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Bye guys, I have a nice time here.

Tag 1,911, 20:40 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Argentinien von FitoEleven

I came to Ireland more than 2 months ago.. the idea was to create a small MU with a group of friends... We were less than 10 persons.

For that, we need to get CS, if not we will not be able to join an eIreland base MU.

eIreland was choose because my friends and I have a great admirations for William Brown (father of Argentina's Navy) who was from Mayo County.

During this period of time, only Ron Extremix and myself were the only ones who get the CS.

All other applycants were rejected.

I send message to all the country presidents in this period of time, I talk to Hank Scorpio who was Minister of the Inmigrant Ministry for most of the time.

Instead of being encourage to get CS and fight with you side by side, many of my people were accussed of being TOers. With any evidence what so ever.

So this is the main reason why Ron and I are leaving the country. We still want to create a MU with our friends to play this game together.

This is not an angry article or anything. I still love irish culture, and the irish people that live in my RL country, Argentina (where we have the fifth biggest irish community in the world)

But, I didn't want to leave without pointing somethings a notices while I was here.

Your "growing" as a country have to many limitations. Is very difficult to have a powerfull country in this game without a forum. Plus if many people start to apply CS you think they are TOers (ironically, to TO a country you don't need your account in that country, all you need is used multi-accounts)

Last couple of days I started climbing position in the national rank... Without passing anyone what so ever... This mean that you have good players that are leaving the country or becoming dead citizen, either way, this weakens your country.

Ron is actually in 4th place in SuperSoldiers medals in eIreland, I'm Currently 16th. Cibermau has 36.342 of strength to this day, he actually be the Top 2 of the country in strength if it wasn't that his application was rejected.
The guy above me in the SS Medal rank is http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1647611 Who is not playing any more...
This are only a few evidence of how a eIreland is not moving foward as a country in this game...

This only are a couple of observation to show you that your inmigration policy is not only limitating your grow, but also making you have a lot of less fire power.

I know that eIreland is not eChina or ePoland, but still this game is primarily structure around the military module, not only you are going to be attacked and conquer because of your weakness, but also, which country would sign a mpp with a country that not have any fire power for his allies, this is why Bulgaria will not sign with you this monty, when the money is short, they are will stop signing MPP with those who have less influences in battle.

This are MPP that eIreland has to the day

This is just the game dynamic.

Take care, and please take care of eIreland.

Reward for the 11th comment! 😃

Fito 11


TucumetaL Tag 1,911, 20:44


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,911, 20:47

I'm so sorry things turned out this way man. There are a lot of changes we are trying to make to our Immigration. Hopefully this lesson will help. Take care, and thanks for your help while you stayed. o7

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,911, 20:47

and subbed

Panzer VI Tiger Arg
Panzer VI Tiger Arg Tag 1,911, 20:47


Brian Boru
Brian Boru Tag 1,911, 21:22

We're a small country Fito, and while I was glad to have you, priority has to be with security.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Tag 1,912, 00:08

This. There were other factors that came into play during your stint here Fito.
To you and Ron durate et vosmet rebus servate secundis

Pab Mac
Pab Mac Tag 1,911, 21:23

Extraño a la atleta australiana 🙂
Saludos Bro

Pibasog Tag 1,911, 21:53

venite fito para la Argentina crack !

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,912, 01:26

Good people leaving ireland and scum like Kurgan and kunts stays......

Boru speaks about security and he gave one of kunts to run irish immigration.
Considering kunts showed their racism against croatian players no supprised they did the same with argentinians.

I hope fito and Ron will reconsider and stay in ireland for one more month and see will new government do the right thing and let your friends in or will act retarded like previous

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Tag 1,912, 01:46

Ireland isn''t trying to move forward.
Most here don't know which direction forward is.
Ireland is in willful decline.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Tag 1,912, 02:19

Just cliffs on what happened

- I was appointed MoImm by MUFC during his last term as CP
- Congress voted in favor of a law that meant I had to approve all applicants
- The ILP broke this on two occasions to strengthen their party & paramilitary.
- Ron & Fito were accepted as they cleared immigration standards by me
- Word broke out in the Dail that Winston was warned by the Argentinian Government during his term as CP that there would be a possible PTO attempt from Argentina
- I shut down our boarders to all Argentinians and citizens with former Argentinian citizenship

Ron eXtremix
Ron eXtremix Tag 1,914, 09:13

you give me the name of who lied so much! As Fito said ... if someone wanted TOvear not use your account, but will generate many accounts, some of these will get a seat in Congress and that or those shared citizenship.! I stay one or two months waiting for my friends to come to this country with good human community, where we can do our small MU ... entirely outside the political module.

