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[smeekileaks] If these are your allies then you don't need enemies!

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FYROM is once again crying for help from their allies. They are scared Greece will erase them and therefore they will not have congress. FYROM asked Serbia for help in their war with Greece but Serbia denied them this request. Surprisingly though, Serbia suddenly changed their minds and was willing to help FYROM. Why did Serbia change their minds you ask? Good Question! It seems FYROM is also asking this and they do not trust Serbia at all. FYROM is scared that Serbia will take more "regions" from FYROM just like they took Apulia from them a couple months ago.

I publish many logs, many of them are long, but I truly suggest you read this one.. it is funny indeed. It seems FYROM is threatening both TWO and Serbia and both Serbia and TWO are threatening FYROM.. all I can say about this is hail FYROM-SERBIAN Brotherhood Sisterhood!

In this log you will see:
Cookies Crisp - the SG of TWO
Desert Hamster - the MOD of Serbia
Boban Panovski - the CP of FYROM
Aliss Wonder - the MOFA of FYROM

On an extremely funny note, the discussion between FYROM and Serbia was of course in Serbian, this is an English translation.


# # # Log session started at Sun Jan 20 00:24:28 2013 # # #
Alissa has joined #talks2
<@Cookies_Crisp> Can we talk Serbian? E
<Aliss> yes

<@Cookies_Crisp> We want to talk about MKD
<@Cookies_Crisp> and how to preserve your Congress
<Aliss> yes
<Aliss> Boban is not here but I will report it to him in detail later
<@Cookies_Crisp> I thought MKD go to Montenegro
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbia + MKD NE Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD takes North and Central Montenegro
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbia takes Coast of Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD RW Tirana
<Aliss> if we NE Albania we are losing MPP with America......
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbian takes that region later
<@Cookies_Crisp> MPP or Congress?
<@Cookies_Crisp>: |
<@Cookies_Crisp> you will sign it again
desert_hamster has joined # talks2
<desert_hamster> e
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD would be cut off from Greece
<@Cookies_Crisp> essentially
<@Cookies_Crisp> and we would try to defend western MKD
<@Cookies_Crisp> that is some of my ideas: P
<@Cookies_Crisp> desert_hamster: Serbian + MKD NE on Albania = MKD takes North and Central Montenegro, Albania returns Tirana
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbian taken Albanian Coast and later even Tirana
<@Cookies_Crisp> try to defend Western MKD
<desert_hamster> I am for it
<desert_hamster> love to attack Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> I think that the only way we can preserve their Congress
<@Cookies_Crisp>: D
<desert_hamster> we would fu*k her congress
<desert_hamster> will Bulgarians NE them?
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD would have to win this http://www.erepublik.com/en/military/battlefield/37734
<@Cookies_Crisp> they said they would if Serbia would as well
<@Cookies_Crisp> Turkey NE'd them already
<@Cookies_Crisp> about 23-24
<@Cookies_Crisp> Poles will be able to go for Turks
<@Cookies_Crisp> they work on Romania to lose Congress
<desert_hamster> that about Romania is idiotic
<@Cookies_Crisp> Maybe
<@Cookies_Crisp> it's not planned
<@Cookies_Crisp> NAP was expected to be signed immediately
<@Cookies_Crisp> but Poles wanted to make them suffer

<@Cookies_Crisp> What do you think Aliss?
<Aliss> I will tell bobanabout your ideas
<@Cookies_Crisp> do you have a cell phone? : P
<Aliss> although I already talked with desert_hamster about Albania
<Aliss> and he knows what I think of it
<@Cookies_Crisp> if you want this, we have to defend Tirana
<@Cookies_Crisp> and you have to NE Albania
<@ igajunior> desert_hamster: Aliss Cookies_Crisp how difficult it will be to return Tirana?
<@Cookies_Crisp> currently is dificult to keep it : D
<Aliss> honestly I'm directed to the eastern ....
<@Cookies_Crisp> returning Tirana dependens on the MKD
<desert_hamster> it will be very messed up to return Tirana
<desert_hamster> a
<desert_hamster> mkd needs that
ZeBosk_AFK is away: I'm out. If I do not come back, just wait five minutes more
<@ igajunior> I know
<@Cookies_Crisp> Aliss:
<@Cookies_Crisp> do you have Boban' cell number?
<Aliss> yes
<@Cookies_Crisp> can you invite him to chat?
<Aliss> he can't join on his celphone
<Aliss> he is in the disco
<Aliss> k
<@ igajunior> lol
<@Cookies_Crisp> vCP?
<Aliss> we talked half hour ago
<Aliss> vcp is in the hospital his dad was in surgery
<@Cookies_Crisp> Can you not decide about it then?
<Aliss> give me half an hour to consult with my people
<Aliss> but we don't need Albania like it is ...
<desert_hamster> I tell you nicelly
<desert_hamster> I wanted to attack them already
<desert_hamster> they spread too much
<@Cookies_Crisp> they set up a monument for terrorists
<desert_hamster> do you need Montenegrian regions?
<@Cookies_Crisp> we have a casus belli!
<desert_hamster> I mean
<desert_hamster> no one uses them
<desert_hamster>: D

