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Aussie Independents Rise from the Ashes of a PTO

Tag 1,826, 03:29 Veröffentlicht in Australia Australien von Xavier Griffith

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Crumpets, the Australian Independents have arisen from the ashes of the PTO of their party like a Phoenix as the Aussie Independents.

Once more we shall return to the Political centrist concept of Government and look to the policies that benefit the Nation as a whole, without its members being pressured by Party politics or party limitations, with all members free to have their say without being ignored.

All original Australian Independents should rejoin the party, to allow the AI to once more emerge as a group of dedicated Australian Citizens interested in our Proud fight for freedom from the oppression of the each eChilian hordes and their PTO multies machines.

Return now to our Party and take up the political history we as the AI once represented before the evil of eChile descended upon us.

Aussie Independents Party

Party President
Xavier Griffith

PS: once again I would like to thank Mr. Crumpets for his selfless personal offer to turn the Party he won as PP over to me so that the AI could rise again.


Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Tag 1,826, 03:29

First taken 🙂

James Rellori
James Rellori Tag 1,826, 03:49

And nothing of value was lost 😛

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Tag 1,826, 03:54

Welcome back AI.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Tag 1,826, 04:11


infin Tag 1,826, 04:32

thanks a lot ch for your sacrifice.

supereviloverlord Tag 1,826, 04:41

Sixth 😛

Manrod78 Tag 1,826, 04:47

"evil of eChile"

Took some theater sessions? xD

Mickskitz Tag 1,826, 06:07

Manrod, took some gay lessons? buuurrrrneed

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,826, 06:24


DocterDry3 Tag 1,826, 08:06

Thank you for salary sacrificing

alimilano Tag 1,826, 10:43

o7 Mr. Crumpets

Chris Carnage
Chris Carnage Tag 1,826, 11:40

Welcome back AI!

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