MarcosOt10 Tag 1,912, 02:38

votado amigo

MUFC992 Tag 1,912, 02:50

Sorry to see you guys go, we have a lot of problems as country, but that's because we're small country, we have to think on security while trying to grow. Also Argentinian Government did warned us about PTO attempt in eIreland. They didn't said it's you guys, but you should understand our position.

I'd be more then happy if you stay and Ron aswell, so far u proved urself as contributing citizens, but with small country as Ireland is you have to be patient, we can't just like that approve 10 people, that's unfortunatly 5% of our active population.

Good luck, I'm looking forward to fight on ur side any time!

FitoEleven Tag 1,912, 08:40

Guys, I understand your concerns, thats why we choose to apply for the CS in pairs instead of all together. In the pseudo-forum of eireland are the links of the people who were going to be part of my MU.

I don't understand why the goverment of Argentina said that... I don't know why Winston said that... probably to make us return to Argentina.

But, after 2 month, you can see that we didn't do any harm to eIreland. Ron won many BH while you have the war game with UK. Myself coordinate an attack to defend Dublin when it was attack by mistake in that same Trainning War.

I was the first one to apply and I talk to many goverment members just to see that we are good guys, but the goverment never contact me for any of their concerns.. I mean, if you actually think im a PTOer why not confront me? I got nothing to hide.


Fito 11

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Tag 1,912, 12:27

I don't think there was/is any suggestion that you were a PTOer, but, as we were told there may be one on the way, we had to be more careful about anyone from Argentina. Don't take this as an attack on you or Ron.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Tag 1,912, 19:37

Fito, I said that because that is what was reported to me by the Argentinian Government of the day. Why would I say it just to make you leave and return to Argentina? It hurt us not helping us but it was what I was told. However as pointed out no one said you were the focus of the warning...I got no names.

FitoEleven Tag 1,913, 12:44

Winston, I don't blame you, or anyone in particular. By the way, who in the Argentinean government warn you?
Maybe was somebody that has a problem with me... but the majority of the people in my country consider me a national hero due to the fact that when the central bank was rob I was able to find the guilty and make him give the money back...(like 500gold and 2Million cc if I remember correctly)

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Tag 1,913, 16:54

Fito It was the then MoFA
Your name never was mentioned.

Slirus II
Slirus II Tag 1,912, 09:37

who is she?

FitoEleven Tag 1,913, 12:46

Vanessa Hudgens 😉

Uljanov Tag 1,912, 09:49

Damn sad to see you go bro..if you said anything to me i would give my best to approve most of you..we talked couple of times and you are a good guy..

If you wanted i would made you congressman and helped you..

Have fun, we will miss you!

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Tag 1,912, 13:31

Come to Netherlands, we are in the process of promoting more immigrants.

collinfigures Tag 1,912, 15:34

Kommentar gelöscht

FitoEleven Tag 1,913, 12:59

Update: FitoEleven: National Rank 34. SuperSoldier Medal rank 15

Fito 11

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Tag 1,913, 16:04

Take care lads, hope to see you come back sometime in the future


Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Tag 1,913, 19:08

There needs to be a clear path to citizenship made for immigrants who truly want to be eIrish citizens. This is crucial to the growth of the country and while concerns for PTO's are fairly legitimate, opportunities must be granted for those who are willing to prove their desire to help grow this country.

Some ideas:

One could prove themselves by serving x number of weeks/months within the Irish Army.
One could donate x number of IEP to the treasury and buy citizenship. (This has certain drawbacks)
The government could start a new "Welcome Committee", where current applicants must perform "community service" (small tasks) for x number of hours/weeks/months to obtain citizenship.

This is just a small sample of what we could do to help solve our immigration issues. We cannot, however, watch current citizens die off or immigrate elsewhere, while we stagnate in fear of a takeover. With a little effort, this would not be a difficult issue to tackle.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Tag 1,913, 20:07

This x2

FitoEleven Tag 1,913, 21:57

Applicant pay 3 or any small amount of gold, after the 25th, if the applicant haven't take part of the congress election the gold will be return back to the applicant.

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