<@Cookies_Crisp> Aliss: http://www.erepublik.com/en/military/battlefield/37734 defend this
<@Cookies_Crisp>: P
<@ igajunior> I feel that anything can happen
<@ igajunior>: D
<@ igajunior> especially if CG returns some region
<@ igajunior>: D
<@Cookies_Crisp> we can fake RW rthe central Montenegro
<@Cookies_Crisp> before NE
<@Cookies_Crisp> and then block them for min 40h
<@Cookies_Crisp>: E
<@Cookies_Crisp> just need MKDto NE and defend Tirana : (
<Aliss> Boban is here
<Aliss> can you invite?
<Aliss> Cookies_Crisp:?
<@Cookies_Crisp> yes
<Aliss> desert_hamster: what have you and me agree to Albania?
<desert_hamster> you told to me the other day
<desert_hamster> to not attack them
<Aliss> that Albania is ours
<@Cookies_Crisp> it's MKD Congress: P
<@Cookies_Crisp> [SS]Boban:
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbia + MKD NE Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD takes North and Central MNE
<@Cookies_Crisp> RW Tirana back to Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbia takes the Coast of Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> later Tirana
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD has Congress
<@Cookies_Crisp> all happy
<@Cookies_Crisp>: P
<@Cookies_Crisp> What do you think? E
<Aliss> [SS]Boban: Do you agree on this?
<Aliss> I honestly do not
<[SS]Boban> no
<Aliss> just I did not want to without you ...
<Aliss> talk
<@Cookies_Crisp> OK
<[SS]Boban> how do you benefit of this?
<@Cookies_Crisp> -. -
<@Cookies_Crisp> do you want Congress or not?
<[SS]Boban> you are not doing this because of our Congress

<@Cookies_Crisp> [SS]Boban:
<@Cookies_Crisp> I hope you do not expect me to beg you so we can save Congress for you
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp how you changed your opinion about us in 24 hours
<[SS]Boban> you are winning something by this
<[SS]Boban> I can not accept this
<[SS]Boban> and thats it
<[SS]Boban> I know that I can think of something
<[SS]Boban> I'm going to have Congress

<@Cookies_Crisp> My personal opinion
<desert_hamster> we don't have
<[SS]Boban> thats it
<desert_hamster> to be honest
<desert_hamster> we do not benefit of this
<@Cookies_Crisp> this has nothing to do with you
<desert_hamster> from taking albania
<desert_hamster> and having one more RW
<Aliss> desert_hamster: we know that this is not the first time that you are asking us to give up Albania and let you have it...
<[SS]Boban> and desert_hamster
<desert_hamster> no
<[SS]Boban> when you get 10 rw
<[SS]Boban> from 1
<desert_hamster> I didn't ask for Albania
<[SS]Boban> and let that to Albanians
<Aliss> then you are draining dmg: D
<[SS]Boban> they NE us
<desert_hamster> but to mess up Albanian Congress
<[SS]Boban> and we would be in deep mess again
<[SS]Boban> as it was with the Greek
<@Cookies_Crisp> you do not want Congress?
<[SS]Boban> 6-7 days ago
<@ igajunior> people, no one is interested in Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbian benefits last
<@Cookies_Crisp> actually
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbia gets nothing
<@Cookies_Crisp> we already have 10/10
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp the way you got it
<Aliss> why do you insist on Albania then?

