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1st ever Comment Voting Competition!!!

Tag 1,911, 04:56 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Irland von Mr. Jack X
Good day eIreland,
Now, eIreland will have 1st ever competition in entire eWorld in Comment Voting!

Prizes are:
1st place 10 Gold
2nd place 5 Gold
3rd place 1 Gold

Rules are simple…
1. Post your comment why you shoud win in this competition
2. No votes buying
3. It is not allowed to vote your own comments (its like lickig your own banana)

Comment with most votes is winner…

1st place Viktor Kurgan
2nd place Punisher 1389, Marinko Margarin
3rd place Mister Y

Please vote and please shout if you have time...

I will not respond to comments, if you have a question please send me PM; I will not respond to trolls...


Mister Y
Mister Y Tag 1,911, 04:59

First needs many votes.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 05:06

This competition is promoting false values and idolatry, therefore this competition is evil and spawn of SATAN!

Votes are evil and spawns of SATAN! as well.....

Use your finger not for voting but to point at heretics that has to be destroyed in the name of love and tolerance.....

Lord Scego Tag 1,911, 06:57

Kommentar gelöscht

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Tag 1,911, 05:14

not to shabby !

Lord Scego Tag 1,911, 06:56

Kommentar gelöscht

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Tag 1,911, 05:17

you're PTO-er !

Damhnaic Tag 1,911, 06:47

Comment stealer.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Tag 1,911, 07:08


Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Tag 1,911, 05:26

Read the Following:
1:You are now reading this thing, correct?

2:you just said yes to yourself.

3:Now you are breathing manually

5:you just noticed i skipped #4

6;like this or i will get you. 😃

ValdemarButor Tag 1,911, 05:35

This comment system caused me a cancer.

James Keiller
James Keiller Tag 1,911, 05:37

Licking your own banana. Perfectly legit.

Domagojvu II
Domagojvu II Tag 1,911, 05:41

I'm too old for this shit!

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Tag 1,911, 05:48

I'm looking forward to comments with more votes/comments than the actual articles themselves

MR. HANK SCORPIO Tag 1,911, 05:51

Read that comic in a different article.

Good to see youre not just in the party robbing business xD

MrConway Tag 1,911, 06:21

I hate Israel.

Hersoy88 Tag 1,911, 06:48

Agrrrhhh!! I don't know what I have to say to win 10 golds!! HELP!

John Gormley
John Gormley Tag 1,911, 07:04

Vote for this or you're gay!

MUFC992 Tag 1,911, 07:06


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,911, 07:22

What happened to the first picture?!

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Tag 1,911, 07:42

>Supporting the IRA
>Supports Man UTD

ChewChewShoe Tag 1,911, 12:14


MR. HANK SCORPIO Tag 1,912, 23:44


Cpt Jackson
Cpt Jackson Tag 1,911, 07:57

ummmmmmmmmmm popcorn farts.

Mlickism Tag 1,911, 11:02

No vote buying xD rich coming from jack 😘 love you

Buzzgadget Tag 1,911, 11:21

I used to be good at comments, but then I took an.. ah nevermind...

CyberVirus07 Tag 1,911, 11:30

Kommentar gelöscht

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Tag 1,911, 11:34

For every bad comment you make about my comment 1 finger points back @ you . Known by its official name "Up Yours"

Rip Riley
Rip Riley Tag 1,911, 11:44

comments make me feel gassy!!!

Uljanov Tag 1,911, 12:24

When you rob the country you should leave. "Gangsters" usually go to Mexico, why are Irish criminals still here?

Damhnaic Tag 1,911, 13:19

same reason why PTOers are still there

Uljanov Tag 1,911, 13:25

Kommentar gelöscht

Uljanov Tag 1,911, 13:25

Quel temps fait-bas en France? Pouvez-vous appeler vos amis à vous rejoindre escroc?

Damhnaic Tag 1,911, 15:12

Please, don't taint this beautiful language with your fool tongue. you can't even speak it properly anyway

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Tag 1,911, 13:59

We didnt rob any country and dont froget we are the irish here not u 🙂

Uljanov Tag 1,911, 14:16

That is the sad part..🙁

ChewChewShoe Tag 1,911, 14:31

Go blow your puppet master some more bro

Uljanov Tag 1,911, 14:43

Good to see you lay off drugs so you can write fairly understandable sentence..now that's a progress!!

MrConway Tag 1,911, 14:35

If you were anyway knowledgeable about Ireland you would know our gangsters go to Spain.....

Uljanov Tag 1,911, 14:44

Well you are not keeping your part of the tradition or are you packing?

ChewChewShoe Tag 1,911, 14:51

Nah we'll stay around for a while longer to make sure you lot lose the elections by one vote. 🙂

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Tag 1,911, 17:33

I wish we just all get along 🙁

mirek12345 Tag 1,912, 03:12

I can't even be away for a couple of days without the admins implementing some shitty new update to erep.

Also,WHS - your wish will always be impossible in eIreland. Infighting was the way it functioned 3 years ago,and it's the way it functions today. Gotta say though,I see why's that so. In boring terms it makes the game much more interesting

AID0 Tag 1,912, 03:15

Vote for me if you are cool and awesome

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Tag 1,912, 13:29

lol Mike Bane is CP

TheRepoMan Tag 1,912, 15:23

life would be easy whit a Portal gun (yes i´m thinking on that thing of lickig my own banana)

AppleMan Tag 1,912, 21:34

Please don't let Kurgan win this, he'll never stop.

Cure Tag 1,913, 23:20

Comment for prize 😃

Mister Y
Mister Y Tag 1,914, 04:04

Oh wow, thank you so much!

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