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Daily Terrible Joke (Day 1911)

Tag 1,911, 10:59 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Irland von John Gormley

One morning, a Hell's Angel goes into a coffee bar and orders a large cappuccino. As he is about to leave, he asks the waitress for his bill.

"Two euro sixty," she says.

The Hell's Angel produces 260 1 cent coins, drops them on the floor and leaves.

This happens every morning for the next few days until one morning the Hell's Angel wants to pay with a fiver. Gotcha, thinks the waitress, who has been waiting for this day to get her revenge: she drops 240 1 cent coins onto the floor.

"Your change," she says with a smug little smile.

The Hell's Angel produces a 20 cent coin and places it on the table.

"Another large cappuccino, please."



Ivan Blok37
Ivan Blok37 Tag 1,911, 11:12

: )

CyberVirus07 Tag 1,911, 11:30

Kommentar gelöscht

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,911, 11:44


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 11:59

The Kurgan claims first place by force..

Crazy Ivann
Crazy Ivann Tag 1,911, 13:59

You don't need to. You can just claim first place permanently. So you won't have to comment every day

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 14:10

Voices in my head screaming i must....

Ronan Donovan
Ronan Donovan Tag 1,911, 16:00

Kurgan is all powerful! All bow down to Kurgan! 😛

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 21:29

No need for bowing....just fear me...

Elite C
Elite C Tag 1,911, 15:06

So...... how many of you know these are jokes?

Ghoti Frye
Ghoti Frye Tag 1,911, 16:21

I always read and vote. It's honestly the only paper I read anymore...

Ronan Donovan
Ronan Donovan Tag 1,911, 16:00


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