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[Pres 2/4]: Havin' Tea and Jam

Tag 1,898, 21:54 Veröffentlicht in Japan Japan von Myung Kei

新しい考案 、忠実な公約
New Ideas; Faithful Commitment

-Presidential Manifesto-
Article 1: Fresh Thinking
Article 2: Domestic Harmony
Article 3: Stronger Japan: Defense and Diplomacy
Article 4: Cabinet and Closing Thoughts

Vroom Vroom, Yeah?

A quick disclaimer. Many of you noticed that I said I was running for President in February 2012. This was a typo of course. We did, after all, just change over into the new year, and I still find myself dating homework and essays in my classes as "January X, 2012"! Out of synch with reality, I jokingly admitted I was a time lord/wizard, this is all untrue. But just goes to show that even on our best days, we can still forget something 😛

But, 'time' is of the essence, so lets get started!

Starting off Small: Education

There are quite a few things that need to be reorganized in eJapan, and the first, and most important one, is the Ministry of Education. Long put on the back burner of eJapanese politics, more active ministers in the past have tried to campaign in the media. However the problem in the Ministry of Education is not necessarily the person, it is the structure.

We have gone for over a month, without updating our welcome message to newbies. This message provides no guides for newbies, people to seek help from, a Japanese translation, or even the current president. The Welcome Message needs to be finally updated for the new year.

Also, the guides are horribly outdated, with again, no translation. Again, we will have a team of people, in the Department of Education, who will be working to create a fully updated newbie guide for our youngsters. Again, we fully intend to translate it into Japanese.

With these two things working together with one another, the process of finding and retaining newbies would be much more straighforward. With the help of other people in the ministry, the MoE can work with newer players seeking help, and continue to post offers to lower level players in the media. This is the sort of common sense thinking that my campaign and team would like to put to the country this February 5th.

Meanwhile, we can cook up our newbies a nice fresh pot of tea!

The Beaten Horse: Immigration

For a while the Congress has been debating on what should be done to the eJapanese Immigration system, after the previous law was deemed too unenforcable and complicated to be implemented in practice. Over the course of this month, while working with Speaker Zodiarque, I got a lot of first hand exposure to the differing points of view.

There is a fierce section of the congress which likes restricted, well inspected immigration; there is a fierce section of the congress which likes having open, liberal immigration; there is a faction that does not really care; and there is a faction that just wants something so we can move on from the drama. Personally, I believe the solution rests somewhere in the middle of all of these opinions, and a perfect starting point would be where we left off.

If elected, I would advocate for a bill along the similar lines of President Akki, and then work with the Speaker of Congress and the Parties to come up with a solution everyone can agree to. We can solve this together, all of our parties, and finally end an ugly political battle over this hot button issue.

Finances: Transparency, and $$$

Did you know that we have a program in the Ministry of Finances where we rent out orgs to people who need them? I certainly didn't, not until a few people starting asking questions about things going on in the Ministry of Finance. I'm sure we all would like a treasury which has more money: one that is funding essential programs, supplying important battles, and providing for emergency situations. However, for a program as important to our financial situation as this, the public should at least be aware that there are orgs being rented out to prospective businessmen and organizations around the world.
If our team is elected, we will lead a Ministry of Finance which puts programs like this in full public view; future organiation rental would go up for public auction.

In addition, we will be looking for other sources of revenue to fund other government programs that we have in mind. More specifically, newbie donation programs run by the Ministry of Education, resistance wars and military stockpiles (if nessecary), a rainy day fund for future governments after ours, and a reorganization of the Japanese Military which I will talk about next time! 🙂

Spread the Love: Healing National Division

In the last two weeks, we have had a lot of 'fighting words' plastered about in our national dialogue, haven't we? Debates about who truly represents 'eJapan', who is a 'PTO', the political tyranny of one group or party, it's been all over the IRC, Forums, and Media. Distrust and suspicions are firmly established, but most importantly, people have been hurt and possible friendships have evaporated.

