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3rd Presidential Debate

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As I am sure most of you are aware of, on Day 1902 at approximately 01:00 Tim_Holtz and Mr Crumpets went at in in a very good debate. (even after some technical problems) Even without Callumh123 there to moderate as planned it still went exceedingly well for both candidates where they discussed numerous issues facing the nation and refused to give way to other so called "irrelevant" "non-erepublik related" questions.

One of the questions was whether both candidates had a complete cabinet lists. And while im sure some voters were wondering about Tim since he has only released well...none of his ministers, while MC has given us almost a complete list,Tim gave us his assurance that he does indeed have it all worked and, he will release them tomorrow.

Next on the laundry list is what everybody was waiting for, Foreign Affairs. MC's plan is a "get tough" strategy. And to make our current occupation a pain in Indo's butt as we build up our base. Tim's plan is to use the fall of Eden in order to position ourselves, and to not get into a there good and there bad mindset.

Eden came up in the debate and both candidate seemed against joining Eden as it in not a viable alliance. MC brought up the idea that perhaps we can form relations with the countries that are to leave Eden. They also discussed the handicaps that we face based on the geography of the word.

they discussed how "chess" has in a way gotten into this mess and how both candidates would work towards finding countries who are like minded as us and how it needs to be played right otherwise we get "owned" also discussing how Indo took advantage of a situation

they discussed this and many more i of course wont spoil it all for you guys but i believe that i got the "major" points. But i heavily recommend that you all listen to it in order to get to know these 2 candidates on a more personal level and get their ideas on things to make a more informed decision.

Tim_Holtz and MC Debate



Aussiee Bloke
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BOUD1CCA Tag 1,903, 01:48

It was not really a debate as such - which is probably a good thing for Tim.
Because it is never a wise move to debate on radio with someone who has good argumentation skills & is used to announcing.
Not putting you down Tim, just saying Mr Crumpets holds all the aces in this media.
It was an interesting discussion nevertheless - it would have been fun to listen to if it was an actual debate.

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