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Constitution voting

Tag 1,900, 15:52 Veröffentlicht in United Kingdom Großbritannien von Alphabethis

New Era Constitution.

The current state of party affairs makes our traditional lack of
stablished procedures more damaging than ever. I would have loved to
have more time to dwelve in the principles of ethics and
constitutionalism, or laws in general.

But, I'll put it short. There's a balance between Ethics and Law. Laws
cannot cover or protect every case if they're not back by ethical
behaviour of members of society. In ancient Rome, Numa Pompilio, the
best legislator invented much of the laws and roman religion, so law
was fairly complemented by rude and simple supertitious, but ethical,
fellow countrymen.

A party constitution must have its essence and to certain extent the
evolution that it can reach. So this is the proposal you are voting
with this method:
To vote you have send a private message to
me with a code of 5 numbers, chosen by you and a YES OR NO to this question.
Do you approve this constitution ?

When all votes are cast I'll publish the list of codes and YES and NO,
and the sum, so everyone will check his vote and the result will be
public, yet SECRET.


Title I. Principles.

1. New Era members will be respectful with his fellow party members
and countrymen.

2. New Era will back freedom of speech, as long as it doesn't hurt
personal honor or image.

3. New Era seeks openness, posts and possibilities for all the
members within the party.

4. New Era seeks openness and new possibilities for all eUK citizens.

Title II. Party president.

5. This will discuss in further articles-polls.

Title III. Honorary president.

6. This will discuss in further articles-polls.

Title IV. Elections and organizations.

7. This will discuss in further articles-polls.

Title V. Changes.

8. Title I will remain unchanged by two months and it will be changed
only by a simple majority in a poll with no less number of votes than
two thirds of the whole number of members.

As you see, it's a draft, but we'll refine and vote many times.



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lol'd so hard

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