<[SS]Boban> you can lose it the same way
<[SS]Boban> I hope it's clar?
<Aliss> if you want to help us simply fight against the Greeks
<[SS]Boban> clear *
<Aliss> or I'm going to ask again
<@Cookies_Crisp> Because of your paranoia
<[SS]Boban> you have free NE
<@Cookies_Crisp> at the end you will lose Congress
<[SS]Boban> put it on Greeks
<[SS]Boban> you have a border
<[SS]Boban> so that we can fight
<[SS]Boban> rather then Albania

<@Cookies_Crisp> I would like to say something
<Aliss> exactly
<@Cookies_Crisp> but I don't represent Serbia
<@Cookies_Crisp>: p
<Aliss> Do you have NAP with the Greeks????
<Aliss> Do you have NAP with the Greeks????
<Aliss> desert_hamster:?
<desert_hamster> we do not have it
<Aliss> answer me?
<desert_hamster> nap
<desert_hamster> ...
<@ igajunior> no
<Aliss> then NE Greeks
<[SS]Boban> come on then lets push back Greeks
<[SS]Boban> where they belong
<@Cookies_Crisp> You can not hold the Greeks
<[SS]Boban> I have no intention to hold them
<[SS]Boban> but I can not be hiding in Montenegro
<@Cookies_Crisp> OK
<@Cookies_Crisp> your choice

<Aliss> right will you help us save the Congress so you NE Greece?
<@Cookies_Crisp> explain to me why the Greeks can not ignore the Serbia-Greece war
<@Cookies_Crisp> and fight just against you?
<@ igajunior> Aliss: this what Cookies_Crisp says can be a problem
<[SS]Boban> it's not the same
<[SS]Boban> if they put 100m
<[SS]Boban> against us
<[SS]Boban> and to put at 2 places 50
<[SS]Boban> Are you saying that no one from Greece will hit in the SRB-Greek war?
<@Cookies_Crisp> we need much more than one Greek not hitting
<Aliss> they prolly wont let you win their regions just like that ...
<Aliss> if you shoot and they will
<desert_hamster> they want for Congress
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp so if you take their regions easy
<desert_hamster> not later
<[SS]Boban> in 3 days you can take half a Greece
<[SS]Boban> and more
<@Cookies_Crisp> 3 regions in 3 days we can only
<@Cookies_Crisp> half a Greece can not physically be performed
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp
<[SS]Boban> Macedonia, Epirus and the Ionians are 3 days
<[SS]Boban> and we have no longer the border
<@Cookies_Crisp> Povardarie
<Aliss> will be returned by RW
<Aliss> while you fight
<Aliss> down
<[SS]Boban> that is not a problem
<@Cookies_Crisp> ok
<@Cookies_Crisp> this means
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbian NE Greece
<@Cookies_Crisp> 24h
<@Cookies_Crisp> attack on the Ionian
<@Cookies_Crisp> 24h
<@Cookies_Crisp> attack on Epirus
<@Cookies_Crisp> 24h
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD attack 24 hours
<@Cookies_Crisp> YES
<@Cookies_Crisp> plan is great
<[SS]Boban> to take just Macedonia, border region and we will lose the border and it will be easier
<@Cookies_Crisp> Do you read what I write or what?
<[SS]Boban> I'm reading
<@Cookies_Crisp> While Serbia reach Macedonia
<@Cookies_Crisp> Greeks will already take Western MKD
<@Cookies_Crisp> and attack Tirana
<[SS]Boban> we can defend ourselves in the meantime
<Aliss> Tirana might be lost tonight
<Aliss> will vie plus share stetata
<Aliss> and battles wont be that tight
<@Cookies_Crisp> ....
<@Cookies_Crisp> if you can defend yourself
<@Cookies_Crisp> I would not have made such plans
<@Cookies_Crisp> and we would not be talking here now
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp I told you
<[SS]Boban> its not the same
<[SS]Boban> 100m
<[SS]Boban> against us
<[SS]Boban> and 2 battles per 50
<@Cookies_Crisp> they will ignore
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbia
<@Cookies_Crisp> because they want to take your Congress
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp how much time do you need to give back 1 region? 3-4 days? because there are some not informed
<[SS]Boban> and there is so as well
<[SS]Boban> always have someone to hit +
<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbia is a different story: P
<[SS]Boban> certainly you will not take the round with 100%
<@Cookies_Crisp> we do not like giving back a region
<Aliss> can not ignore you not to allow it to lose border with MKD
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp to ignore the lost of territories is not going to happened
<[SS]Boban> D;
<Aliss> I know that you do not like to return regions: D
<Aliss> I know it very well : D
<Aliss> [01:13:27]<@Cookies_Crisp> Serbian is a different story: P <<<<< What should this mean?
<@Cookies_Crisp> that means we do not like returning a region
<@Cookies_Crisp> mainly
<@Cookies_Crisp> we wanted this because of you
<Aliss> however you do not have to return Greek regions: D
<Aliss> I'm not worried about that
<Aliss> you chop off us and keep your regions
<Aliss> we will stick to the plan and take resources from Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> hehe
<@Cookies_Crisp> you are obsessed with resources

<@Cookies_Crisp>: P
<Aliss> and you are not??
<@Cookies_Crisp> you're paranoid
<@Cookies_Crisp> childish
<Aliss> we need it
<[SS]Boban> ahaha childish
<Aliss> what else are we?