It needs to stop, and the solution requires an administration realizing it needs to stop.

These people may be different, but our team wants to consider who is behind the nationality:

For example, an eSerbian immigrant, whom I now consider a friend of mine, was openly willing to share his Real Life experiences. He told me all about his profession, studies, and even gave me a photo of himself. It was one of the most cordial, and funny conversations I have had in a long while. Thank you Milutin Markovic.

From the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a particular eTurkish/Janissary immigrant whom I have communicated with over the past few weeks or so, and he has admitted to being an amateur drawer. I have to say, some of his sketches were very nice; having no artistic talent of my own (can't even draw a flower) it was very, very cool. Thank you Thats What She Said!

In my last article, I talked briefly about including Janissary and Constantine members as advisers in the Government. For our team, such would be the worst case scenario. They should have the equal chance to participate in the government in other ministries if they request it. Like any party, negotiations could take place about certain positions, and it would be conducted as equals.

We need to start thinking of people, all of these people, as eJapanese, and give them time to adapt and conform to our culture. We won't wake up one day and all of a sudden they are just like us. I can't promise that. But, in a Kei Administration, it will be our priority work with all aspects of the new community.

Because why the heck not? 😛

Well, that's all the time I have for this article. Tune in next time for a wonderful world of Military Reorganization, and Diplomacy! Thank you!

Your Humble Servant,
Myung Kei

( 新しい考案 、忠実な公約 )New Ideas; Faithful Commitment


ahava3233 Tag 1,898, 21:55

first denied

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Tag 1,898, 21:58

Can't even get a first on my own article! 😛

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Tag 1,898, 21:59

Myung Kei is cool, everyone vote for him

That is all~

Aryzn Tag 1,898, 22:36

"We need to start thinking of people, all of these people, as eJapanese, and give them time to adapt and conform to our culture." x2


Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Tag 1,899, 23:11

The tutorial isn't that outdated だよ

ligtreb Tag 1,899, 23:27

Monopoly people make the best Presidents.

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Tag 1,899, 00:05

"future organization rental would go up for public auction."
: Plato will ban the organizations. We must do it secretly.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Tag 1,899, 01:18

^ That's what we have a forum for.

Darshu Tag 1,899, 02:40

Sigh.. its sad to see you try to gain political foothold by criticizing the government you are still part of. It could be your govt will face the same fate, the next smart guy promising even more, the next one even more etc.
Where does this lead us ?

Respect is just so much more wise..

C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Tag 1,899, 04:08


bobbySAURON Tag 1,899, 04:10

Darshu, there's no problem in criticizing things that aren't working...doesn't matter if you are or aren't in the Government, you can criticize things when you see fit (this phenomenom is called freedom of speech to those unaware of such thing).
Also, I didn't knew about that Org rental program either tbh, and I am a pretty active player. Maybe the MoF can write some articles from time to time instead of work in the shadows.

And yeah, Monopoly people make great presidents. They also make good jews 😛

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Tag 1,899, 04:29

You are quite misinformed about the educational system. The ministry of education has its very own staff of officers, who are intend to help rookie citizens - but there are only a few citizens who are intend to get this help from the Ministry. The greeting message leads the new citizen to the educational page (which is certanly not outdated), and the eJapan Wiki Page (which is neither outdated), so the newbie shall encounter no difficulties finding the current government list or the game mechanism description. The tutorial, which is suggested to every single new citizen to read in the welcoming message asks the new citizen to write a letter to the current Ministry of Education (there is also a link to my profile btw) to get in the Senpai / Kohai program. In my whole 3rd term as Minister of Education, I only got 2 messages with such intention. That is why I belive the old Senpai / Kohai program is not compatible with the current demographic processes of eJapan : we get too few new faces, and the will of activity within the few is also rare. And that is why I used to declare distributions twice or once a week, but what can I do, if people do not dare to make a simple screenshot to get the free supply?! (See further here : http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-senpai-kohai-program-distribution-vii--2201015/1/20 ) With an inactivity like this, the Ministry of Education can do no more thank it does under my lead.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Tag 1,899, 04:40

And I also have to say, that I totally agree with Darshu. I feel, that you are trying to benefit from the inactivity and mistakes of the current government - an organization that has you as its member. Instead of using the fact as your own chance for propaganda, you really could have made things better. I, for example did my best - but the reason of my lack of succes is described above.

