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Bad News(Kunts v ILP) V Great News(IFP results and something planned)

Tag 1,925, 01:44 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Irland von Releasethe Krakken
Just the usual stab in the back:

We all saw the kunts crying over the PTO of their party. Then we saw them move into the ILP and another rant about how they created their party and the executive of the ILP cannot have an input in choosing the list of congress members.

Lets explain the mechanics behind this.
1. I create PartyX - thats acceptable
2. i build PartyX up - thats acceptable
3. I leave eIreland and move to eUK our enemy - not acceptable
4. In the meantime I have no contact with my former party. in fact I have abandoned them. They elect new leaders they take in new leaders. most of my former recruits move to new parties.
5. For more than a year I have zero involvement in the party.
6. I return to IRELAND and join kunts.
7. Kunts get Pto'd and I have no base of strength anymore.
8. Me and my fellow kunts make the move to ILP the party that I created in step 1.
9. We do not communicate with anyone our sole intent is hostile.
10. First my fellow kunt gets angry that an order is made countering our hostile actions.
11. I jump on the bandwagon and demand the party back that I created in step 1.
12. We again is pushed to the back based on group decision.
13. I bribe cydp and we get pushed to the front.
14. This causes a mini implosion in the party as the true party members start voting for other parties.
15. I do not care that my actions had destroyed my parties basis of strength as all the stuff I said about wanting my party back because I created it was just lies and propaganda. In fact I quite enjoy the devastating affect I had cause I am soulless and care only for myself.
16. 6 AM our latest concubine cydp bring our morning treat of small baby rabbits. We bite their heads off and enjoy baby rabbit juice.

Now we all know this was what was happening from the viewpoint of the legitimate party members of ILP

Executive makes decision and votes ILP congress list

Cydp pretends to implement list

Cydp changes the list to party members that was voted out.

Cydp is not only a traitor but the congress members voted in due to his actions is illegitimate and will be ignored by the whole of congress as far as possible.

The Lesson learnt:

There is the tale of the frog and the scorpion who both needs to cross the river.

So the scorpion says take me over the river please and I will reward you. In the middle of the river the scorpion stings the frog and as he is dying the frog says " But now we both die as you will also drown" To which the scorpion replies "Yes but I am a scorpion"

Whatever their story and posturing we all know that an illegitimate congress list is in place for the ILP. Also now the last few of us that doubted the PTO of their party must know that they deserve no more sympathy.

So in the end its fair game on them . Infiltrate their organisations and break them up. Ignore them in powers of positions. PTO them countless times and appoint PP's in every party opposed to them. Quit their voices and never appoint a kunt to parliament again.


Some other news:

IFP rises to party of power:

We hoped for 8 congress members at the last count I did the numbers was as follows:

ILP - 50
Eire Ainoair - 50
IFP - 45

+- 10 Congress members if my math is correct.

AND we got beaten by a mere 5 votes. I have pointed out that the ILP backstabbing let to more votes for other parties but before this was known the IFP was neck to neck with the ILP. Anyway for whatever reason you voted for us the IFP thanks you and promises to try and work towards a strong congress for our country. New members is more than welcome. Former kunts please take an acid bath before joining us to get rid of the kunt smell and way of thinking. After that and if you survive your more than welcome.

Some thoughts about recent criticism of CP's

In 2 cases we have the same complaint . " You didnt do enough" However looking at the economy its super tough making money in it. The only real efficient way to make money is by donations and I hope that both presidents has been collecting behind the scenes.

At our last reports besides cuts we had still a relatively stable economy. Although thb did not really take notice. Anyway it will be tough for every president and the MOF usually has a difficult job. The best we can do is to make more donations to the IA or the president himself.

As to lack of natural enemies. There is a mass of literature why we cant maintain a war against our only options. With our departure from Eden we unfortunately have a few friends we support and cant decide on an alliance. With MPP cost and the tough economy we will always be at a disadvantage from
now on until the economy recovers due to our little size.

CP candidates

The IFP is planning to back a strong experienced campaigner for Country President. I will keep quit for now but prepare for some exciting and good news once he make his bid public.



orangejuicemmm Tag 1,925, 02:27

The best part of this article was realising you're actually serious and spent time doing it when you could have been doing something worthwhile.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Tag 1,925, 04:33

? but making fun at the kunts is always worthwhile what do you mean

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Tag 1,925, 04:35

i also see no denial of my claims or should i say of the truth?

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Tag 1,926, 22:13

And you arguing/commenting on every single article is worthwhile? Yer maw.

orangejuicemmm Tag 1,927, 05:42

Getting a reaction from you lot is entertainment purely down to the sheer stupidity factor so yes...worthwhile.

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Tag 1,927, 09:43

You, my dear cup of pulp, are quite an idiot. Watching you lot trying to troll daily is entertainment enough for everyone in Ireland.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,925, 04:04

Great truth in this article......

orangejuicemmm Tag 1,925, 05:34

Obviously I didn't read anything other than the title..I have better things to do.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Tag 1,925, 06:58

u mean cydp? barf barf.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Tag 1,925, 12:26

Lol voted

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Tag 1,925, 12:37

Except one thing; I created the ILP. Literally, I made the ILP. I wrote the article about the idea, won PP of the former party, changed the name. Other than that it was a well written article and you understand why this month hasn't been 'so exciting', we did what we could in government to improve our financial situation and try to set the board for military action in the future.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,925, 20:40


Strength and Honour

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Tag 1,926, 22:14

Not being a smartass, but a bit more punctuation and I could follow along better. Besides that, nice article.

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