<[SS]Boban> greetings
Cookies_Crisp has quit IRC
<Aliss> desert_hamster: Now tell me honestly what is real reason for all this???
<Aliss> yesterday when I asked for help cookies_crisp aka sc or CG or SG or whatever, and that the TWO had other problems and priorities
<Aliss> now within 24 hours he wants to help us???
<Aliss> I do not drink oil you know?

Cookies_Crisp has joined # talks2
<Cookies_Crisp> Well this Aliss
<Cookies_Crisp> I DO NOT represent Serbia
<Aliss> http://prntscr.com/pqmn2
<Aliss> here's what I asked desert_hamster
<Aliss> al you can do the little bit honest for a change
<Cookies_Crisp> if you expect me to beg
<Cookies_Crisp> for you to have Congress
<Cookies_Crisp> and to help
<Cookies_Crisp> you are mistaken
<Aliss> its not matter of congress
<Aliss> I don't want to argue with you, we argued enough

<Cookies_Crisp> I agree
<Aliss> just want you to be a little more honest with me
<Cookies_Crisp> I'm honest
<Aliss> and open
<Cookies_Crisp> have no reason not to be
<Aliss> if you want to help us you will NE Greece
<Cookies_Crisp> will help you
<Cookies_Crisp> not to expose ourselves to the danger
<Cookies_Crisp> at least TWO HQ thinks like that
<Aliss> we have attacked Greeks for COTW interests .....
<Cookies_Crisp> not
<Aliss> and that this is what we get in return
<Cookies_Crisp> you attacked them for yourself
<Cookies_Crisp> you should be honest and open if you expect the same from others
<Aliss> I am
<Cookies_Crisp> you attacked them for your sake
<Cookies_Crisp> the same reason why you attack them
<Aliss> we attacked them to drain damage while you pound turkey
<Cookies_Crisp> last 2 years
<Aliss> boring it is for us, this war
<Aliss> its not the same
<Aliss> no patriotism
<Aliss> we also want what you have and what BG got.. exit from the Balkan cage

<Cookies_Crisp> I will repeat
<Cookies_Crisp> for the fifth time
<Cookies_Crisp> I do NOT represent Serbia here
<Cookies_Crisp> but TWO HQ
<Aliss> and the two agreed that you attack Albania so you could defend us????
<Cookies_Crisp> How about you read what I suggested?
<Cookies_Crisp> It would probably be easier to understand what's going on
<Aliss> what you propose to me looks more like a proposal from Serbia not from TWO
<Cookies_Crisp> honestly
<Cookies_Crisp> I do not care how you think it looks
<Cookies_Crisp> I already said I do not want and I refuse to beg and convince you that you help me rescue you kongress
<Cookies_Crisp> And one more thing, I've already been told today
<Cookies_Crisp> amount of assistance TWO recives of MKD
<Cookies_Crisp> will be proportional to the assistance MKD receive from TWO
<Cookies_Crisp> Take it as you wish

<Aliss> while Hungary was on the Turks while you were still with Turkey you had CoD with us
<Aliss> and DO
<Cookies_Crisp> If so
<Aliss> and we striked and organized to help you
<Cookies_Crisp> no cause for concern
<Cookies_Crisp> right?
<Aliss> it is
<Cookies_Crisp> Super the
<Cookies_Crisp> then*
<Aliss> but boban here gave the proposal
<Aliss> to helps us best and easiest
<Cookies_Crisp> and TWO did
<Cookies_Crisp> strategy is not his stronger side: P
<Aliss> al from Serbia they don't want to fight and are desperate for Albania
<Cookies_Crisp> if Serbia wanted so much
<Cookies_Crisp> Albania would already been taken
<Aliss> can not because of us: D
<Cookies_Crisp> why not
<Cookies_Crisp> look at the map
<Cookies_Crisp> Serbia could take Albania
<Cookies_Crisp> just like MKD coul take Italy while Serbia was deleted
<Aliss> I do not speak about the map I see every day map att least 5 times: D
<Cookies_Crisp> but I appreciate that Serbia is not like that
<Aliss>I do not speak about map but of the relationship and friendship between the two eCountries
<Cookies_Crisp> kk
<Cookies_Crisp> Well
<Cookies_Crisp> Ido not want to keep you any more
<Cookies_Crisp> we offered a solution
<Cookies_Crisp> refused by MKD and it is ok
<Cookies_Crisp> it does not even cross my mind to ask you to have Congress
<Cookies_Crisp> good luck
# # # Log session terminated at Thu Jan 20 01:38:01 2013 # #


