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[SPQR] Acta Non Verba

Tag 1,879, 16:15 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von Derphoof

SPQR is quite obviously spearheaded by older prominent and public players who have all done something for America in some way. However, they have been criticized as being a part of the problems that has led to our position today. Yet, it is a movement that has madly swept across the media and captured the imaginations of the people reading it. While it has presented much folklore, background, and storytelling by lifting up Publius as America’s Dio Brando, it has also been a hollow movement thus far. No true plans have been introduced. It has lacked much semblance of policy. All we know is that they wish to create “Nova Roma,” a new American Empire, while copypasting slogans in comment sections of articles. While people are obviously swept up in this madness, I am left scratching my head as to how those behind it want to see this occur. Is this a movement with specific leaders, a new eReligion, or just an expansionist philosophy? They must give us something of substance. They need to start giving us some policy. The public wants action, not words.

Many people credit the “Poison Pill” strategy of losing our extra regional bonuses with the slowing of the PTO. Some people would also likely disagree with that notion. America could possibly hold an empire without 10/10 bonuses, pleasing both camps. It just makes conquest a little more complicated than simply wiping nations. However, those involved in SPQR needs to decide if they want to advocate “Poison Pill” strategy or disregard it. After all, Empire and the Poison Pill do not seem to go hand in hand.

There are two reasons people think we should lose our bonuses. For some, they believe less bonuses means less congressmen. If we have less people in congress, then the AFA can’t get as many seats. Ipso Ergo, with less seats, they get less citizenship passes. Then there are those who will say that with less bonuses, the country will be less appealing to PTO’ers.

Not having 10/10 resources does make an impact by making the country less inviting for some PTO’ers. Even with this in place, the USA still could possibly make itself into an empire without holding 10/10 bonuses. We can hold all kinds of empirical holdings just for the sake of having fun and expanding our borders, while avoiding regions with certain bonuses. If SPQR wants to keep the poison pill, then they should look at the map and see what all we can take without holding 10/10 resources. Although, this does not make for efficient empire and leaves America open for attack from natural regions left unconquered. So I doubt this would really make for good strategy.

However, invasion and expansion presents another big problem to those who subscribe to SPQR mentality. How would you create an empire while conducting sound foreign policy? Having the USA control all of North America is always an idea that gets tossed around. It would be a magnificent triumph, and an ideal situation. The nation would look massive, encompassing 73 regions. This would make the destruction of America a monolithic task, which it is already with 51 regions. However, you run risks by pursuing such a feat. In invading Canada you may draw the ire of some EDEN nations, but they would not get EDEN’s true attention because they are headed to join Asgard. In invading Mexico, you would piss off CoT, whom America has been courting for months now. So where do we look? Where to expand?

Those who follow SPQR must advocate for a specific side of the international community, likely whichever holds more opportunity for expansion. They must do this before they dream of conquest, so they have a clear idea of where to go. If those who carry the banner of SPQR want to join CoT or align with it, then the answer is obviously to move North or East, by invading Canada or expanding through our holdings in Asia (or Both). After all, SPQR is meant to be a break from the status quo, and moving attention out of Europe and the Balkans by establishing a Pacific Empire would certainly break the status quo.

With the dominance of the Balkan nations in foreign and military affairs, Asia is often forgotten in the grand scheme of things. However, it is a fruitful ground for an empire. In taking Taiwan, the USA showed that it can easily move into Asia. With this, we already have a stepping stone to get into China. So why not push deeper into the region? The USA is already clearly stronger than China and EDEN is preoccupied with plenty of other battles. If those in SPQR do not care about the “Poison Pill” strategy, then they could try to take as much of China as possible. Taking China strategically helps CoT by establishing full regional dominance and crippling EDEN. This would mean that Western EDEN nations are dominated by Poland, Chile, Spain and Brazil, the Balkan EDEN nations are constantly harassed by Serbia & Co., while Asia in general is dominated by the USA and Indonesia.

EDEN would likely not be able to overcome such a crippling scenario. It would possibly bring a clear end to the global conflict with one side completely dominating the other in most of the world.

