 1,848, 05:54

yeah alpho, we know this story

The story goes like this:
everyone that is new or has different views than you is automatically belittled and called a "noob"
God forbid you lose your position....and influence that you use ONLY for your own UM or interest group.

Just another techinique to keep control to yourself.

Not gonna work forever my friend. People see the kind of person you are

galezzz Tag 1,848, 05:59

am votat:) primul articol al tau votat de mine.iar in ceea ce priveste injuriile si comentariile penibile de la fosti CP care zic "boring"nu baga in seama.sunt la fel ca si EDEN HQ plini de ei dar de fapt plini de ceva urat mirositor.

alpho Tag 1,848, 06:02

Paul T. Craciunesc PEACE GC moved on, Phoenix moved on, NWO moved on, ONE moved on, TWO.... you like to move continuously without changing anything and just throwing dirt in the general population's eye by saying you're "something else" while you're the same shit as before?

Lord.Snow Tag 1,848, 06:04

Un articol foarte frumos ! Vote!!

Slevin07 Tag 1,848, 06:10

EDERN is lost ..what then ? ! ?

anna tolasi
anna tolasi Tag 1,848, 06:12

@alpho and gray tabby :; no i dont have that rage anymore and i dont even talk about that , but you both have to admit hq never changes , even three motnh ago some people were voted in by cps and the day after the sc jsut ignored that vote , it is typical i think
just one more thing graytabby ,that so called argument of no experience dont stand , for someone that has been 10 times mofa at the time and we both know it was not the real reason , but anyway i dont care now and it is not the subjec

anna tolasi
anna tolasi Tag 1,848, 06:12

of the article

anna tolasi
anna tolasi Tag 1,848, 06:15

@lhpo no i can start as amod or mod ; i already did it once or twice actually
i dont really care about the title , i wanted a hq position because im bored as mofa now not for prestige or something as some do

PaulTC Tag 1,848, 06:19

@Gray Tabby (aka lego) Si cum ziceai ca e cu Pentiumviratele alea??

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Tag 1,848, 06:41

@anna: 3 months ago there was no HQ elections ( they are every 2 months btw ). 10 times MoFA doens't mean you have the skills to work on the military level of an alliance, 10 times MoD would have been something else.

@Paul T.C.: Romania in momentul de fata s-a discreditat pe plan extern. Aliatii nostrii traditionali nu mai dau 1 ban pe noi si tu te astepti sa creezi aliante noi ? jesus ...

Didei Tag 1,848, 06:41

Being part of the team which lowered eRomania to the worst reputation ever in the game and trying to cover it with the 'sins' made by others is really pathetic. x2

anna tolasi
anna tolasi Tag 1,848, 06:44

i think 10 times mofa u can make plans , u think i never did ? but im not the subject of the article

PaulTC Tag 1,848, 06:45

Lego, mai bine recunoaste ca iintre timp ai capatat un scaun caldut si nu vrei sa renunti la el : )

PaulTC Tag 1,848, 06:48

Si sunt convins ca aliatii nostri traditionali, pentru care am luptat luni in sir, vor fi in continuare alaturi de noi.

Vic of Thor
Vic of Thor Tag 1,848, 06:50

Lego a vazut ca nu poate sa ajunga Mofa la noi ca nu-l mai voteaza nimeni asa ca s-a agatat de o functie la EDEN. Problema e ca nici asa nu poate sa conduca Romania si asta-l roade acum. : ))

Spulber Tag 1,848, 06:56

cum o fi cu faptul ca toti aliatii sunt suparati pe noi, cand la votarea unui nou mpp cu noi, in Franta 31 sunt pentru si 1 impotriva, iar in Croatia 15 pentru si 0 impotriva...

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Tag 1,848, 06:58

@Paul T.C.: Da, cum zicea si zmeuNY, defapt eu trag sforile in EDEN

Iulian.xxl Tag 1,848, 06:58

Buna atitudine
De ceva timp suntem tratati ca si mana2-a..asta din cauza fricii noastr de a nu pierde teritorii de a nu avea bonusuri....ne prostituam facand pacturi semnand tratate cu inamici proverbiali , care la randul lor nici ei nu prea ne respecta -vezi NAp cu Ungaria si denuntat la cateva ore-.e demirare ca EDEN ne cam da cu flit?
Cp-ul actual spune ca nu poate sa faca reforma din cauz ala cativa insi dar nu da nume...nu vreau sa creez disensiuni zice el

aniujual Tag 1,848, 07:01

@Gray Tabby : Bah, da' ne mai si lasi ? Tu apari peste tot pe unde-i rost de-o functie, inclusiv capitan de regiment prin soimi si schimbai ordinele cand iti aduceai aminte.

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Tag 1,848, 07:06

@aniujual: Pai trebuie sa imi umplu si eu profilul de functii ca Sabo:P

Regele DECEBAL Tag 1,848, 07:08




We are not sheeps!!

zmeuNY Tag 1,848, 07:12

Gray Tabby,

Tu poate sfoara de la WeCeu sa o tragi la Eden.

Iar scaunul e caldutz stim noi de ce... ai mancat prune stricate

Mad Spider
Mad Spider Tag 1,848, 07:22

"@Paul T.C.: Da, cum zicea si zmeuNY, defapt eu trag sforile in EDEN"

da Lego, asa e.. da trage mai tare de sforile alea, sa cada odata cortina peste eden (hq). : D

Vaflata se ottegli ot rqpata
Vaflata se ottegli ot rqpata Tag 1,848, 07:59

EDEN is dead

adrian11 Tag 1,848, 08:20

Gray Tabby,

Tu poate sfoara de la WeCeu sa o tragi la Eden.

Iar scaunul e caldutz stim noi de ce... ai mancat prune stricate.

"If EDEN is to survive it needs to perform a real reform , or the already dying Brotherhood will die for good. Please choose well you actions my friends."


Si pentru edenitii astia de azi: Ganditi-va ce se intampla cu Romania in actualul context geopolitic? O sa ne ajute aliatii(macar la fel ca atunci cand am fost in asia)? Astept raspuns!

Mafch093 Tag 1,848, 08:25

Let EDEN die. It's suffering too much :yaoming:

Corvus C
Corvus C Tag 1,848, 08:28

EDEN tree picture on article is old. Finland left 5 months ago EDEN and is now Asgard member with Sweden.

Main enemies are Estonia (ex-ABC) and Poland. With help from some friendly countries (one is Romania) Finland has survived and now ABC is down.

If Romania leave EDEN, it don't lose friends.

Andutz Tag 1,848, 08:56

"If EDEN is to survive it needs to perform a real reform , or the already dying Brotherhood will die for good. Please choose well you actions my friends."


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