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[Statistics] The misconception of the Resource Bonus

Tag 1,825, 12:34 Veröffentlicht in Portugal Portugal von jotapelx

The misconception of the Resource Bonus


In the last few months I've started to monitor the daily income of a handful of countries,identifying the Number of Bonus regions, the taxes of each country and their population. In August I've started with Portugal, Spain and Canada, in October I've added 36 countries. I've compiled a gdoc with the summary of all countries which is updated daily.


Inside you can see the details of each country.

In many countries there is a logical misconception, that the more bonuses each country has, the better are the revenues. That might have been correct when the market bot was properly working, allowing each country citizen to sell most of their production to the bot, increasing the revenues of the country. Right now, it's almost completely indifferent for the revenues of the country to be wiped or having 100% + 100% bonus, as you can see from the next charts.


Relevant milestones:
Day 1736 - Income Tax from 8% to 1%, Weapons and Food VAT from 15% to 20%
Day 1774 - Mission with Rockets

Average Population: 3 020
Average Income: 13 718,35


Relevant Milestones
Day 1746 - Income Tax from 8% to 14%
Day 1774 - Mission with Rockets

Average Population: 13 376
Average Income: 46 550,69


Relevant milestones:
Day 1745 - Weapons VAT from 3% to 12%
Day 1759 - Food VAT from 10% to 12%
Day 1761 - Income Tax from 10% to 1% and Food VAT from 12% to 17%
Day 1767 - Weapons VAT from 12% to 17%
Day 1774 - Mission with Rockets
Day 1786 - Weapons and Food VAT from 17% to 20%
Day 1802 - Weapons and Food VAT from 20% to 10%

Average Population: 1 560
Average Income: 11 121,45

The charts above are just an example with a bigger timeline.

Let's look to a Country like Brazil:

Relevant milestones:
Day 1774 - Mission with Rockets
Day 1780 - Weapons and Food VAT from 5% to 10%
Day 1800 - Income Tax from 10% to 20% and Weapons VAT from 10% to 1%

Average Population: 12 976
Average Income: 35 911,20

We can compare with Argentina fighting in many fronts against powerful enemies.

Relevant milestones:
Day 1774 - Mission with Rockets

Average Population: 12 807
Average Income: 65 984,90


Relevant Milestones
Day 1774 - Mission with Rockets
Day 1799 - Weapons VAT from 1% to 5%
Day 1800 - War with Hungary
Day 1810 - Income Tax from 15% to 25%

Average Population: 11 594
Average Income: 70 995,32

To round up these charts, I'll put two of the Balkan countries.


Relevant Milestones
Day 1786 - Income Tax from 6% to 1%
Day 1793 - Income Tax from 1% to 10%

Average Population: 14 820
Average Income: 47 449,36

And Croatia

Relevant Milestones
Day 1782 - Food VAT from 25% to 5%
Day 1792 - Income Tax from 10% to 15%
Day 1819 - Food VAT from 5% to 25%

Average Population: 4 152
Average Income: 22 617,55

As you can see from the data above, the relation between Bonus and country Income is not directly related, the numbers point actually more to a relation between the population and the country income. The only real benefit for the country is to their citizens’ production.

This are just a few examples, feel free to dig the data in the gdoc above.

Best Regards,




FreeEnough Tag 1,825, 12:43

A good thing to know. Vote

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Tag 1,825, 12:44

interesting grafics

Maali Akalka Aki
Maali Akalka Aki Tag 1,825, 12:44


Ice Killa
Ice Killa Tag 1,825, 12:46

Quite interesting.

Mr. Scrat
Mr. Scrat Tag 1,825, 12:48

Finally! The mith is dead...
Thanks for the numbers and work! \o/

Eunito Tag 1,825, 12:49

Excelent as always!

MemeWorker Tag 1,825, 12:49


EyeCAT Tag 1,825, 12:50

Mas tu não tens mais nada para fazer?
Botado carago!!

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celtgaerfelddafydd Tag 1,825, 12:52

nice to know.

Bitorino Tag 1,825, 12:52

Brutal... "Apenas" confirma com números aquilo que tenho defendido e só provar que o NAP que este governo que assinar com os espanhóis apenas servirá para queimar a imagem pública de Portugal junto dos seus aliados

Excelente artigo.

Calao Tag 1,825, 12:53

Espectacular. Myth buster 😃

armbeno Tag 1,825, 13:00

It's better to have 0 core regions and active wars then all core regions and no wars. Look at Sweden's tax income. When we fought against Poland our average income was over 10 000. We had all or regions back on day 1822. From that day our average income has been about 5000.

Good article. Voted!

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Tag 1,825, 13:00

Great job you've done... Voted this article must be... : )

DFPMP Tag 1,825, 13:01


Artigo extremamente oportuno.

teXou Tag 1,825, 13:06

Votado ... excelente como sempre.

Valerio Maximo
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John Bokinski
John Bokinski Tag 1,825, 13:08

Voted. Good analysis

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Votado, excelente análise o/

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faucoult Tag 1,825, 13:23

voted, it also proofs that increase in income and VAT tax rates causes decrease in tax income

işsızını işsazını işsıı

coolinbun Tag 1,825, 13:32


Kutluk Bilge Kul Kuyedi
Kutluk Bilge Kul Kuyedi Tag 1,825, 13:33

adam işsiz amk

dromi Tag 1,825, 13:33

good work

Fairy King
Fairy King Tag 1,825, 13:34



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New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Tag 1,825, 13:37

Great read!

Voted and shouted.

Lev Trocki
Lev Trocki Tag 1,825, 13:37

wow are you crazy?

cehme anani bacini sgiyim
cehme anani bacini sgiyim Tag 1,825, 13:38

this guy had plenty of spare time and now its gone, but what kind of a piç are you?

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KutlukBilgeKulKagan Tag 1,825, 13:38

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Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Tag 1,825, 13:40

amk o benim ikiz kardesim trollemeyin : ((

Great work jotapelx. Not only did you meticulously collect data, but also create wonderful graphs. Please check my PM when you have time

Sikimashuu Tag 1,825, 13:40


işsızını işsazını işsıı

KutlukBilgeKulKagan Tag 1,825, 13:42

o değilde etere niye yok lan

No Turkey here
unvoted, unsub, reported, sent ticket to admin.

ArslanbekSultanbekov Tag 1,825, 13:43

artistmisin la sen? bunu yazınca birşey olduğunu mu zannediyorsun? birdaha ekşici makaleleri yazdığını görem gerisini biliyosun. gevura bak hele.

www.iskur.com U need a job panpa X31

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Kutluk Bilge Kul Kuyedi Tag 1,825, 13:47

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eHayIn Tag 1,825, 13:49

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Matafuego Tag 1,825, 13:49

Great job! Voted.

PretenderHT Tag 1,825, 13:51

Artigo muito útil e que corrobora a minha opinião desde há algum tempo, de que guerra = desenvolvimento e que a paz e bónus nem sempre são sinónimo de crescimento e recuperação económica.

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Tag 1,825, 13:51

good job, voted

Mr Cubi
Mr Cubi Tag 1,825, 13:54

Muito bom jotapelx. Excelente Artigo


csc11 Tag 1,825, 14:11


TemujinBC Tag 1,825, 14:15

LOL at all amk from Turkey wondering where their country is.

Everyone knows Turkey is full of lalesi, so no extra resource bonus. No need to make chart for flower country


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