### Log session started at Sun Jan 20 00:24:28 2013 ###
Aliss has joined #talks2
<Aliss> o/
<@Cookies_Crisp> o/
<@Cookies_Crisp> Moze Srpski?:E
<Aliss> moze
<@Cookies_Crisp> Hocemo da pricamo o MKD
<@Cookies_Crisp> i kako da vam sacuvamo kongres
<Aliss> ajde
<Aliss> boban mi nije tu ali izvesticu ga kasnije detaljno
<@Cookies_Crisp> Mislio sam da MKD ide u Crnu Goru
<@Cookies_Crisp> Srbija+MKD NE Albanija
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD uzima Sever i Centralnu CG
<@Cookies_Crisp> Srbija uzima Coast of Albania
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD RW Tirana
<Aliss> ama ako stavime ne na albanija gubime mpp so amerika......
<@Cookies_Crisp> Srbija posle uzima tu regiju
<@Cookies_Crisp> MPP ili Kongres ?
<@Cookies_Crisp> 😐
<@Cookies_Crisp> potpisacete ga opet
desert_hamster has joined #talks2
<desert_hamster> e
<@Cookies_Crisp> MKD bi bila odsecena od Grcke
<@Cookies_Crisp> u sustini
<@Cookies_Crisp> pa bi probali da odbranimo zapadnu MKD
<@Cookies_Crisp> to je neka moja ideja 😛
<@Cookies_Crisp> desert_hamster: Srbija+MKD NE Albanija = MKD uzima Sever i Centralnu CG, vraca Albaniji Tiranu
<@Cookies_Crisp> Srbija uzima obalu Albanije kasnije Tiranu
<@Cookies_Crisp> probamo da odbranimo Zapadnu MKD
<desert_hamster> ja sam za
<desert_hamster> volim da napadamo albaniju
<@Cookies_Crisp> mislim da samo tako mozemo kongres da im sacuvamo
<@Cookies_Crisp> 😃
<desert_hamster> jos bi joj %$#%$% kongres 😃
<desert_hamster> hoce bugari stavljati NE?
<@Cookies_Crisp> morali bi da dobiju ovo MKD http://www.erepublik.com/en/military/battlefield/37734
<@Cookies_Crisp> rekli su da hoce ako zeli i Srbija
<@Cookies_Crisp> na njih je vec Turska stavila NE
<@Cookies_Crisp> oko 23-24
<@Cookies_Crisp> Poljaci ce moci na Turke
<@Cookies_Crisp> oni rade na Rumuniji bez kongresa
<desert_hamster> to sa rumunijom je idiotizam
<@Cookies_Crisp> Mozda
<@Cookies_Crisp> nije planirano
<@Cookies_Crisp> NAP je trebalo da se potpise odmah
<@Cookies_Crisp> ali Poljaci su hteli da se izivljavaju
<@Cookies_Crisp> sta mislis ti Aliss ?
<Aliss> ja ke mu kazem na boban za vashata ideja
<@Cookies_Crisp> imas mobilni? 😛
<Aliss> mada ja prethodno zbori so desert_hamster za albanija
<Aliss> i on zna sta mislim ja za to
<@Cookies_Crisp> ako hocemo tako moramo da odbranimo Tiranu
<@Cookies_Crisp> i da NEujete Albaniju
<@igajunior> desert_hamster: Aliss Cookies_Crisp koliko ce biti zajebano vratiti Tiranu?
<@Cookies_Crisp> trenutno je zajebano sacuvati je 😃
<Aliss> iskreno ja sam nasocena na eastern....
<@Cookies_Crisp> a vratiti je zavisi od MKD
<desert_hamster> veoma ce biti @#$@#$ vratiti tiranu
<desert_hamster> vec da albaniji @#$@#$ kongres
<[SS]Boban> i mi opet u govnika
<[SS]Boban> govnima*
<[SS]Boban> kao sto je bilo i sa grcke
<@Cookies_Crisp> Ne zelite kongres?
<[SS]Boban> pre 6-7 dana
<@igajunior> ljudi ne interesuje nikoga albanija
<@Cookies_Crisp> Srbija najmanje dobija ovim
<@Cookies_Crisp> zapravo
<@Cookies_Crisp> nista ne dobija
<@Cookies_Crisp> 10/10 vec ima
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp kako ste dobili
<Aliss> zasto ondak uporno trazite albaniju?