I for one am curious to see if those at the head of SPQR can develop a sort of policy, as suggested above, to rally behind. They have many questions to answer:

Do you keep the “Poison Pill?”
Do you obtain 10/10 resources?
Where should we expand to?
Does the movement support CoT?
Would you work with traditional enemies to further America’s Empire?
Should it focus on EDEN’s Downfall?

I’m willing to wait and see what they have in store, but they cannot wait too long. They’ve established a base, they’ve had fun with folklore and storytelling, but now they need to move on to the hard stuff. How will they establish Nova Roma? Perhaps they are just waiting until various elections before they propose candidates and policies, only time will tell.

People have been swept up into a frenzy and are excited. They want to see what they may be planning. America doesn’t want to see a bunch of prominent older players engaging in some kind of self-indulgent, fruitless roleplay. They want action. They long for some sort of empire, something to make the game interesting again.

Only when it ceases to be a cult of personality and instead becomes a group with a policy to manifest its expansionist desires, will we see it be truly legitimized in the minds of the American people. The movement needs to coalesce, settle on a direction, and promote it in the media rather than giving us fantastical articles about the glory of Publius.

So don’t just talk about creating an empire.
Introduce some ideas.
Give us some policy.

The public wants action, not words.

Acta Non Verba



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,879, 16:32

kk, maybe you should go help yourself to another 200 gold in the Canadian treasury?

pop George
pop George Tag 1,879, 16:35

I can almost read what you write...but why white wash things, we have been set up as a country and will continue to be played poorly (as a country in an on-line social strategy game) cause a brat coalition can pull it off as they have...

Publius Tag 1,879, 16:38

Your text wanders a bit in the middle but you do have a point. I think everyone naturally assumes that we do have plans. Of course we do. Prominent players do not often get together in large groups simply to waste their time.

That said, one must tamp down expectations slightly. Every social movement has to go through a certain process and we are still at the beginning. Mechanics and even simple social psychology prevent us from jumping to immediate action.

I thank you for this article because it reinforces that people are interested and care about what we are doing. I encourage you to become further involved. We are active on the forum and we idle in #SPQR. Snake dr will make an avatar for you and we can use your enthusiasm and labor as our projects get launched.

It is truly a great time to be a member of Nova Roma.


Bucephalus92 Tag 1,879, 17:33

At the end of the day at least the people orchestrating this SPQR thing are doing something. The same group of people is trying to do something for the sake of fun and the same group of people is trying to tear it down.

pop George
pop George Tag 1,879, 17:40

^ fun is destruction?

Candor Tag 1,879, 18:10

"The same group of people"

Same people, and expecting different results.

Same. People.


I wish everyone good fun though in whatever brings them joy.

CptKaydee Tag 1,879, 19:06

Same People, Same Results.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Tag 1,879, 21:59


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,880, 04:30

""The same group of people"

Same people, and expecting different results.

Same. People.


I wish everyone good fun though in whatever brings them joy. "


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 1,880, 05:45

""The same group of people"

Same people, and expecting different results.

Same. People.


I wish everyone good fun though in whatever brings them joy. "


'I think everyone naturally assumes that we do have plans. Of course we do. Prominent players do not often get together in large groups simply to waste their time.'

I for one do not assume anything. So far all America has seen is spam everywhere, a bunch of fairy tales about another personality clique; a bunch of the same 'Flufferist' trying to repackage the same loser attitude -ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS...

Until you as the supposed god emperor take some kind of action this is all good 'meta gaming', but nothing of real substance; and it is still led by the 'Fanatic Flufferist Faction'....

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Tag 1,880, 14:37

Let's get those P's and Q's in order shall we? At least one Word became flesh...

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Tag 1,881, 12:35

@ElPatoDiablo, thanks for citing my article. I enjoyed someone actually writing a sensible article about SPQR from an outside perspective. I would caution against saying SPQR is pro-CoT and wants to invade Asia, since this is my foreign policy, but I do view it as a good alternative that SPQR could pursue.

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