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Daily life of the USNG

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___Being in a Military Unit is one of the first steps of every eRepublik user; their operations contribute to the strength development and influence in the game for both the Unit and the Soldier; keep in mind that by joining a Military Unit you are willing to make a difference everyday with your game activity.

___Daily guardsmen participation is important to recon orders; supply request; updates about current battles and load & lock readiness for Massive Attacks.

___The National Guard has seen how Bradley Reala served the country as one of the former Country President; Jack Mensley with his social-economics activities; John Killah with his current government involvement as Secretary of State Deputy and candidate for the upcoming Country President elections December 05th 2012 and Jadiv with his game experience as God of War.

___Within the National Guard we honor Respect; Fellowship; and Integrity. Our communication channel promotes: game insights; game basic help; economical advice; war analysis and room for some Real Life issues.


___To join the National Guard: Minimal requirements are 50 strength and an in-game rank of Corporal - or 25 influence with Bare fist hit.

___After joining; follow up our daily orders and how to get help and supplies.
Working in the National Guard commune will give you more food and weapons.

___For younger players: Apply for the eUS Training Corps here

>> Visit our IRC channel in Rizon at #usng-public for more info.
>> Need help registering your nickname on Rizon Chat network, follow this link for instructions: Nickname registry.

Do you want to follow up your own in game progress? visit egov4you


kitmen Tag 1,836, 05:17

National guard is like a tea kettle, it's awful quite when it's getting warmed up, but once it's hot it's loud and ready to go!

John Largo
John Largo Tag 1,838, 09:27

USNG alumni o7

Ruthain Tag 1,838, 15:07

Voted for the hot chick o7

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