<[SS]Boban> tako mozete i da izgubite
<[SS]Boban> to je valdja jasno ?
<Aliss> ako hocete da nama pomognete jednostavno tucite grke
<[SS]Boban> valjda*
<Aliss> ili ja cu da opet pitam
<@Cookies_Crisp> Zbog vase paranoje
<[SS]Boban> imate slobodan NE
<@Cookies_Crisp> na kraju cete izgubiti kongres
<[SS]Boban> pustite na grke
<[SS]Boban> imate granicu
<[SS]Boban> pa da bijemo
<[SS]Boban> a ne albanija
<@Cookies_Crisp> rekao bih nesto
<Aliss> tocno
<@Cookies_Crisp> ali en zastupam Srbiju
<@Cookies_Crisp> 😛
<Aliss> jel imate NAP so grcite????
<Aliss> jel imate NAP so grcite????
<Aliss> desert_hamster: ?
<desert_hamster> nemamo
<Aliss> odgovori mi?
<desert_hamster> nap
<desert_hamster> ...
<@igajunior> ne
<Aliss> ondak dajte ne grcima
<[SS]Boban> epa ajde da vratimo grke
<[SS]Boban> gde im je mesto
<@Cookies_Crisp> Ne mozete da drzite Grke
<[SS]Boban> nemam ni nameru da drzim
<[SS]Boban> ali ne mogu da se skrivam u crnu goru
<@Cookies_Crisp> OK
<@Cookies_Crisp> vas izbor
<Aliss> jel cete pomoci nama spasit kongres so NE na grcija?
<@Cookies_Crisp> Pojasni mi zasto Grci ne mogu da ignorisu Srbija-Grcka rat
<@Cookies_Crisp> i tuku samo protiv vas?
<@igajunior> Aliss: ovo sto Cookies_Crisp kaze moze biti problem
<[SS]Boban> nije isto
<[SS]Boban> da udre 100m
<[SS]Boban> protiv nas
<[SS]Boban> i da udre na 2 mesta po 50
<[SS]Boban> hocete da kazete da ni 1 grk nece udariti u srb-gr rat ?
<@Cookies_Crisp> treba nam da mnogo vise od jednog grka ne udara
<Aliss> vajda nece da vas puste da im osvajate tako regije...
<Aliss> ako vi pucate i oni ce
<desert_hamster> hoce za kongres
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp ako uzimate tako lako regije
<desert_hamster> posle nece
<[SS]Boban> vi za 3 dana uzimate pola grcku
<[SS]Boban> i vise
<@Cookies_Crisp> za 3 dana mozemo samo 3 regije
<@Cookies_Crisp> pola Grcke ne moze fizicki da se izvede
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp
<[SS]Boban> macedonia,epirus i ionians su ti 3 dana
<[SS]Boban> i nemamo mi granicu vise
<@Cookies_Crisp> Povardarie
<Aliss> rw-om cemo ga vratiti
<Aliss> dok vi bijete
<Aliss> dol
<Aliss> e
<[SS]Boban> nije to problem
<@Cookies_Crisp> ok
<@Cookies_Crisp> znaci ovako
<@Cookies_Crisp> Srbija NE Grcka
<@Cookies_Crisp> 24h
<@Cookies_Crisp> napad na Ionian
<@Cookies_Crisp> 24h
<@Cookies_Crisp> napad na Epirus
<@Cookies_Crisp> 24h
<@Cookies_Crisp> napad na MKD 24h
<@Cookies_Crisp> DA
<@Cookies_Crisp> plan je super
<[SS]Boban> da se uzme samo macedonia region i gubimo granicu, posle je lakse
<@Cookies_Crisp> Da li citas sta pisem ili ?
<[SS]Boban> citam
<@Cookies_Crisp> Dok Srbija stigne do Macedonia
<@Cookies_Crisp> Grci ce vec uzeti Zapadnu MKD
<@Cookies_Crisp> i napasti Tiranu
<[SS]Boban> mozemo i da se odbranimo mi u medjuvreme
<Aliss> tiranu mozda izgubimo veceras
<Aliss> plus vie ke podelite stetata
<Aliss> i nema da bidat tolku tesni bitkite
<@Cookies_Crisp> ....
<@Cookies_Crisp> Da mozete da se odbranite
<@Cookies_Crisp> mi ne bi pravili ovakve planove
<@Cookies_Crisp> i ne bi pricali ovde sada
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp ja sam reko