And as for the immigration... how do you want to make a law with the current method? The current Immigration Discussion on the forum should be archived, because it is inactive and dead, noone replied to it for 20 days...

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Tag 1,899, 05:53

Kitsune is right about the wiki page and tutorial.

But, about the immigration stuff not 😛

as you can see here: http://nippon.freeforums.org/immigration-part-2-summary-and-revision-t939-40.html
the last post was yesterday^^

tarasino Tag 1,899, 06:41

I agree with Darshu 100%.

Myung Kei, you write good texts but i can't shake off the feeling of opportunism, sliminess and minor dishonesty, when i read them. You say things people want to hear; promise things just for votes. All nicely packed in some "flowery" words.

Everyone has the right to criticize the gov and its policies but it is kind of dishonest when doing while you are part of it. He should have resigned first otherwise criticizing an unpopular gov is just opportunism.
Kei did not learn about the orgs yesterday. He chose to wait until election.

Oraizan Tag 1,899, 07:25

Actually the orgs were only brought to light 3-4 days ago, and discussed openly yesterday on irc. I will add that kitsune is in the gov as well, and has criticized for something worse. You can't fix something you don't know about until the term is almost over, and you don't know about it because those people KNOW it's wrong. Keeping it in the shadows so you can rent them to who you want isn't a great way to be an Ejapanese government official.

As for the welcome message, it needs a bit of an update. But imho, such a thing should go throug congress, not decided by one person.

For the tutorials, I'd like to see ones that are less basic, and in out forum. We used tp have tutorials for many things.. which helped new players really experience this game. Also an Moe who posted them often. I'm 100% for educating new citizens completely.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Tag 1,899, 07:26

Thank you for the responses. Especially from Natsumee and Kitsune. I was being given the wrong link to the guide, which still mentioned some older things like houses (?). I'm glad to see that the guide has been updated less than two weeks ago. Even Natsumee's name is present. My argument for a translation however, still stands.
The welcome message and the guide are not working in full tandem with one another. At the very least we should have links to current government ministers. Not just a link to a link to a link of people's profiles. I could have sworn this sort of "extra link clicking" argument was used against the forums some time ago.

I would like to remind my friend in the MoF that I am not the only person in the government who is running for President. My colleague in the MoE is also in this election, and has also taken upon himself to critique the current administration. I believe that is called a "double standard".

I will mention that I honestly did not know we were renting government orgs until a few days ago, but that was hardly a reason for me to resign from my post. Shirobu still needed me around in a contingency situation and I was perfectly willing to stay on. That I was somehow lurking in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to exploit this revelation is factually impossible.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Tag 1,899, 08:15

It is mentioned more than once, that I am a meber of the current cabinet - yes I am, but my political responsibility was to organize and oversee the education system, which I did actively : do I have to write down my circumstances and conditions again? Read above... So my part of the work was done, but I cannot take responsibility for the other colleagues from the current cabinet - I tried to change things as a member of the eDiet, but that thing ain't worth sh!t. With the current political methods, eJapan will be in the same level as now - in the middle of nowhere. Change is needed, but not untraceable and bureaucracy ( http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp129/shabutarou/immigrationlaw_zps44510df8.jpg - omgwtfbbq wtfit gz n00bz ).

tarasino Tag 1,899, 09:21

A government is a team not just a bunch of people.
What you are doing s like a football player who says: "i played good but my team sucks".
You don't do that!

