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Tag 1,831, 19:24 Veröffentlicht in Cyprus Zypern von J3RS

My fellow citizens, is time for a change. The time is now to take to old farts egocentric, unable to Congress and choose active people with new ideas that will help all of Cyprus. The time is now my friends to inject some fresh blood and ideas in age, the wrinkles of congresses and the estatal-capitalista economy. -Economy the economy is at a standstill, the costs of our products are high, wages are held constant and companies are failing. To lift the economy from this impasse, we must 1) review the tax system and work toward making Cyprus a viable and stable place economically for citizens. (2) Reprocessing of the import tariff to ensure that workers can sell their products in their own markets. (3) the creation of cooperatives sponsored by the State's worker-owned! Military: Engine of war economy and our greatest need in est...


Finway Tag 1,832, 00:11

You're welcome to help o/

ReMiiX Tag 1,832, 01:53

Votado! Eres bienvenido para ayudar. Si necesitas cualquier cosa, solo tienes que mandarme un privado.
Las donaciones que te hago cada viernes son para que luches por eChipre.
Si te quedas sin comida o sin armas, pídemelo ami, que soy la ministra de educación y cultura.

Un saludo 😃

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Tag 1,832, 11:16

not sure i get it all :alzeimer:

J3RS Tag 1,832, 19:21

Remiix no te preocupes no me hace falta nada

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Tag 1,832, 22:15

yeap thats us

ReMiiX Tag 1,833, 03:57

J3RS, de acuerdo.
Sigue así e intenta remontar el módulo periodístico en eChipre 🙂
Si quieres proponer algo para el congreso hazlo por mi, que para eso estoy en él.

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