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Greetings citizens

First up I'm not standing in the coming Senate (Congress) elections (have other plans) but I wanted to offer my assistance to the younger generations to step up and help them campaign if they want to contest. Us old farts in the game know how to deal but I remember like it was yesterday the trouble that newer players have getting noticed. As a general rule for a long time, it took 2.5 elections on average from first time run to get elected. Some did it in 2, some in 3, some took longer.

"Oh yeah .. I agree with my opponent".
"I disagree that he agrees with his opponent .. uhh .. yeah .. me .. right? Yeah!"

Then as time went on, campaigning for the Senate lost its gloss and it became little more than a regurgitation of the same one-liners and another path to gold. Now and again we get a few thinkers who challenge with new ideas.

New ideas come from those that raise their hand.

Love him or hate him, Wingfield is one example of that. Another fine specimen is the Prime Minister, Ranger Bob. There are degrees of difference, the PM has a lot of RL experience in such matters that have proven very useful to the game. The other being he is an e-older citizen and that depth of knowledge is worth its weight in gold (no pun intended). In any event, they've challenged us to think and act anew - key to eAustralia's progress. The concrete thinking and outcomes were for a long time, too long, the same. I draw detractors to the latest region captures as a result of the new direction taking shape.

Hitting the road to find the next.... cactus.

It is true, as others have commented, there is a long way to go. It is even more true that this new mantra taking us to greatness will succeed the current administration. What we need now are good men and women who step up, bring something new to the table, hash it out and look at ways to change the way we play the game for our mutual betterment. This is the bridge between capitalist and socialist ideals and a meeting point for shared status.

TL;DR if any Senate candidate wants a hand I'll be happy to show them the ropes. Goes without saying I'll be supporting my party on election day, but let that not deter the fact there are many good parties in eAus just waiting for the break when the wheels of policy development are turning once more.

On that front, particular kudos to the ANP and ACP for the political advancements they're making. Innovation is our watchword.

T. J.



SilverF0X Tag 1,826, 23:39


Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Tag 1,826, 23:51

Nice article TJ.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Tag 1,826, 23:53


Arfman Tag 1,826, 23:58


James Rellori
James Rellori Tag 1,826, 00:44

It took me 4.

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Tag 1,826, 14:04

Elected my first month. 🙂 kudos for the acp plug haha all in all nice article.

witherd1 Tag 1,826, 16:29

Good on you TJ. I just hope, as IG, that we get a very active, very hard working Senate in the next election, as there is a great deal of work to be done in our Legislation, not to mention the Constitution.

Oh, and for the record, some did it in 1 as well, I was first a Senator 10 days after being e-born. \o/

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,826, 19:00

@witherd: Yeah mate some were lucky. There was a period of time round about when you came that a lot got up on first run usually from ANP, APP and at times GGP. We were fortunate by chance to have some innovative PPs and party whips in the eAus parties over the past year. I predict a high yield for ANP and ACP this month based on those recent activity levels. Would not be surprised in the least for a Senate coalition majority.

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