<[SS]Boban> nije isto
<[SS]Boban> 100m
<[SS]Boban> protiv nas
<[SS]Boban> i na 2 mesta po 50
<@Cookies_Crisp> ignorisace
<@Cookies_Crisp> Srbiju
<@Cookies_Crisp> jer zele da vam uzmu kongres
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp koliko vreme vam treba da vratite 1regiu onako ? 3-4 dana? jer ima neimformiranih
<[SS]Boban> pa i tamo je tako
<[SS]Boban> uvek ima neko da udari +
<@Cookies_Crisp> Srbija je druga prica 😛
<[SS]Boban> sigurno necete uzimati rundu sa 100%
<@Cookies_Crisp> mi ne volimo da vracamo regije
<Aliss> ne moze da vas ignorishu nema da dozvole da se otcepu od mkd
<[SS]Boban> Cookies_Crisp da ignorisu da gube teritorije ne ide
<[SS]Boban> 😉
<Aliss> znam da ne volite da vracate regije 😃
<Aliss> ja to najbolje znam 😃
<Aliss> [01:13:27] <@Cookies_Crisp> Srbija je druga prica 😛 <<<<< sta treba ovo da znaci?
<@Cookies_Crisp> to znaci de ne volimo da vracamo regije
<@Cookies_Crisp> uglavnom
<@Cookies_Crisp> ovo smo hteli zbog vas
<Aliss> ma ne morate vi da grcima vracate regije 😃
<Aliss> ne brinem ja o tome
<Aliss> vi otsecite nama i cuvajte si regije
<Aliss> mi cemo kako sto je i bio plan da uzmemo resursite od albanija
<@Cookies_Crisp> hehe
<@Cookies_Crisp> vi ste opsednuti resursima
<@Cookies_Crisp> 😛
<Aliss> a vi niste??
<@Cookies_Crisp> paranoicni ste
<@Cookies_Crisp> neozbiljni
<Aliss> trebaju nama
<[SS]Boban> ahaha neozbiljni
<Aliss> sta smo jos?
<[SS]Boban> ajt pozdrav
<Aliss> desert_hamster: kazi mi sad iskreno sta se krije pozadi sve ovo???
<Aliss> kad sam juce molila za pomosh cookies_crisp aka sc ili cg ili sg ili sto i da e u TWO je imao druge probleme i prioritete
<Aliss> sada u roku od 24 casa on zeli da nama pomogne???
<Aliss> ne pijem nafta ja znas?
Cookies_Crisp has joined #talks2
<Cookies_Crisp> Pa ovako Aliss
<Cookies_Crisp> ja NE predstavljam Srbiju
<Aliss> http://prntscr.com/pqmn2
<Aliss> evo sta sam pitala desert_hamster
<Aliss> al mozes i ti bit malo iskren za promenu
<Cookies_Crisp> ako ste ocekivali da cu vas moliti
<Cookies_Crisp> da imate kongres
<Cookies_Crisp> i da vam pomognemo
<Cookies_Crisp> pogresili ste
<Aliss> ma nije ovo zbog kongresaaa
<Aliss> necu da se svagjam sa tobom dosta je svagje bilo
<Cookies_Crisp> slazem se
<Aliss> samo trazim da budes malo iskren sa mnom
<Cookies_Crisp> ja sam iskren
<Aliss> i otvoren
<Cookies_Crisp> nemam razloga da ne budem
<Aliss> ako zelite da nama pomognete onda ke dadete NE na grcija
<Cookies_Crisp> Pomocicemo vam
<Cookies_Crisp> tako da ne izlozimo sebe opasnoscu
<Cookies_Crisp> to je bar stav TWO HQa
<Aliss> pa mi smo zbog cotwo napali grke bre.....
<Cookies_Crisp> ne
<Aliss> i evo sta sto dobili zauzvrat
<Cookies_Crisp> napali ste ih zbog sebe
<Cookies_Crisp> budu ti iskrena i otvorena ako ocekujes isto od drugih
<Aliss> jesam
<Cookies_Crisp> napali ste ih iz zbog vas
<Cookies_Crisp> iz istog razloga zbog kojeg ih napadate
<Aliss> napali smo ih za da dreiniramo stetu dok vi lupate turska
<Cookies_Crisp> zadnje 2 godine
<Aliss> ma dosadna je nama ta bitka
<Aliss> nije vishe to to
<Aliss> nema patriotizam vishe
<Aliss> mi isto zelimo ono sto ste vi i bg dobili izlaz iz balkanskog kafeza