Oraizan Tag 1,899, 09:41

I agree, but not everybody is part of the decision making for Akki, or really any of the presidents in the last 7 months. In my honest opinion governments should be more transparent to all their cabinet members. Though I personally prefer governments that are 100% transparent with all of ejapan, within reason. I hope both usu and kei will be, and there won't be shady dealings again. Though I have little doubt that kei will be, from his campaigning.

Nobody is perfect, but ejapan needs to go up, not down. This lack of progress, with just excuses is a bit tiresome.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Tag 1,899, 09:52

Glad to know that Kitsune are on the same page. My political responsibility was to Shirobu and the Ministry of Defense when needed, following to the letter. At least we both followed through.

But, I still don't understand how our two situations are different. There is nothing to take advantage of by promising something new. Most of the things I am proposing I had no authority over: eJapan has a series of problems, not just confined to the MoF, MoD or MoE.
Some are linked and need multi-part solutions. For example, bigger MoE donation programs could be sponsored by an MoF with more funds. Or distributing weapons in the IJA could be achieved by having the necessary supplies, communicating with the country, and recruiting more people. This goes beyond simple departmental problems; it requires a team actively working together.

Let's also not forget who started the immigration discussion in the first place, and took the valuable time of messaging every congress member to watch and partake in the debate. I believe it was a certain Deputy Speaker of Congress.

Kitsune has not been alone in trying to change eJapan over the past month.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Tag 1,899, 11:12

@ tarasino : Your argument is right, but the important thing you said in the first sentence is key. This cabinet had less discussion than DNP had with ISP. And THAT'S something isn't it?

Sir Hypnotoad
Sir Hypnotoad Tag 1,899, 12:26

I might just become active again if you win!

Sardar Confucius
Sardar Confucius Tag 1,899, 17:27

Does anyone even read all this?

Yonsil Tag 1,900, 04:16

sardardono. diu diu diu diu diu diu diu

Darshu Tag 1,900, 08:10

I don't see your point about the organisations . It was my idea to resurrect the org system. I established the system months before we had a congress, thus I had no one to discuss this. I set a rental fee for all orgs, collected the fee and deposited to the bank. From where do you think we had money throughout this past 6 months ?

Secondly according to the game mechanics the organisations belong to the CP not to the congress. No matter what the congress wants, the person in the presidential seat owns the orgs.

Thirdly after the congress was established during Koppanyi's first term, it started discussing the immigration policy. This is still ongoing, so I have little affinity trying to give this matter too in the congress' hands. I imagine the congress would sit on this too for ages. Imagine how simple our immigration problem would be if its not in the hands of the congress.

Fourthly its not true, that you can not rent national orgs. All you had to do is talk to the MoF (manager) or the CP (owner) and discuss its details. This statement is only true to persons this 2 person accepts based on trust, and there is no point arguing on this, because of my 2nd point.

Fifthly people who want to discuss this just wants power and go against the game mechanic. I am fine with this to a certain point, but I fail to see what is wrong in the current system. Its in the hand of individuals who have a clue about the MM and the orgs, they can be trusted, while letting people decide on this who really know nothing about how orgs work is clearly childish and truly pointless.

Darshu Tag 1,900, 08:22

Before people misunderstandd me, I would like to point out, that ultimately its the elected CP who decides what will happen to the orgs in his/her term, not mine, not Darshu's, not the MoFs.

This term Akki entrusted me to manage the orgs the way I see fit, because he trusted my skills. All who were not informed about this are just happen to be not informed about this. You could have come and ask!
As well as in other ministries in the MoF too, there are issues that is only the MoF's and the CP's concern. Same as MoFa, MoS etc. Bear with it.
Your democratic choice is there when you elect the CP and his/her cabinet. After that you should let them handle things and not waste their time, and still, as stated and seen before, you can ALWAYS come to the MoF section on the forum and ask if you want to know something. Use the forum!

ardishabutaro Tag 1,900, 18:54

first article is better than this article.
this is tl;dr for me

anyway, voted

ahava3233 Tag 1,900, 21:11


This is nothing...even for today.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Tag 1,900, 22:21

I would just like to simply point out that the phrase 'running the orgs' apparently involved rentin' a majority of the orgs out to a conglomerate in eHungary. Apparently the old saying "to the victor go the spoils" still rings true. Why exactly were these individuals selected over other potential candidates? What made any other buyers any less available?

