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[WHPR] Political Roundup and War Report

Tag 1,989, 22:07 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von James S. Brady Press Room
White House Press Report – Day 1,989: Political Roundup and War Report

An inside look into the White House

Dateline: Wednesday, May 1st (Day 1,989)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1. Political Roundup
2. War Report
3. Webcomic of the Day

Political Roundup
Secretary of Media Paul Proteus

Ah, so you've wandered into the twisted jungle that we call Politics. No fear, the WHPR will be your guide through keeping you informed as to the happenings of the nation.

First: Unity Primary Results

Many may have been following these, as they have been reported on extensively in previous WHPRs, but as of now Artela has won the Fed, USWP and WTP primaries as well as a majority of 6th Party votes, DLS is projected to win the AMP, but with Artela having gained three party endorsements, the Unity selection process has reached an end, with Artela being our next President.

Pretty hawt for a zombie

Keep your eyes peeled for future media relating to elections, and be prepared for the in game Presidential Elections on the 5th. Finally, congratulations to Artela for winning the Unity Process.

Moving on to Congress

Seems pretty accurate

Shockingly enough Congress doesn't disappear after you vote for them on the 25th, in fact they usually go on to legislate. For those of you who don't know, you can view much of what Congress does in the Public Congressional Proceedings section of the eUS forums. Once elected Congress traditionally votes on a Speaker of the House to guide and manage Congressional proceedings, this month is no different. Evry has been selected as Speaker of the House, with known miscreant Paul Proteus his deputy and the (arguably) Original Fawkie as his Whip. Whip being a self explanatory position which mirrors RL fairly well, keeping Congress members in the know on votes and other Congressional discussion

Congress traditionally also starts to draft a budget shortly after being elected, and while that is not public (for fairly obvious reasons), it is one of Congress' key responsibilities and makes up a large amount of discussion early in the term.

That's today's bit, read on for the War Report
E Pluribus Unum eUSA~

War Report
Freelance Writer Hale26

Go give 'em Hale

Now that Vanek has ended the brutal war on oursleves(?), signed peace with Indo, and resigned some critical MPPs, our spat of TWs is over. On that note, we ask that all eAmericans please stop fighting for eAmerica in the Maluku islands. Yes, TP is fun. But that's what we have Baja (Explosive Taco Maker) for amirite?

Moving on from our main-course tacos and *insert stereo-typical Indonesian dish here*, we have some excellent news to report. Russia, long time bro and supplier-extraordinaré of our finest Vodka, has been accepted as a trial member of CoT !

Naturally, we greatly congratulate Russia on this awesome move. Russia is one of those countries you can count on. They hit hard, work hard and are diplomatic to the max. CoT with a Russia is a better CoT.

Finally, just to get into some more Warfare analysis, we have a brief rundown on what is going on with three one of our allies in CoT.


And in this analogy, Bulgaria is cats?

Following surprising success in a Serbian-alligned Romania, the tides have finally turned. Bulgaria lost one of their core regions, Ruse, yesterday after heavy fighting in the region. This adds onto a losing streak Bulgaria has had ever since a revolt in oil-rich Muntenia province. Romania forces mobilized in the key border region, launching a widely successful counter-offensive on Crisana, Transilvania and Oltenia, thus expelling Bulgarian forces from the Romanian homeland.

Luckily for our Bulgarian friends, losses in the mainland don't hurt much. Bulgaria cleverly has their capital (and resources) in the MiddleEast (Saudi Arabia+Egypt). Though this front is very important, Bulgaria can afford to have some leeway here.

Look forward to more...war in the next War Report

Web-Comic of the Day

Here you go with today's xkcd, Enjoy~

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WHPR: Day 1989
Political Roundup and War Report

Paul Proteus, Secretary of Media
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-Woody Allen

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Kooguy Tag 1,989, 22:45

Boom shaka laka

Tyrannocopters Tag 1,990, 02:02

The eAmerican Civil War was a truly terrible occurence, let us pray it never happens again.

Tyrannocopters Tag 1,990, 02:03

I'd like to add that Vanek's lulzproposal was the best I've ever seen.

The Mike
The Mike Tag 1,990, 02:15

Voted o/

Hale's awesome ^ ^

fingerguns Tag 1,990, 10:10

>"E Pluribus Unum eUSA~"

Uh, I'm pretty sure it's 'anus.'

fingerguns Tag 1,991, 06:56

Aaaand I'm disappointed that no one got that reference. Shame on all of you.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Tag 1,991, 12:05

Didn't notice this, we going all Community style right?

fingerguns Tag 1,991, 13:38


nimnul Tag 1,990, 10:58


LevskiUltraSofia Tag 1,990, 11:20


Eferion Tag 1,990, 12:07


olivermellors Tag 1,990, 12:58

"Congress traditionally also starts to draft a budget ......... that is not public (for fairly obvious reasons)"

It is far from obvious that the budget should be secret, that the discussions about it should be secret or that almost everything done by congress should be secret besides election of the speaker.

Aside: The daily presidential briefings were previously published a few months in arrears but we have nothing since the Pfeifer presidency.

Is there really any reason to avoid greater transparency???

Vanek26 Tag 1,990, 14:55

They tend to be done in spurts, and usually there is at least 6 months after the fact. I'd expect the next bunch to be out in a month or two.

Sky Ben
Sky Ben Tag 1,991, 15:59

Can someone link the IRC?

Nektari0s Tag 1,991, 16:01


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