<Cookies_Crisp> Ponovicu
<Cookies_Crisp> peti put
<Cookies_Crisp> ja ne predstavljam Srbiju ovde
<Cookies_Crisp> vec TWO HQ
<Aliss> i celo two se slaze da vi napadnete albaniju za da odbranite nas????
<Cookies_Crisp> Sta mislis da procitas sta sam predlozio?
<Cookies_Crisp> Verovatno bi bilo lakse da razumes o cemu se radi
<Aliss> to sto si predlozio meni izgleda povekje kako predlog od Srbije ne TWOa
<Cookies_Crisp> iskreno
<Cookies_Crisp> ne zanima me kako tebi izgleda
<Cookies_Crisp> vec sam rekao ne zelim i odbijam da molim i ubedjujem vas da vam MI pomognemo da spasite VAS kongress
<Cookies_Crisp> I jos jedna stvar, koju sam vec porucio danas
<Cookies_Crisp> Kolicina pomoci koju TWO dobija od MKD
<Cookies_Crisp> bice srazmerna pomoci koju MKD dobija od TWO
<Cookies_Crisp> Radite sa tim sta zelite
<Aliss> dok je Ungarija bila sa Turke dok ste Vi bile sa Turskom uvek ste bile CoD kod nas
<Aliss> i DO
<Cookies_Crisp> Ako je tako
<Aliss> i udari smo organizirali da pucamo da vama pomognemo
<Cookies_Crisp> nema razloga za brigu
<Cookies_Crisp> zar ne ?
<Aliss> jeste
<Cookies_Crisp> Super ond
<Cookies_Crisp> onda*
<Aliss> al evo boban je dao predlog
<Aliss> kako bi nama najbolje i najlakshe pomogli
<Cookies_Crisp> I TWO je
<Cookies_Crisp> strategija mu nije jaca strana 😛
<Aliss> al iz neki razlog Srbija ne prifvata to tuku ocajno trazi albaniju
<Cookies_Crisp> Srbija da toliko zeli
<Cookies_Crisp> Albaniju uzela bi je vec
<Aliss> al ne moze od nas:D
<Cookies_Crisp> Kako ne moze
<Cookies_Crisp> pogledaj mapu
<Cookies_Crisp> mogla je Srbija da uzme Albaniju
<Cookies_Crisp> bas kao MKD Italiju dok je Srbija bila brisana
<Aliss> ne zborim za mapu gledam ja mapu svaki dn 5 puta najmanje 😃
<Cookies_Crisp> ali cenim da Srbija nije takva
<Aliss> ne zborim za mapata ja tuku za odnosot i prijatelstvoto sto e megju dvete eZemji
<Cookies_Crisp> kk
<Cookies_Crisp> Pa dobro
<Cookies_Crisp> ne zelim vise da vas zadrzavam
<Cookies_Crisp> ponudili smo resenje
<Cookies_Crisp> MKD je odbila to je ok
<Cookies_Crisp> ne pada mi napamet da vas molim da imate kongres
<Cookies_Crisp> srecno
Cookies_Crisp has left #talks2
<Aliss> o/ pozz
### Log session terminated at Sun Jan 20 01:38:01 2013 ##

If these two countries are allies then they don't need enemies!

smee again.


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Enemies need to crawl and beg for damage to have congress....Greeks fight like heroes !!!!

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Boban I've created big respect for you, when you come in Tirana i will pay you a beer o7

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@aliss: did you ask Serbia before posting here ? check with them first so they can determine your foreign policy.

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Enemies need to crawl and beg for damage to have congress....Greeks fight like heroes !!!!

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@aliss: did you ask Serbia before posting here ? check with them first so they can determine your foreign policy. x2

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