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CP election - Vote Sasori5!!

Tag 1,904, 01:58 Veröffentlicht in Denmark Spanien von Sasori5
~ one article, one song ~

CP election:

This time just 1 PTO guy is running as candidate. The same that try to use illegal metods to win in the last elections: changing the name of his party putting the same name of our party, lots of multies voting that candidature...

Therefore we have to win and not let him take the control of our country! I'm candidate for CP again this month so I ask you to vote for me, Sasori5, 9 times CP of Denmark! We'll try another month to keep improving our country while we kick these PTOers again and again ;P


We must be organized and we must became more active if we want to defend our country, as you may know more PTOers and their multies are coming and last time they were very close of taking the control of Denmark. We are making a headcount of the people with danish cs, please take a couple of minutes to fill it! 🙂 It should help us in this purpose. CLICK HERE!

That's the first step, after that... How you can help Denmark?

- Register & take part in the forum: http://www.erepublik.dk
- Come (the times you can) to the danish IRC channel (#eDenmark on quakenet http://webchat.quakenet.org/)
- Be active the election days (5, 15, 25 of every month), first, vote the right player. Then you can help in more ways (good day for coming to IRC)
- Tell your friends and family to come to the game, the more we are, the more we can do!
- ...

And remember, Vote for Sasori5! 😉

Thank you,
Country President of Denmark.


Pacheeee Tag 1,904, 07:35


Kongeror Tag 1,904, 14:20

Nice! 😮)

Kongeror Tag 1,904, 14:23

Convincing victory! 😃

pho3nix Tag 1,905, 02:02


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