Playing the "why didn't you just come and ask" card is hilariously illogical. Circular Reasoning 101. The Cabinet did not know what was going on, it was, therefore, unable ask what was going on. This information had to be dragged out of the Ministry of Finance kicking and screaming by some rather aggressive individuals (who I do not necessarily endorse). Nobody knew anything except for the Minister of Finance, nobody could ask anything. It is the perfect cover to do anything and everything.

In this same context, there is a reason why the President is not entrusted with handling Immigration Policy, for example. Each month could bring a new policy with a new cabinet, which means chaos, rule-breaking, and confusion. Congress, despite all of its democratic flaws, brings continuity to rules, rules, that once established, are hard to change. It's critical that change to rules is slow, but change to govern is fast.

I can hardly trust the opinion and power of one person on matters such as these over the input and will of forty.

Darshu Tag 1,902, 11:02

I can't help but accept the way you see the fact that I established this system in Japan. Its just sad you see this as spoils.
They were selected because I knew they won't get the orgs banned and I can rely on the monthly rent. If the org gets banned I have the responsibility. Btw there is an org on a russian guy, rented during DEN007s time. I didn't take the org from him, because he is not my friend, I trusted him and it turned out well too. This would be true for spanish ppl too, if they can show me they can be trusted.

You are not correct on the nobody know about this. There are plenty people who knew that this was running. All former CPs from the past 6months, Ahava, Lucifel, Geezus etc. Its a long list. And as I stated this is a MoF matter as I am concerned, the congress should stay away from meddling with this, although the information was always available.

So which one is better, each month a new immigration policy or no immigration policy at all ?

Myung, I see no real point to continue this argument. Every month, the orgs migrate back to the next CP. Every month. I was still elected to run them for 7 consecutive times, exactly the way I did. Perhaps you should extend your blame to all these cabinets and cps that knew about this, or accept the way how this was done. You can always do it better next time. All you have to do is make more than 595 gold / half a year for eJapan... GL!

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Tag 1,904, 20:46

You pompous reply two days after the fact is hilarious, I can see now why most people outside the government don't trust you or your attitude.

Again, nothing made these individuals more reasonable candidates other than your simple "because I could trust them" argument. That's easy, you already knew them, plain and simple. I stick to my criticism that "to the victor go the spoils" because for 7 months you recycled the same people over and over again. Both undercutting potential profit, and opening up the system to misuse.

And again, you are arguing beside the point, the Cabinet as a whole was unaware of this financial policy or that it was even continuing in practice. No matter how many president's knew, none of them, except Akki, were aware that this was still going on under your watch. It took an accounting error before your operation was revealed to everyone else in the Cabinet, and the country. 20k of potential revenue out of nowhere was a shock to us all. This information is not as 'readily available' as you pretend it was, stop trying to hide behind ambiguity and start admitting the fact.

Of course, Immigration is a separate issue, once Congress decides on a permanent solution, it becomes the law of the land. I can't understand how you remain so ignorant.

I see no real reason for you to snipe in a comment 2 days after it is over. The only real reason I choose to reply to this is because you took the low road on this issue and decided to get "the last say" on this subject. And quite frankly, this sort of narcissistic attitude and flippant behavior from you is exactly why the next cabinet will have a different MoF. I expected the Ministry of Finance to spend it's time and effort on running the monetary situation of this country, instead, it decides to spend most of the time attacking political parties and Presidential candidates with strawmen arguments and ad homonym attacks.

This sort of behavior is unbecoming.

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