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A House of Cards

Tag 1,989, 21:23 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von Derphoof

“He who is first, shall be last. He who pretends he is the sh*t shall get the sh*t beaten out of him by his peers” - Jesus

Well... It never said he didn’t say that.

Josh Frost has been reborn, again. He was eDead, then came back. Then he killed himself, but was raised by the mighty hand of Dio Brando, God Emperor.

Praised be Dio, for he has done marvelous deeds!

Yet, while we celebrate Frost’s resurrection at the hand of Dio, we must take a look at why it was done. The blood is on the hands of several people according to his Suicide article. They drove him to the edge and pushed him off. However, one stands above the rest...

America, washing their hands of Josh’s blood


The blood is solely on the hands of Pfeiffer.

There is a group that Josh classifies as “King Makers.” These people try to hold the reigns of public policy and officials as though they are a turn-of-the-century political machine. There is one chief King Maker that Josh has identified as the “Unspoken One.” Dio Brando has chosen Josh himself to oppose and extinguish the Unspoken One, Pfeiffer. As Josh said upon his revival, “They want or need to be King Makers to satisfy their own ego.” Even as his power base dwindles and disappears, the myth of the great kingmaker has been perpetuated throughout the nation and continues to feed his ego.

Pfeiffer continues to perpetuate the kingmaker myth in order to keep hold of some semblance of power.
RGR continues to use Pfeiffer as the main antagonist.

These factors continue to keep Pfeiffer in the public eye and allows him to be portrayed as a puppetmaster. If the narrative were true, we’d all be but marionettes used for his own personal satisfaction.

Has he tried to be a kingmaker, rigging elections and casting predetermined outcomes? I would not doubt that possibility. However, as Josh said, “It’s all become so predictable that anyone can claim to have chosen all of our leaders. It’s obvious who will do what.” This has lead to stagnation on the domestic front. You can see that with this past primary cycle. Yes, it was quite a race and it did produce some drama, but everything was exactly the same. Josh said, “All of those candidates feeling the need to cater to one or two people because they fear what might happen to them if they don’t.”

Just look at their cabinets and answers.

Feds were a dominating force. Why? There is surely talent in all of the other parties. However, there was no Fed running for PotUS. This created a wide-open field for the Fed nomination, which could prove critical. So what do you do? Stack the cabinets full of Feds. After all, if you don’t cater to them, you could lose to someone who does.

Now is that the only reason why someone would choose Feds? No. However, catering to the Feds was surely part of the calculation.

The same thing happens when you look at the answers to Glove’s questions. When asked if Pfeiffer would be placed in their cabinets, they all basically said yes. Although not a direct position, no one would dare remove him from the CIA Director position. Plenty of people could surely do just as good of a job, so why not remove him? They’re scared of what could happen. What if he is rigging elections? Can you take that chance? Not in this election.

As Josh said in his article, “They’re threatened and manipulated and forced to be pawns in someone elses game or face the wrath.”

The king-makers may have no power, but still use threats against them. It is not necessarily that he has any power, it is the fear that he possibly does. People are afraid of the power he MIGHT have. THAT is why Pfeiffer is influential.

The “what if” factor comes into play. He is able to act like he has power and still get treated as though he does, even if he doesn’t. He can continue to use manipulation and his public persona to try to get his way.

His power base is dying and he is less powerful than ever before. However, if the public keeps propping up the image of Pfeiffer as a kingmaker, it feeds the paranoia, and he can continue to act like one.

He makes it look like he has a political stronghold made of solid and sturdy bricks. He’ll show you that they have straight sides and just the right shape. He’ll show them at the perfect angle so it looks like these bricks have everything a brick is supposed to have.

However, when you look at the bricks from the correct angle, you’ll see that they are just as thin as a playing card. His power is simply an illusion, a slight of hand made to deceive the viewer.

He has built a house of cards upon fear and paranoia.

So, how about we tear it down?

Stop treating him like he is worthy of praise and pandering.
Stop pretending like he is some manipulating puppetmaster.

When you stop acting like he is, he can’t play kingmaker. He won’t be able to manipulate any of our decisions. His threats will be empty.

His influence will be gone.

He is already weak. Now is the time to burn his house of cards to the ground, and the illusion of power along with it.



Derphoof Tag 1,989, 21:24

Kill it with Fire.

GhostStrayDog Tag 1,990, 08:59

Kommentar gelöscht

Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Tag 1,989, 21:26

This is P/Henomenal.

fingerguns Tag 1,989, 21:28

So was that comment

DMV3 Tag 1,989, 21:26


fingerguns Tag 1,989, 21:29

That question from Glove and how the candidates answered is what made me want to vote Synesi.

AlexJ1890 Tag 1,989, 21:31

That first gif is from one of my favorite musicals of all time!

AlexJ1890 Tag 1,989, 21:35

And well written. Time for us to step up and take the stage!

Synesi Tag 1,990, 01:15

"Pfeiffer continues to perpetuate the kingmaker myth in order to keep hold of some semblance of power."

Articles like this one perpetuate that myth, he doesn't have to do a thing. You won't be able to knock down Pfeiffer's house, you just need to build your house bigger.

Synesi Tag 1,990, 01:17

v+s btw

fingerguns Tag 1,990, 05:41

Eh...still gonna try to knock it down. It's not a wasted effort.

The Mike
The Mike Tag 1,991, 01:39

If it's not Pfeiffer, it will be somebody else. This is how the system is.. can't escape from that one ^^

fingerguns Tag 1,991, 06:31

Oh, well then. We should give up. You're right.

Congrats on being 'chosen' by the way.

The Mike
The Mike Tag 1,991, 07:46

When did I say give up? If you don't want this role to be played by Pfeiffer (assuming the author of the article is correct in his statement), propose a new one to take Pfeiffer's seat. If there is no "puppetmaster" or "kingmaker", everything will be so chaotic that every foster-child would claim to have king's blood in their venes (a little bit of #gamesofthrones). And in the end again one will prevail and will eventually become a "puppetmaster" ...

I'm not saying give up. I'm just saying adjust : P

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Tag 1,991, 12:51

This is an odd point to make, that for government to function there has to be a "puppetmaster". I for one don't agree with that assertion

The Mike
The Mike Tag 1,991, 12:53

I was talking about society, not government. The government has its president.
The general point is that everybody has their manager/commander/leader/puppetmaster (call it anyway u want 😛)

fingerguns Tag 1,991, 13:44

Those aren't synonyms.

crashthompson. Tag 1,990, 03:49


klop123 Tag 1,990, 04:16


Tiacha Tag 1,990, 05:05



Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Tag 1,990, 06:38

So P so H !

Nueve9 Tag 1,990, 06:58

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bigcdizzle Tag 1,990, 07:13

Voted. P/H

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,990, 08:01


Syz2 Tag 1,990, 08:16

boom de yada

Joe Lansing
Joe Lansing Tag 1,990, 14:07

So very p/h

Plugson Tag 1,990, 14:08

lol, so this is what gets the big votes in eUSA.
you found your niche, EPD.

Ursidae Polar
Ursidae Polar Tag 1,990, 15:30

You had me at House of Cards

NOTLD Tag 1,990, 23:45

for a moment i thought there would be a reference to the Radiohead song of the same name as title...
Well i should know better...

Me Hipsta
Me Hipsta Tag 1,991, 06:40

Gratuitous amounts of fearmongering.

Arrden Tag 1,991, 09:17


SColbert Tag 1,991, 10:13

Good article!


One Sky
One Sky Tag 1,991, 11:52

Fedtastic article

Diggs Tag 1,991, 18:27

The truth comes out!

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