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CP : Update on stuff !

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Hey you !

All good I hope ?

We recently had a vote going on our forum regarding the EDEN / Asgard thingy, a few PRO-Asgard people wanted to see if we were ready to leave EDEN for Asgard. To put it simply we are NOT ready for that, something I strongly agree on.
The vote ended with a 74% for stay in EDEN, 16% for joining Asgard and 10% abstained from making a decision. So in theory more that 3 out of 4 players in Norway want to stay in EDEN, and that in my mind is and were the only correct decision. So thank you all for voting ! 🙂

Secondly Poland NE'd Netherlands, so there will be a war there VERY soon, and we need to help them any way possible. So we are going to fight for Netherlands a bit in the coming days, hope you guys are right beside me and our allies on the battleground ! 🙂 o7

I am available for contact and questions whenever, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Country President of Norway


CardinaI Tag 1,820, 18:35


Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Tag 1,821, 23:25

o7 great update.

Vileskont Tag 1,821, 01:40

Will fight them as hard as necessary, as long as our help is needed 🙂 o7

T Cherub
T Cherub Tag 1,821, 05:05

A president that publishes updates... nice 😃

Akashaton Tag 1,821, 12:28


MrVmax Tag 1,821, 14:14


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